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Epiduo Week 2

It's been a little over 2 weeks now that I've been using Epiduo, and the dryness has eased up a bit. It's still really dry but I just have to moisturize really good. Also, it has given me a very painful, very itchy, very red rash on my chest. Like it's uncontrollably itchy and has been for about 2 days now and it seems like my skin is tearing off.....which is not good. It seriously looks disgusting and it's freaking me out that it's not going to go away. Soooo.....I'm gonna stop using it on my chest. My face or back so far hasn't had that reaction thankfully. Also, nothing really looks chest has gotten worse, my back is the same, and my face is a little better, but not much. We shall see.


Epiduo Week 1 Complete

Alright, so I've officially been using this stuff for a week. After the first 4 days, I had to change my cleanser and completely stop using it on my face at all because it was making my face so dry, flaky, and irritated that no matter how much I moisturized, it just wouldn't stop flaking. So that made it really hard to wear makeup without looking completely gross. But I continued to use it on my body acne. It seemed like my face got a little clearer but I think that mostly had to do with the time of month it is. My body acne kind of seems like it's been getting I don't know if the Epiduo has anything to do with that or not but I'm going to continue it for a little bit longer. Also, I've begun to use it on my face again so I'll let you know if it gets crazy dry again.


Body Acne....

Just wanted to say how much it sucks to have body acne. Face acne is horrible, but body acne is so much more uncommon and it makes it feel like people are judging you way more about it. It's a constant stuggle to find anything to wear every morning because all my old clothes I can't wear because they will expose. I feel like all I can wear are sweaters and it's frustrating, especially in the California heat. I just want to find a solution to this...... :(


Here's a little background fo the things I've tied and what I think of them.

1) Over-the-counter (Nuetrogena, Clearisil, Clean and Clear) - Honestly, they all work the same for me. Nothing changes, they just keep me steady at my moderate acne.

2) Proactiv - Terrible. Dried out my skin so bad to the point where I could not even keep it from flaking no matter how much I moisturized. And it did nothing to clear my acne. But whenever I stopped using it, I began to break out worse. Whoopee.

3) Minocyclin - Perscribed and worked really well for body acne and decent for face acne. I liked it alot but whenever I stopped using it, I began to breakout again and whenever I started using it again, it just didn't work this time.

So now I'm on Epiduo. I'll let you know how it all turns out. Because now as an adult, I have acne worse than I ever did as a teenager, and as years pass, it only has gotten worse and spread to my whole body.



Okay, so I have officially started Epiduo today. I applied it everywhere on my body where I have acne. (which is almost literally everywhere. Back, neck, chest, face, parts of legs) And we will see how this goes. I've tried so many things and have struggled with acne for too long (from around 13 to now, 21) so wish me luck! :)

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