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barbara mory

Overview on skin blemishes

People with stains on skin feels embarrassed and have lower self-esteem. This can affect the skin color, texture and prove disgusting to some of you. The blemishes, scars are caused due to multiple reasons. They affect the appearance and also have adverse impacts on skin. They make your skin to look uneven and have unsightly complexion.

Most of you might search for the ways that would help you to treat the blemishes and lighten your skin tone. However, too many tips and suggestion on the web could create confusion. Here's presenting some of the beauty tips which helps to remove the blemishes and scars on skin. But before we discuss the solution it would be better to have a quick look at the exactly causes of the blemishes.

What are blemishes and its Causes?

The blemishes are also called as pimples, acne and zits. They are caused due to the blocked pores caused by over production of sebum, oils and dead skin cells. The bacteria get trapped with the dead skin cells and create painful blemishes. These can be quite embarrassing and make you look darker than your original skin tone.

How to treat them naturally?

Some of the natural treatments to get rid of the skin blemishes include using the home remedies. You should follow the cleansing, moisturizing and toning for treating the blemishes of skin. This prevents the formation of blemishes and improves your overall appearance.

If you are skeptical to opt for medical treatments you can use the herbal medicine for improving the issue on dermis.

Applying the paste of veggies or the pulp of fruits provides natural oxidation to your skin. This is effective to fade the blemishes and provides you a natural bleaching effect. This helps to eliminate the dark marks and scars thereby provide you naturally toned skin. Carrot is effective for providing you anti-oxidant properties that renews your skin texture and provide you natural glowing skin.

These methods help to prevent the formation of stains on skin caused due to excessive sun exposure. Crushing cucumber and applying its juice is effective to provide you healthy and naturally radiant skin. This is also effective to remove the uneven patches on skin.

1. Cleanse: run washcloth dipped in hot water. The steam of the wash cloth helps to open the clogged pores. Blend using sea salt and water to form a fine paste. Apply this paste in circular motion which sloughs the dead skin cells. Wash off with warm water this helps to fade the blemishes and also prevents your skin from drying.

2. Moisturize: remove the leaves from strawberries and mash them. Mix half a teaspoon of honey, blends it well. This paste has effective antibacterial property which removes dead skin cells thereby prevent the formation of blemishes. Apply this on the dry skin and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash it with water and use fingers this removes the deposits of honey on skin.

3. Toning: mix four to five drops of oil with water and use it as a toner. This tightens the skin and prevents the bacteria that form blemishes. Drop an Aspirin which has antibacterial property which prevent the painful blemishes. Dab this mixture onto the wash cloth and spread it to your skin. Rinse off immediately with cool water this acts as a natural toner for removing the scars and blemishes. This helps to prevent the pain and provide you radiant and healthy skin.

Skin brighteners

You might have come across loads of skin brighteners which are flooded in market and also available via online. These products contains natural herbs which are effective to provide you healthy whitening. Regular usage helps to treat the scars, black blemishes on skin and give you even tone. These products are easily found and can be bought at affordable prices.

These products have been tested for its effectiveness to provide you healthy skin brightening. They are the latest and safest alternative for treating the skin issues thereby provide you fair complexion.


Read the skin brightener reviews before you opt for any one. This will give you more insight regarding the features of the product and how they work to remove the blemishes on skin.

barbara mory

The most visible aging signs appear around the eye. Under eye skin problems can not only occur due to stress or sleep issues, but they can also happen with age. However, whatever the reason maybe, they make you look old. When you reach your late thirties, that is when the aging process actually starts and eye bags, dark circles or crow's feet become common. Eyes get most affected with age because the skin around the eyes is extremely thin and reacts to aging very quickly, which can lead to different aging problems.

It is a fact that women are very self-conscious about how they appear in front of their friends or colleagues. The first thing people notice is the face, so women try to do everything in their power to keep their skin fresh and glowing. And when it comes to face, eyes cannot be ignored. That is why women all over the world take under eye skin problems very seriously; they use different eye creams to handle the issues such as, getting rid of dark circles and wrinkles. To use eye creams effectively, you first need to understand the issue and then use the appropriate cream.

