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Last Month!

Whew can't believe how much time has passed! I just started month 6 and my skin looks great! I barely broke out all of month 5 I would get 1 or 2 teeny tiny ones that would literally disappear within a day its great. My derm said this will most likely be my last month, but we may do 1 extra for maintenance purposes. I honestly don't even mind at this point, I hardly notice the side effects anymore. The most annoying part is dry lips but my face and body skin aren't dry at all!

For anyone looking for products to use while on Accutane, here is what I use!

- Face wash: Avene Clean AC cleansing cream **specifically for Accutane users**

- Face toner: Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Enriched Calming Toner - TRUST me on this one. It is so moisturizing and helps with the redness and dryness from the meds.

- Face lotion: Clinique Intense Hydrating cream - BEST face lotion ever it is sooo hydrating

- Body lotion - Vaseline or Eucerin Professional for extra dry skin.

Sometimes I'll use my leftover Aczone (prescription cream) if a pimple pops up but that is so rare.

Let me know how you guys are doing and good luck!!

Full Treatment:

Month 1: Claravis 20 mg

Month 2: Claravis 20 mg

Month 3: Claravis 30 mg

Month 4: Claravis 40 mg

Month 5: Amnesteem 40 mg (only switched brands because claravis was on backorder)

Month 6: Amnesteem 40 mg (Just started April 8th)


Month 3 Update

Halfway done! (I hope) Day 90.

My dermatologist bumped me up from 30mg to 40mg/day. She was going to keep me at 30mg but I'm going to be out of state for an internship starting in May so we are trying to get me up to the cumulative dose and off the drug by then.

Not much new to update though! Still have a few small closed comedones that become inflamed and don't come to head but those are occurring less and less! They aren't cystic by any means but they do turn red and just sit on my face since I can't pop them. I only have 1 of those right now and its already going down. I also have a few enlarged blackheads, but my derm said those won't go away until the very end of treatment (very annoying). My nose was looking very gross with blackheads but I finally caved and used a biore strip and oh my gosh I regret not doing that sooner!! I was afraid it would rip off my skin but it didn't and it took out so much gunk. I made sure to cut the sides of the strip off so the it was only on my nose and not on the under my eyes -- I felt like the skin would be too fragile there.

Other side effects --

- my skin isn't really that dry! All thanks to Clinique intense moisture surge. Get it and I swear you will not be disappointed!

- lips aren't dry they are just always peeling (maybe I'm over moisturizing them so they peel?)

- still having lower back pain especially after I run. I am praying this goes away when I get off of Accutane!

So happy to be starting month 4! I hope I don't breakout from increasing doses. Any tips and advice is always welcome!

Until next time :)


Week 10 Update

Well so far...the much anticipated "magic" that is supposed to happen in the 3rd month hasn't happened yet.

Still breaking out and it's so frustrating! I won't even try popping any of them so they just sit there all red and inflamed for up to 2 weeks at a time. I've had to get a couple cortisone injections since I first started treatment just to make them go away! Anyways...more clogged pores and blackheads are coming out. Some new ones are just popping up randomly too. Normally they evolve from previous little bumps but I am now getting new ones out of nowhere. I'm wondering if this has to do with me being on such a low dose...perhaps this is another IB :(

All in all...not a happy camper. I figured that halfway thru month 3 I would be clear by now. I didn't have terrible skin to begin with but this drug is literally pushing every little thing out of every single pore in my face. It's very disturbing knowing how much gunk there really is in our faces!

Any accutane experts out there have any tips and advice on when you stopped breaking out? I've read month 3 and 4 is where it happens but maybe I'm just different than the norm. Per usual!


Week 9 Update

This update is a few days late, but I couldn't get my prescription for a few days. Damn iPledge makes it so complicated!

Anyways...first week on 30 mg. I can tell I am a little more dry than when I was on 20 mg (which I expected)

I did have a mini breakout. 2 little pimples around my chin/mouth area. That seems to be the only part of my face where I've broken out since starting accutane. More of my blackheads and pores are coming out too which is unbelievably satisfying haha but I still have a bunch that are just sitting dormant and I'm scared they are all going to become big ones.

I had a minor headache the first couple of days..similar to when I first started accutane. I'm not sure if thats normal but it went away so I'm hoping it wasn't anything serious.

