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Adult acne can GFI!

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After doing some reading I’ve come to the conclusion that my showers are WAY too hot. no no no not like that LOL

I love a scalding hot shower but my skin does not.

I turned down the temp and immediately saw a difference. I wasn’t so red and irritated when i got out of the shower.

I also splashed with cold water at the end (just on my face. brrrr)

i use to do this a long time ago but i guess i got out of the habit. time to get back in. I shivered the entire time but I’ll have to get use it to. Most people would consider the temp just fine but when you are used to "boiling", anything less is COLD lol

i'm more awake too LOL


It's Been A While

It's been a while since I’ve posted something. Nothing really good has changed. still breaking out. Still sad and frustrated. still picking AGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRR!

I’m less dry and flaky b/c of my new moisturizer with i love but i still get red and irritated. also small papules because of the irritation.

Has anyone tried using rose water to help combat redness and minor acne?

Often my acne meds make me really irritated, depending on the weather and how much i use. i've cut back to every other day b/c it was too much. My big zits are clear but i still get dry patches and black heads, and small irritated bumps that i can't help but scratch at. i know i know BAD habit.

Any advice would be awesome! i just ordered a small bottle to try. if i dont like it, i can always use it as a bathroom spray LOL.




Learned Something New

I learned something new while watching the Dr's on TV. Never use ret-A and Glycolic acid at the same time. It may seem obvious to some but i didnt even think about it. i would use my pads and then use my ret-a night cream shortly after.

i never noticed a huge reaction but apparently it is really irritating. maybe this is what was causing all the irritation slowly.

I've since modified my regime and i never use the 2 in the same day. so far so good. i'm less irritated and my blackheads seem to be working their way out.

my forehead is annoying me but i think it's just the blackheads working their way out. DONT PICK THEM YOU ASSHAT!!!


Glycolic 10-2 Pads

i got my Glycolic 10-2 pads in the mail and started using them on monday 12/9. I used them 3 days in a row. old black head came out this morning. however....

i need to take a break...too irritating

i'm now seeing red irritation bumps (not zits but i guess they could turn into them).

lay off the pads for a few days. deeeeep moistuze tonight and tomorrow. stop picking your forehead especially.

I've managed to make a hole in my forehead trying to dig out a black head. it's my fault and it hurts.

let things calm down and use them everyother day


Uggg Blackheads

ok so my moisturizer is working great. I’m not flaky anymore. i use it after every shower but it is too heavy for under make up but that's ok. i gently rinse with cool water just to lessen the shine.

however, the damage is done.

because of all the flaking blackheads are showing up all over like crazy. the deep ones on the cheeks that take months to go away. They just sit there torturing me. i can feel them in the shower but they barely show up in the mirror. LEAVE THEM ALONE. it's so hard. I picked one out the other day with little damage but still...i shouldn’t do that at all. b/c one pick leads to another and another until i realized what i have just done. ARRRRGGGG.

my anxiety is through the roof because i'm going to visit the in-laws. i should be happy about a vacation in FL not terrified of what i will look like to them. I hate being out of my comfort zone (aka, my house, my shower, my mirror, my lighting and my routine). i know it sounds crazy and ocd like and i do go to counseling. but it's a slow road.

I'm waiting for my blackhead pads to come in the mail. i stopped using them b/c they were too irritating, but now that i have found a great moisturizer i'm hoping they will help again. they worked in the past for the blackheads....crossing my fingers they work again.

pray that i dont gouge out my face. i have to just let my body take care of itself. breath! your family loves you no matter what you look like right! focus on that!


2 Month Mark

It's been 2 months since i started this blog. i recently joined a thread about picking. Here's my post after joining:

Thanks! What is my main concern? Mainly blackheads with the occasional white head or red lump as i call them. My topicals prescriptions do work but they have a tendency to make me irritated and flaky, which just exasperates the problem. The flaky skin gives me blackheads that i dig out unfortunately. If i didn’t pick, my face would be decent...not perfect but i could live with that i think.

i went back to my derm on Friday and she gave me a good non-comedogenic moisturizer and told me to use the topicals every few days not every day until the irritation heals. I'm hoping this moisturizer works b/c so far everything that i have tried over the counter doesn’t work enough.

