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I know everyone must have heard the phrase 'exercise so you sweat out the toxins' in their life. How does this work and what toxins are these people talking about? Also, as a far cry, does this have anything to do with breakouts?

A quick wikipedia search will describe sweat for its purpose to cool the skin which is widely understood; however, it says nothing about ridding your body of toxins. The closest explanation I could find was in the definition of one of the two types of sweat glands. The apocrine sweat glands sweat out fats in addition to water, etc. and are more oily and stinky than the other type which are the eccrine sweat glands that sweat out water and sodium chloride. The apocrine sweat glands are said to be located wherever there is body hair & predominantly on the face, armpits & around genitals. They also develop during PUBERTY when most people start to break out! The apocrine sweat glands sweat out organic matter which becomes stinky because of bacteria that breaks down the lipids and proteins.

Maybe I should ask 'Hot for Words' where the phrase originated...O.o

Also, Has anyone experienced better/worse acne from exercise? I receive little to no exercise on a daily basis so I'm curious. When I was younger (13-17) I was super active and I believe my acne was actually worse then...25 now, but that probably only has to do with hormone levels at that age because exercise is supposed to decrease stress and thus decrease acne. I probably also washed my face way too much_like I do now, but more-so. Bad, bad compulsion.

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