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The cellulite is ugliest skin issue mostly present in women. If you are really looking for prevention or curing cellulite then keep on reading. If you are willing to get rid of cellulite then you should be responsible for your health.

In this article, we'll discuss about the protocol which will help get rid of the cellulite.

The protocol incorporates changing your lifestyle, intake of healthy diet, daily body cleansing, natural therapies and exercises. The protocol covers about the detailed description of these methods. You need to follow the steps carefully in order to get positive results. Change your mood; never remain feeling depressed. This is not healthy for your body as it can affect the metabolic activities of your body.

Protocol for curing cellulite:

Start with laughing; this is cure for improving your mood which in turn improves your overall health. Laughter provides natural inner massage which has higher capability to cure your mood.

The Cellulite Cause:

You need to first understand the actual cause of cellulite. Once you know the exact reason for cellulite then you can start with a proper treatment to eliminate cellulite.

1. Cellulite Diet:

The simple part of this program is It is vital to avoid the intake of the toxins from your food. This also helps to prevent the food poisoning thereby give you flawless skin. Increase the intake of lots of water as this will help in digesting your food. It heals the redness and inflammation on the thighs legs and under affected regions.

You can also have vegetable juices which help to boost your metabolic activities in your body. This retains the fat burning process which helps to prevent the fat accumulation underneath the skin of hips and thighs. Using unrefined sea salt also helps healing of the inflammation and redness. Dietary changes are also form of cleansing.

2. Body Cleansing for Cellulite:

Body cleansing is important as it helps removing the dead skin cells. This is also helpful to reveal newer and healthy skin. Daily cleansing helps to prevent the cleansing and provide you even, tight skin. This process is vital for kids, teens and adults. This helps flushing out toxins from internal organs. You should also read about the dental toxins, other parasites present in your liver to determine the exact adverse effects on your skin. Never mind, let us now cleanse your bowels, dents, liver and kidney. Adults should clean the parasites and bowel. This should be followed by removing the dental diseases like cavities left after extraction of wisdom or molar teeth.

The kidney cleanse should be followed by liver cleansing. Flush out the liver by cleansing you liver and gallbladder. The dental cleanup depends on how much metal is present in your mouth. Clean your bowels at least once a year. Cleansing the liver should be done at least six-nine times every two weeks. Ensure to use herbs for cleansing kidneys to avoid kidney stones. Cleansing should also be done in children to retain healthy, smooth skin.

3. Physical Activity to tackle Cellulite:

Physical activities like exercise help to balance your body and release the accumulated stress. Meditation helps to relieve the stress and mini trampoline jumping is essential for rebounding. Tai chi, yoga, martial arts, dancing, gymnastics, swimming, weight lighting are some of the activities which helps burning the excess fats in the body. This is also helpful to prevent cellulite formation.

However, do not over exert yourself. Avoid exhaustion and exercise on full stomach. Do not hurt yourself instead you can walk.

4. Sweating away cellulite:

Sweating is powerful method of cleansing the accumulated toxins from your body. Exercise with lots of clothes, always drink warm water and eat the cayenne pepper. The modern industrial toxins leave your body through the sweat glands.

5. Psychotherapy and Spiritual Therapy:

This is not only the physical issue but can be psychological thereby requiring psychotherapy. First treat the soul then mind and finally the issue on the outer skin.

All in All:

After reviewing through some protocol to deal with cellulite; it is concluded that you can use the natural cellulite creams. The Top 10 Cellulite Creams are effective to treat cellulite and give you smooth, tight skin. Cellutherm cream is one of the best product and safer to use. The presence of natural ingredients in this cream makes it safe to get rid of cellulite.


Pregnancy and stretch marks goes side by side. This skin issue could be a challenge to tackle. Many women care for their skin and love to retain it healthy and free from the cellulite. There are many skincare products which claim to calm down stretch marks. However, not all topical creams contain effectiveness to fade the stretch marks and provide you smooth skin.

Let us check out some factors which cause the stretch mark formation.

Hormonal shifts are the first and foremost reason for changes in skin. Some of you might notice skin darkening and acne formation or dry skin during pregnancy. Preventing stretch marks is priority amongst most pregnant women.

Usually during pregnancy, the tummy and belly area is affected due to scarring and stretching. Yet these marks are not related to pregnancy only. People who gain excessive weight gain is also affected with the marks and silvery scars. Not all people get stretch marks as this depends completely on your lifestyle and food intake.

Let is now find out few ways to prevent stretch marks

Tips to Prevent Stretch Marks

There is no way to prevent the weight gain during pregnancy; but you can focus to prevent stretch marks. You need to focus on internal and topical care by optimizing the chances to end pregnancy without marring your skin.

1. Eat a Diet for Strong Skin:

Maintaining healthy and flawless skin is most essential factor for women. Those of you who undergo pregnancy should ensure to eat healthy diet. Taking foods rich in vitamins gets easily absorbed by your body. This is effective to ward off the dead skin cells from the surface. It helps to flush out the toxins from your body and prevent the formation of marks. Cold water fish is best source of fatty acids that helps to give you healthy skin. You need to include walnuts, oils of veggies to retain firmness and smoothness of your skin.

2. Eat to Hydrate:

Hydration is necessary to keep healthy and smooth skin. It keeps up the pliable skin and prevents stretching and scarring. This also works well to filter and flush out the harsh chemicals from your body. This is easy for absorption by your body. You can also include the high content of fresh juice from veggies and fruits to keep your skin supple. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to provide natural nourishment to your skin.

3. Pay Attention to Pregnancy Weight Guidelines:

Do not let excess fat content to be deposited I your body during menopause. You need to pay attention to tons of weight gain at a time. This could affect your health and also reduce the firmness and smoothness of your skin. Consult with your fitness trainer to retain healthy weight gain during this stage. This will prevent the faster process of weight gain which in turn prevents the stretch mark formation.

4. Moisturize Topically As Well:

Moisturizing is essential to make your skin tight. This also helps to prevent the dryness and formation of stretch marks on belly and thighs. It is effective to have healthy diet and balance hydration to retain soft skin. This will help you to nourish the skin. It is easy to use and you need not have to pay high expenses. Stretch marks creams are also effective to reduce the color and make it fade. They work to flush out the fluid and fat content which is another cause of these skin issues. You should read the reviews on stretch marks creams to get more information.

5. Don't Stop After You Give Birth!

Remember to use the topical creams like moisturizers even after arrival of your bundle of joy. This will treat the marks by targeting it on all layers. It also helps to have positive impact on hormones and minimize the severity of the marks.

After going through the five tips to prevent the marks, it is concluded to opt for prevention rather than cure. Treating these skin issues can be a headache while preventing them at earliest will give you smooth skin. You can read more regarding the stretch mark creams at website thebeautyinsiders.

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