I picked one small white head yesterday and i'm pissed at myself. it would’ve dried up on its own but instead not it's a stupid bigger scab. oh well. but i have to give myself credit b/c not too long ago (about 3 years ago) i was digging and squeezing so much it was scary. i've since sought help and slowly have been getting better. i wouldn’t call it an OCD but a form of anxiety. I’ve learned to breathe and use yoga. Especially when i feel myself getting anxious and freaking out over a zit.

It sounds so stupid to say...they are just zits right? but we know it's more than that.

thank you so much for making this thread. I can’t talk to anyone about this, except my doc. They say...just get over it and stop. It’s not that easy.

day 1 :) wish me luck


balance is hard to find.

it's also hard to resist candy and sugar. I'm dead serious when i say i have a reaction to this. It's NOT a myth. Halloween was a week ago and i'm still suffering the consequences of too much chocolate/candy.

on top of that i did too much tea tree oil on the forehead and irritated it. too much of a good thing is BAD! dryness and small irritated bumps. temples too. i hate my temples. but they are starting to heal.

trying to get balanced again. seems i can only manage being balance for a week and then something knocks my skin for a dry loop.

ugg. back to logging everything down to figure this out. bear with me.

I'm stuck on the smoothies! great habit to have !


Day 34 - Getting There

getting there. still a bit dried out. The every other day thing does help. as does the honey. tasty too lol

however i think me body is still adjusting to the fact that i changed my BC prescription. It may take a few months. BUT i had less breakouts when i was supposed to get my period this month. no deep cysts, just small bumps that do well with the tea tree oil or just pop easily. i know i know...i shouldn’t pop any of them.

i've gotten sooo much better at that.

Smoothies are still tasty too :)

i also noticed i didnt PMS and get as moody this month. i wanted to kill someone last month. i hope that is a permanent fix.


Day 30 - Still Dry

Day 30 and still dry. i will try the honey mask again tonight and i will be adjusting my prescription regiment due to the change in the weather.

colder air = drier skin for me.

i'll try skipping a day in-between and just moisturize on my "day offs". i have a log book to keep me on track, thank god!


almost 30 days in. only missed a few days of smoothies because i went away on vacation and I came back with Really really dry skin.

still working on that. I'm sitting here in a honey and aloe vera mask as we speak. sticky yet oddly soothing.

i'll be washing that off in about 1 minute.

I will keep you posted.

day 30 tomorrow. see you then


Its been an interesting week. It was supposed to be a relaxing vacation upstate. Turned into a car crash (we are ok), a lot of fighting, and really really dry skin from the hard water up there.

So between the stress, the lack of sleep and the dry skin, i'm trying desperately to rebalance by face. I was doing really really good. I just have really sensitive skin.

it's now Wed and it's slowly getting back to normal. I had to take a break from the hash products and just moisturize. so far just ok....but it'll get there.

no big cysts... not yet at least. just small bumps from the dry irritated skin.

I find that the Tea Tree Oil help a lot. but be careful not to over use or you can burn the skin. ouch!

oh, and because i was away i couldn’t drink my smoothies for a few days....totally missed them and noticed a difference. I was more dehydrated.

back on the 'drink' lol :)


Day 16 - Bc Changed

Talked to my Gyno on Friday and we both agreed to change my birth control to a continuous pack of pills. in other more periods !!! unless i choose too.

she said it was perfectly safe and it will stop the up and down swings of hormones. i'm looking forward to it. i know it may take a few months to get acclimated though.

i'm still sticking with the them... but it's too early to tell if they are making a difference. in due time.

Currently - small one in chin, right side, small blackhead on forehead. cheek almost healed. oh and under chin


i cant seem to win. I blame myself and my awful habit of picking. a had 2 small pimples and i had to squeeze them...then pick at them more. oh well. whats done is done and honestly, i've done worse.

i'm really good at covering up with make up. guess i'll be doing that for the next week or so.

it's a bad habit that i have gotten better at but still not perfect.

it was totally stress induced! crap at home...nuff said.

I'm looking into changing up my multivitamin to 2 that will be more balanced and complete. A simple yet complete mulit vitamin and a moderate dose of B- complex. i've heard from several sources and my dr that it helps with PMS symptoms & stress which lead to my acne.

Currently (cheek and forhead (my fault). left side of face wont seem to clear up. stop picking!!


Day 10 - Hmm

Hmm done with period but still breaking out. They are small , however they are there. Forehead and cheeks. The TTO is working but you have to be careful not to burn your skin too. Sheesh.

