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Accutane Journey 2013

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C Holmes

Done With Accutane!

I haven't been on here in months, I couldnt remember my password and completely just let time slip by. So this past Friday was my last accutane appointment, I have about 4 pills left but overall I AM DONE!!!!!! I'll start from the side effects I started to experience towards the end of November.

Okay so again I start accutane the first week in Sept so definitely by November I had no acne. The old acne scars on my face where pretty much faded (I still see lite spots, but its definitely not how it was before). I still wanted to rip my lips off but the lip balm that I made on my own pretty much kept my lips under control. Again I did not experience nose bleeds or dry nostrils. I did have a bad ezcema outbreak I believe late October or early November but I was given a steroid cream for that and that was taken care of. So what I did after my ezcema cleared was apply cream (cetaphil) on the area that I get ezcema most and since then I haven't had any issues.

Now towards the end of November my lower back started to have pain I have never felt before. Let me just say I already have back issues and currently go see chiro. But this pain I felt was bad, to the point it caused me to walk slow. I stopped taking the accutane for like 4-5 days and my back stopped hurting. So what pills I have left are from the days I missed in November. Now my back is hurting really bad. I did not tell my doctor about the back pain b/c I knew she would decrease my dosage which would cause me to be on accutane longer, yes it wasn't right, but I just couldnt take being on this stuff any longer then I had too.

So overall my side affects were chap lips, ezcema breakout (I already have mild eczema anyway), and the back pain. Looking back, I felt all of this was worth it to get my skin pretty again. I will post a before picture of what my skin looked like prior to me going on bactrim and accutane and I will also do the after picture. I hope this blog helps, and if you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask. Good Luck!!!!!!

C Holmes

Accutane: First 30 Days

Hey guys I am back with my update. I'll try not to make it long winded. So this saturday (5 Oct 13) I completed my first 30 days of Accutane at 40MG. The ONLY side affect I experienced on my first 30 days was the dry lips and a ezcema breakout on my neck (cetaphil cream and aquaphor took care of the dry patch). I also did not experience a IB only b/c I think me taking Bactrim prior to starting accutaned help. I think I had maybe a total of 4 pimples the whole first 30 days. My dosage was increased to 60MG (1-40MG and 1-20MG) that I take at the same time which I started that on 6 Oct 13.

I have mild ezcema anyway so while on accutane, my scalp was super dry but I was prescribed derma-smooth (oil based) for my scalp two months before going on accutane, so a couple of days later when I washed my hair the derma-smooth took care of the dryness in my scalp. I also had to resort back to using anti-itch grease which I wasn't too happy about that seeing as how I haven't used grease on my scalp in over 10-11 years, but oh well no biggie.

Now as for the dry lips, I can tell you right now that has been the BIGGEST HEADACHE for me on accutane so far. I brought Burts Bee's, Vasoline, Vasoline lip therapy (the normal kind and cocoa butter in the very very small container), 100% cocoa butter stick, another cocoa butter chap stick, some lip balm by Nivea, two other lip balms (cant remember the name) and lastly Dr. Dan's Lip Balm. I would just like to say that I read Dr. Dan's Lip Balm was supposed to be the saving grace for chapped lips. That was CLEARLY not the case for me. I think on day 15 I peeled the dead skin off my lips which was easy b/c I did not let my lips get dried out, that is a huge no no. I never let my lips get to the point where they dry out, crack, and bleed like that. Now I peel the dead skin off my lips like every three or four days using a wet bath cloth, easy day.

Now what I did was make my own lip balm and it has worked wonders for me. I took vaseline and cut a chunk of 100% cocoa butter (from the stick) put it in the microwave and melt it, stir it up, and put it into the vaseline lip therapy container and that is what I have been using. My lips stay moisterized and feel some what normal. I dont have to put lip balm on my lips every three minutes. Also I havent had any issues with my face being dry or my body being dry either.

Anyway I hope this helps guys.

C Holmes

Day 1-4 Accutane

I figured I would do a blog on my accutane journey. I started accutane this past friday 6 Sept 2013 on 40mg a day. I'm 28 yrs old/African American female. (I apologize in advance for the long blog)

A little background on me is I have dealt with cystic ance, whiteheads,and blackheads for 8 years. I've used Retin-A, Benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, and other things. I decided that I was done with trying everything else and was ready to go on the accutane. In July I was given an antibiotic called Bactrim (until I started accutane) which brings out cystic acne from the skin and dries it out. I will say that what pimples I had on my face dried up in four days while on Bactrim. Also when I was prescribed Bactrim I was also given another presciption of Retin-A and DUAC. Using those three combinations I say that my skin finally got under control as far as acne goes and started clearing up, probably the best I had ever seen my skin in 7 years. Right now I have moreso scarring a maybe a pimple or two now. Even though Bactrim really works, eventually your body will become immune to it, plus it is only a temporary fix. I only stayed on Bactrim for three weeks.

The day I started accutane, I was also given a presciption of Aquaphor, Cetaphil cream, eyedrops, and Ceta-klenz (facial wash). I'm not necessarily sure when I should expect to see dry skin or chapped lips but I'm on day four and don't have any of the major side effects so far but maybe-maybe not that could change. What I would recommend is that the day you start accutane is the day you should start doing your skin regime, meaning do not wait until your body starts to become dry to start applying your creams and stuff like that. I have always been a avid chapstick wearer, so I refuse to walk around with chapped lips. I am currently using Burt's Bee's and vasaline for my lips and so far so good, but again its early. At night I use the aquaphor on my body, and in the morning I use the cetaphil cream. I was unaware I would be given Ceta-klenz facial wash so I had already went out and brought Cetaphil facial wash and I use that day/night (I started using that in the beginning of August). For toner I use Dickinson's oil free witch hazel and I use Ambi moisturizer which is moreso used on African American skin. It is oil free and contains SPF 30. On day one of accutane I started putting the aquaphor in my nostrils to prevent nose bleeds. I put the aquaphor up my nose morning and night, and I also keep vaseline at work just in case I need to apply something up my nostrils during the middle of the day. I will post a picture of my skin as well. Disregard the blanket over my head it was early in the morning.

Oh I also lift weights, my muscles are sore anyway form that but I will keep you guys posted if I notice more soreness in mucles while on accutane.

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