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Jennifer Martin

For a woman looking as old as 45 at the age of 35 is not a bit complementing. I was shattered and losing my confidence when people wouldn’t believe I was only 35. My skin had already started to sag, wrinkles had started to appear, and it lost its youth in a jiffy.

So, here my story:


Before derma rolling

I’m a cab driver and remain on the road for most part of the year, often making long distance trips. Being out in the sun and the hard labor of driving had left my skin damaged and lifeless.

When I started noticing my skin I realized the damage was extensive and would need something strong. I consulted a number of dermatologists, some suggested laser resurfacing, and others would claim to treat the skin with surgery; while the remaining would advise the use of anti-aging serums and products.

Lasering was terrifying, and doctors had told me that after the laser treatment I will have to stay away from the sun or it might lead to greater pigmentation of the skin. Worried about having to give up my occupation, I dropped this option.

Surgery too is scary and I used serums and other products, but they wouldn’t work!

Fortunately at this time I drove a dermatologist around the city and got chatting about my problem. He suggested I visit him and he’d show me what derma rolling could do for my skin.


After Derma Rolling

Giving myself one more try, I went to the doctor’s clinic the next week. He explained to me everything about derma rolling and skin needling, and so my derma rolling sessions began. This was my schedule:

  • Twice a week my face was rolled with needle length 2.00mm. My skin would roast after each session; it would look inflamed and swollen for a few hours. This he said was done to enhance collagen production.
  • In between the doctor would roll my skin twice with needle length 0.50 mm. This he told was essential for opening the skin pores to allow better absorption of essential skin serums.
  • I followed this routine for two months.
  • Now I use a 0.5mm derma roller each week twice at home to keep up the results.

    The final results on my skin, well this is what happened

    • In the very first week my skin started feeling lighter and supply
    • By the end of the third week I had noticed dark spots from sun damage disappearing
    • By the end of the fourth week my face not only looked fairer than before, but also felt softer and supple.
    • At the end of the six week, I finally got complemented by my husband that I look like I’m only 25. (the biggest achievement)

    Now I take more care of my skin, cover my face and drive the cab. I use loads of sunscreen, use other skin nourishing serums, and also derma roll my skin once a week to keep up the good effects.

Jennifer Martin

If you are not already aware, we would like to inform you that only a minor fraction of your favorite beauty cream actually penetrates into the skin. Most of it is basically washed off on the pillow case or cotton pads you use. Dermaroller is thus the finest, completely natural and safe way to help those beauty products reach where they can deliver best results to the skin.

If acne scars, pigmentation, sun burns, aging line and wrinkles are making your skin look shabby and you want something that can return you the glowing skin, consider using a dermaroller device.

Dermaroller is cosmetic equipment designed primarily to increase the penetration and effectiveness of the skin care product that you use.

Dermaroller is regarded as the best kept beauty secret by dermatologists’ worldwide, simply because it has been around for years now but it hasn’t been an extensively used product. According to experienced dermatologists, dermaroller is a finest way to treat all aging lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and acne scars on the skin.


What is dermaroller?

Dermaroller is a stainless steel made tool. It comprises of numerous small needles. The tool is designed to be rolled on the affected skin. When rolled, the dermaroller punctures the skin, creating minute injuries to allow collagen production under the skin.

The dermaroller device is essentially a tool with tiny needles which pricks the skin to allow it to self repair. In the process of self repair, the skin produces collagen, elastin and other essential cells for better skin. A wide range of dermarollers are available out there in the market, but as a customer you need to be aware of the best one for your needs.

Finest on the block

Dr. Roller is finest quality dermaroller which is called 4-generation skincare program. Dr. Roller has come to be regarded as one of the best dermarollers’ in the market. If you are looking for the best quality dermaroller on MTS roller, we would suggest you go with the long lasting and really effective Dr. Roller.

All the Dr. Rollers we sell are sterilized and developed with utmost care and diligence. The Dr. Rollers are made with medical grade stainless steel needles, which give the best results.


Types of Dr. Rollers

We at MTS Roller have been selling Dr. Roller dermarollers to doctors, beauticians, and individuals like you who want to look their best at all possible times. Some of our best selling and useful products include:

We at MTS Roller have been selling Dr. Roller dermarollers to doctors, beauticians, and individuals like you who want to look their best at all possible times. Some of our best selling and useful products include:

  • Dr. Roller Starter Kit

    If you are a newbie and have no idea about derma rolling, the Dr. Roller starter kit is best for you. With this package you can never go wrong, as it is the safest roller choice available. The kit is best at, relieving pain, decreasing skin problems and enhancing the collagen immensely.

    The Dr. Roller starter kit we offer comes with a 30g Dr. numb topical anesthetic cream (numbing cream), 10ml pure collagen essence and 3 moisturizing collagen facial masks.

    • Dr. Roller 8-line

    8-line model of the Dr. Roller comes with 192 needles. It is the most suitable rolling option for treating all body areas, especially larger areas. The rollers are available in 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm and 1.5mm, 2.0mm needle sizes, which are individually responsible for the treatment of different skin problems.

    [*] Dr. Roller 3-line

    The 3-line model Dr. Roller rolling tool contains 72 needles in 3 rows and it is tailor made for hard to reach areas of the skin. The 3-line also available 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm and 1.5mm, 2.0mm needle sizes, are best for treatment of small acne scars and pigmentation on the nose or under the eye.