Not sure what is causing this..perhaps too much chocolate to past few day. Hmmmm. Changed pillow case too. We shall see.

Still drinking to them!


Day 8 - Few Small Ones

Woke up with a few small pimples on my forhead and left eyebrow today, but i cant complain. they are small and not the deep zits i normally get. i'll take it.

still getting over a cold but thanks to the smoothies (i'm convinced) it wasnt bad at all.

my back wont seem to clear up. prehaps i need to change my sheets more often. i know that sounds gross LOL. that or start using the TTO on my back again. oh my husband LOVES the smell of that. he calls it my varnish ! lol

currently - small pimples left eyebrow, forhead (2), under eye from sunglasses all day yesterday


Let me start by clarifying that i'm not using green drinks as a substitute for anything. not a diet. i think i would starve to death if i did that lol. I'm using it as vitamins...the natural way. plus i take a multi vitamin when i remember.

i think too many pill supplements cant be good for us. just my opinion.

anyway....i thought i was getting a cold but maybe not. maybe the green drinks helped to keep it at bay. just a dry/sore throat for one day and done. I usually get a cold for about 7 days and they SUCK!

I’m liking my drinks so far! cant say the same for my husband LOL...good ...more for me :)

i've notice my skin is clearing up a bit but that may be because I’m done with my PMSing. sorry TMI. my acne comes and goes in waves. next week may suck...i'll let ya know. i'm hoping the one i have forming in my joules will not get any bigger and dry up. i hate those...right in the smile hard to cover.

Currently - less dry, healing cheek, picked a stupid small one on my chin, smile line clogged black head (watch and see). DONT PICK!


Ok, so since I was denied the Accutane by my insurance, I took that as a sign that i shouldn’t go that route. Honestly, the IB and the side effects scare the crap out of me!!!

i just went shopping for a bunch of fruits and veggies to make my green drinks. Turns out to be cheaper or about the same as one of my prescriptions LOL. I'll just think of this as another and taster one!

What i bought:

  • celery
  • bananas
  • pineapple
  • kale
  • parsley
  • melon
  • chia seeds
  • lemon
  • limes
  • cucumber

Not all in one drink LOL. i have a few recipes. if they are tasty I’ll post them! This is not a substitute for breakfast but an added drink in the AM or PM if i forget. i picked these because not only did the recipes sound the easiest and best but because greens (kale, parsley, celery) have anti-inflammatory properties and all of it is great for your skin. I don’t eat horribly normally, but i could improve and go more organic too.

I also go back to the gyno next Friday to discuss my raging PMS as I’ve hit my 30's. Time for a change in birth control i think.

Besides the migraine i had for the past day and a half i'm feeling optimistic. it's only been 3 days. Green drinks cant hurt ya!

Currently: comedone on tip of nose (stupid me picked at it). cheek zit drying up thanks to Tea Tree Oil (TTO). PMS subsiding and feeling better, thanks! other scab/scars fading slowly.


A little bit about me:

I'm 33 but I've been suffering from moderate acne since i was in middle school (more severe in high school). Just like ya'll...I’ve tried everything. I was this close to starting accutane when my insurance said they wouldnt cover it for people over 24. GRRRrrrrr.

Currently I’m on 3 prescriptions but my acne is still mild/moderate (benzaclin, aczone and Reffissa). a few comedones with the occasional deeper zit. I often get dry from using too many products. The dryness seems to counteract the topicals. i'm still trying to find a balance. I love my moisturizer but i tend to overdo it with the tea tree oil and panoxyl wash (mainly for my back). I need to stop using it on my face...way too harsh.

anyway..... since i was denied accutane I’m going to stay on the topicals but try a more balanced and natural approach. I've starting drinking fruit and veggies smoothies in the morning (green drinks and what ever i feel like putting the blender at the time). They taste great but i do get lazy. I need your help for ideas, helping me stick with it and for the occasional "it'll be alright". I'm also going to cut back on my drinking. Alcohol seems to dry me out.

basically, at 33, i'm tired of still getting zits. i'm just tired and frustrated. it affects every aspect of my life and i want to learn how to not let it. it's just a pimple right!!! to you's the size of Montana!

i'm also going to talk to my Gyno to get my hormones tested. perhaps i need to be on a different birth control.

anyway....welcome to my journey...thanks for following!

currently - PMSing, 3 small comedones (forehead, lip and chin) and one zit on left cheek

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