Still using Avene Clean-AC face wash which I absolutely love. It is very hydrating and gentle on my face and is meant for accutane users. Also still using Clinique Intense Moisture Surge and it is fantastic as always! Face and hair oil is basically non-existent (and good riddance!) so I'm just using Tresemme Moisture Rich shampoo and conditioner to help with the dryness.

So happy to finally be in the 3rd month where the magic is (supposedly) really going to happen!! *fingers crossed*


Month 2 Update

Month 2 down...

Had my derm appointment today and she is bumping me up from 20mg/day to 30 mg/day. She initially wanted to keep me on 20 but I don't want to end up being on accutane for longer than 6 months so I asked if I can be bumped up a little bit.

Good news is that I didn't breakout at all this week. Everything is reallllly slowing down! I still have some of those little tiny bumps (blackheads, closed pores and whatnot) but my dermatologist said that those won't go away until the end of treatment. I think I'm done getting any of those big nasty ones though which is super exciting!!

Side effects:

- Still having lower back pain and other joint stiffness after I workout

- Facial skin isn't that dry - Clinique Intense Moisture Surge works wonders!!

- However, body skin is dry. I have a patch of eczema on my arm so my derm prescribed me a cream to help that

- Couple of weeks ago I had some upper eye pain but that seems to have gone away

- Lips are dry but not unmanageable at all - Still using blistex medicated balm and aquaphor at night

Thats about it! It seems as though the worst part is over :) Good luck to everyone else!


Week 7 Update

Merry [early] Christmas everyone!

I wanted to do a week 7 update since a few people asked about the Clinique Moisture Surge lotion I bought last week. So far I absolutely love it! It makes my face feel soooo soft and silky. Sometimes at night I have to double up for extra moisture but I don't mind that. It goes on really nicely under makeup too. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good moisturizer :)

As for my skin, I had another breakout this week. Seems to happen every other week now, which seems to be a trend with accutane users. They were just a few pimples on the right side of my lower cheek/near my mouth. They are now healing but of course I will be left with pretty red scars on my face :( One good thing is, I haven't had a cystic pimple since I started treatment. I rarely ever got them before I started anyways so that could be why I haven't gotten one.

Other side effects -> still having lower back pain which is super annoying. And a new side effect that I just started noticing this past week is pain behind my eyes. Its nothing unbearable but I notice it when I move my eyes upwards. It very well could be from watching Netflix on my laptop all week since I'm on winter break haha but if it persists, I'm going to go to my eye doctor. I know its most likely a side effect from the accutane but I'm hoping its not so severe that I would have to stop the drug. I refuse to stop at this point!!

Hope everyone else's treatment is going great and enjoy the holidays :)


Week 6 Update

So I missed week 5 update due to finals week and craziness with school, but I'll probably start doing 2 week updates anyways since everything is kind of slowing down at this point.

I'm halfway through month 2..woo hoo! Still breaking out but not as much as my IB..its normally 1 pimple at a time so its manageable but so annoying because they take so much longer to heal (1-2 weeks and still left with a nasty scar). Aquaphor and Neosporin help a little bit with the healing time as well as scarring. My skin has definitely become MUCH more fragile. I was using a blackhead extractor tool which never used to damage my skin and the second I tried using it on my face it took off a layer of skin. Never doing that again!

Side effects are still super dry skin and lower back pain..I just ordered Clinique Moisture Surge to hopefully give my skin more moisture throughout the day. By the end of the day my makeup looks very flaky and not appealing. I may try a hydrating primer to help with that too if anyone has any suggestions on brands! My skin is also a lot more red. I always had trouble with flushing skin but it seems to do it much more often now.

Hopefully things calm down over winter break now that I can hibernate in my house for 3 weeks. Until next time!


Month 1 Update

Not much new to update!

Definitely had my IB last week. All of those tiny little white bumps/closed comedones/whatever you wanna call them turned into nasty red pustules. Luckily most are flat and healing but I'm gonna have scars from all of them. awesome! I scar even when I don't pop them its so frustrating!! I was on break from school for Thanksgiving though so the timing of my IB couldn't have been better. I never had to go in public!