There are four major problems faced by women all over the world. They are:

1. Under eye dark circles

Dark circles are the most common under eye skin problem. There are many reasons that can lead to dark circles like stress, sleep deprivation, smoking, allergies and sometimes even diet. To get rid of dark circles you need to avoid all these causes. Always make sure you spare enough hours for sleep because this does not only help in getting rid of dark circles, but also makes the stress go away, which is another reason for dark circles.

2. Under eye wrinkles and fine lines

Most people don't pay any attention to wrinkles till they reach 40. There are only a few women who notice wrinkles at an early stage. Since the under eye part has the thinnest skin, it is most likely to get wrinkles as compared to other parts of your face. Another reason is that under eye part has the least amount of oil so it gets dry very quickly, which leads to wrinkles and fine lines. The cause can be smoking, diet or not taking good care of your skin. There are many different eye creams for wrinkles in the market. The best way to choose a product is to see what the skin really wants. It is advised to consult a skin specialist before choosing a product because the expert will tell you exactly what kind of cream your skin needs. Some of the famous eye creams you can use are, Deravera, TNS Eye Repair, Prevera and Dermalex etc.

3. Under eye bags

This is also called puffy eyes. It is basically the swelling of tissues around the eye which are known as orbits. The main reason for eye bags is the fluid buildup around the eye that makes it look like a bag. That is why they are more commonly known as eye bags. Some people believe that proper diet is the best remedy for puffy eyes because sometimes it's just the high amount of fat that makes it swell. You can find many amazing eye creams for your eye bags such as, Boscia Enlivening Amino- AG Eye Treatment.

4. Crow's feet

These are also wrinkles that appear on the corner of the eyes. This can happen because of exposure to the sun or unnecessary squinting of eyes from time to time. Other symptoms are same as that of normal wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. So it's best to put on shades whenever you go out in the sun. you can use different eye creams to treat your Crow's feet, these creams can be same as those used for wrinkles.

Causes of under eye skin issues


Certain people have different allergies that can lead to under eye skin issues, such as dark circles. So, for getting rid of dark circles and other issues it's best to take proper medication and doctor's advice in order to keep away from these allergies.

Alcohol and smoking

Excessive use of alcohol and tobacco can also lead to under eye skin issues.

Diet and vitamin deficiency

Improper diet is one of the biggest reasons for under eye skin issues. Vegetables are always the best diet as far as body health and skin conditions are concerned. Various eye creams have different levels of vitamins. It is advised to buy one that suits your need.

Hormonal deficiency

Sometimes the problem runs in the family. Half the time skin problems are genetic, so your hormones can play a major role in your under eye skin issues.

Improper sleep

  • Improper sleep can lead to dark circles and wrinkles etc.
  • Dehydration and Nasal congestion
  • Dehydration is not just health issue, it is bad news for you skin too. Similarly, nasal congestion is also one of the main reasons behind under eye skin problems. So you have to pay special attention on to keeping your body properly hydrated and attending to any health issues that lead to nasal congestion.

    Types of treatment for under eye skin issues

    Botox Surgery

    This procedure breaks the communication network between the nervous system and the muscle which is responsible for wrinkles. In this process the doctors inject a low dosage of special bacteria, which helps in cutting the connection between nervous system and the muscle. This lasts 4-6 months and its cost is around 250 Euros.

    Laser treatment

    This requires more than one visit to the doctor. Different laser devices are used based on the condition of the skin and your response to the laser treatment. This improves the quality of the skin. At the end of the procedure, a little Botox is also used at the bottom of the eyelid.

    Home remedies

    There are certain options for under eye skin issues that can be used as treatment.

    • Cucumber helps you get rid of dark circles if it is used at least for half hour every day.
    • Limiting the use of alcohol is also very useful for wrinkle free eyes.
    • Start taking vegetables because they keep the blood thin, which makes the skin look good.
    • Keep your skin moisturized especially at night because dryness can cause wrinkles.

    Over the counter products

    There are different products available in the market for under eye skin issues. Eye creams with lots of vitamin K are advised by almost every doctor because it keeps the skin fresh and glowing. You must make sure to buy only the finest quality of over the counter products; it is best to consult your dermatologist before you starting using any cream or other products.

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