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Charlie Spencer

Forehead Pimples

My skin background - I was used to have clear skin in my teen age until I hit 18 . i started getting pimples on both of cheeks and then my chins . They did get better after I took antibiotics from my dermatologist . However , it didn't cure my pimples completely . Now I would get new pimples everyday on forehead . I don't have bangs and I wash my hair everyday . I don't eat dairy products , spicy or fried food . I eat healthy with fruits and drink more than 8 glass of water everyday . Now I rarely get pimples on my chin and they mostly on my forehead . Any effective way to avoid pimples on forehead . I remember that when I hit puberty , I started getting pimples on forehead and my mom used to put egg white on it and it cleared up .

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