Had my 1 month appointment with my derm today. We are keeping my dosage at 20 mg since I am experiencing some pretty bad joint pain in my lower back and knees. She said it shouldn't be happening since I am at such a low dose but oh well. I'm happy with keeping my dosage low so I don't have any of the other bad side effects!

My skin isn't as dry/flaky anymore -- vitamin e oil and avene clean-ac moisturizer save my life. Breakouts seem to be calming down..I asked for some prednisone to keep them at bay but my derm said that prednisone clears your skin until you stop taking it then you have another flare so i should just push through these next few weeks and my skin should stable out (i hope)

that's about it for now! best of luck to everyone else going through this experience :)


Week 3 Update

Almost a month in....phew!

So now I am really starting to dry out! Skin is flaky and tight...it may be because my boyfriend visited for the weekend and I didn't use the vitamin e oil on my face at night (slick and oily face is not too attractive) so I'm going to hope that once I use it tonight my skin won't be as dry.

Lips aren't cracking or anything...they really haven't been uncomfortable at all since I started the treatment.

I did pick at 3 small blackheads which took much longer than usual to heal sad.png I know I know I'm not supposed to pick but old habits die hard haha.

I also had 3 new pimples pop up. Luckily 2 were along my hairline so they couldn't be seen but boy did those things hurt sad.png Another good thing, my hair and face are finally not oily anymore! I can go a whole day without having to blot my face and I wake up the next morning and my hair isn't greasy at all.

I've cut back on using the aczone since its adding to my dryness. Does anyone have any good suggestions for face lotion? I've heard mixed reviews about Cetaphil...I heard it is very thick and greasy and should only be used at night because it does not go well underneath make up. Any ladies have any suggestions of lotions to use during the day under makeup?

Let me know!

Until next week --


Literally within 24 hours 3 new pimples popped up eusa_wall.gif These ones are gonna be big too I can feel it..ughh dfahfpafjap I'm hoping this is the dreaded IB so I can just get it over with. When did everyone experience their IB and how long did it last? I'm praying it only lasts a week or two...my birthday is in 2 weeks and clear skin is my only wish! eusa_pray.gif


Week 2 Update

Another week down! wiggle.gif

Can I just say the most annoying thing is getting the damn pills out of the box?! It is ridiculously human-proof. And one too many pregnant ladies on the box.

Anyways --

Not much to update really. I've only had two little pimples pop up and they were both flat after about a day. One was another one of those small white under-the-surface bumps that I had before starting tane that just came to the surface. Other than that no sign of a cystic pimple since I started WOO! *knock on wood*

I'm still taking vitamin e capsules and using vitamin e oil on my face at night, which is really helping with keeping my skin moisturized and not flaky at all. My hair and face are finally starting to show some decrease in oil [yay!] but I'm hoping it will get much better over the next week.

Other side effects:

- Dry/red eyes - easily fixed with eye drops

- Lips aren't dry yet. I'm still constantly applying blistex and aquaphor at night just to be on the safe side.

- Constant headaches are gone

- I do get tired much earlier in the night [i blame it on grad school night classes though]

- Sometimes I get a sore lower back if I sit for too long [i.e. at work/class] but its not unbearable - fish oil kind of helps i think?

[My week 1 update goes into detail of my daily regime and the products I use if you wanna take a look]

That's about it! Here's to hoping the rest of month 1 goes smoothly!eusa_pray.gif


Week 1 Update

Yay 1 week down! So far I have had a really positive experience. I know its only been a week but I was expecting much worse! Just to recap, Im only on 20 mg a day so its a pretty low dose compared to normal claravis/accutane users.

I haven't had the dreaded IB YET, and the only thing I've noticed is that my blackheads seems to be extracting themselves, and one small closed comedone (or maybe even milia -- it was so small) that just sat dormant on my chin BEFORE I started the drug became more noticeable. It turned red and a little bit inflamed but it never became a monster cyst like those small bumps have been known to do. Good news is that it is already healing so I know the drug is working since it is pushing whatever is in those tiny bumps OUT. I also had a pretty big pustule on my chin before I started claravis and it is completely gone now (yay!) Other than that my skin is doing just fine!

Other side effects:

- Headache the first few days but it has subsided now

- Super dry eyes [i wear contacts]

- I have been more tired lately but I'm hoping that will change over the next few days

- NO dry lips! I've been religiously putting medicated blistex on throughout the day and aquaphor at night to prevent this, and so far it seems to be working!

- NO flaky skin! HOWEVER, I have been taking vitamin e capsules every day, AND putting vitamin e oil (from Trader Joe's) on my face at night. My skin is nice and smooth when I wake up which is nice. I highly recommend vitamin e oil

- Face is still a tad oily but I've noticed my pores look smaller and face generally looks clearer.

- NO sore joints -- I take Fish Oil every day too so this may be why.

I am very pleased with my experience so far, but I know its too early to tell so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it goes smoothly the rest of my treatment!

Feel free to ask any questions I didn't answer!

Until next week :)

Daily Regimen:


- Wash with Avene Clean-AC cleansing cream

- Moisturize with Avene Clean-AC hydrating cream (both Avene products are made for accutane users)

- SPOT TREATMENT: Aczone gel [prescription] -- I've been using this for about a year and it doesn't dry my skin out at all

- AS NEEDED: Eucerin Professional Repair Dry Skin Lotion ONLY on cheeks, nose, & around eyes since they get the most dry


- Wash with Avene Clean-AC cleansing cream

- Moisturize with Avene Clean-AC hydrating cream

- Aczone [if necessary]

- Trader Joe's Vitamin E Oil all over face


- Blistex Medicated Mint Chapstick

- Aquaphor [at night only]


- Neutrogena Healthy Skin liquid makeup - Foundation/Concealer

- Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral Powder

- Excedrin for Migraines [as needed]

- Gold Bond skin therapy healing cream w/ aloe, vitamins A, C & E - Hand Lotion

- Eucerin Professional Repair - Body Lotion

- Tresemme Moisture Rich Shampoo for dry/damaged hair

- Tresemme Anti-Breakage Conditioner

- Dove Deep Moisture body wash


Hello everyone!

I know most people won't read this, but I like having a journal to keep track of my very long and (hopefully) successful journey through accutane! I just took my first pill of 20 mg Claravis (generic accutane) nod.gif . If you wanna read my previous posts, I go into detail about my past history with acne and whatnot.

I wanted to know what to expect for the first couple of days and what I can do to prevent the awful side effects! I loaded up on blistex and aquaphor and I am washing my face with Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser and I have Avene Clean-AC moisturizer (it is meant specifically for people using accutane).

I'm wondering what you guys recommend for shampoo/conditioner/body lotion since I know basically everything gets completely dried out during this process!

Hope to hear from you soon :)

1 day down, 6 months to go.........


Hey guys!

So it's been a month since I first went to my Derm and told her I wanted to start accutane. I took a preg test and signed the iPledge and waited a whole month! I got my blood work done today and am just waiting for the OK from my doc to get my prescription.

Again, I'm starting with 20mg a day and slowly working my way up (if I need to). I have mild/moderate acne with mainly small whiteheads and blackheads and sometimes big pustules/cysts around my chin (yay hormones!)

Anyone else going through this same method?

Until next time smile.png


Accutane Newbie

Hi everyone!

So I have decided to take the plunge and go on accutane. A little background information about me: I am a 22 year old female and I have been on literally every acne medication know to man (besides accutane). Everything from doxycycline, solodyn, minocycline, retin-a, aczone, ziana, clindamycin, duac, and of course all over the counter products (neutrogena, olay, proactiv, etc.)

I was always so against accutane because i really didn't want to go through the horrible side effects that i read about. I've had friends who have gone through it and I just couldn't fathom going through all the dryness redness peeling and the horrid initial breakout.

Anyways, I would say that I have mild to moderate persistent acne. I normally have 4-5 inflamed/noticable pustules. Plus a lot of those really tiny flesh colored bumps (milia i think?) on my forehead and a few on my cheeks.

My dermatologist and I came to an agreement that I would start with 20mg a day (I weigh around 50kg) and gradually move up from there.

Have any of you gone through a similar routine of accutane? If so, what were your initial side effects and end result?

Any advice would be GREAT! I start the drug in about 3 weeks so I want to mentally prepare myself for whats to come.

Thanks guys smile.png