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Day 4 Finacea

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Day 111

I have been using Finacea Gel 15% , twice a day for over 3 months now. I am not sure if this end result, whilst I have heard/read that sometimes results can sometimes take 6 months or more.

Update: My skin has not changed that dramatically since last update. Mostly clear with a few small blemishes.

My skin has stayed quite clear and soft to touch, however last month I experienced two of the largest pimples I have ever had in my life - one on each cheek. They were so big and deep I was worried - maybe still be part of the purging process? I had never had acne like this - the size of a 10c coin (underneath my skin) They did, however clear within a couple of days - not weeks, like anything similiar would of taken to clear, previous tothe use of Finacea, though I was left with a tiny scar on one cheek that is also - slowly- fading.

Something to be aware of with this product if your are new, is that you may experience a very scary, large pimple like I did! It did clear surpisingly fast, though some may not want to take the risk of this. And so far I am left with a very small feint scar - it has been approx 3-4 weeks.

I am definately not pimple free and/or clear skinned, though there is good improvement. I would decribe my results as somewhere between the results I had with contraceptive pill Diane 35ed (which probably helped my skin the most - making me practically 'normal) and the results I had with Monomycin-Tetracyline (some good results but not amazing). Finacea is somewhere in between in the results I am experiencing. However, the softness of my skin is totally new to me - I love washing my face in the shower!

I usually buy Finacea online for around $25 - $30 with delivery and have just finished my second tube. Today I went instore to purchase and the staff told me they didn't sell it and it was only an online product! However, I did find a product they sold in store that is called Azclear Medicated Cream - it was only $7.99 - for a 25gm tube from Chemist Warehouse. I have not used this before, but have just been doing some research online about it and found one article that states that the cream as compared to the gel is not as readily absorbed into the skin. It is a higher percentage of Azelaic Acid at 20% compared to Finacea 15%. I did not want to change brands, but as the price was so much cheaper, I bought 2 tubes and will see how it goes.

It is so frustrating to not just have clear skin!!

Also I can confirm that Fish Oil tablets or Krill Oil do clear up the skin. I have been lazy and not taken them for a while, but I did notice a difference after about a week. Breakouts were not as bad. I would definately recommend.

Although Finacea has not been as dramatic as I was imagining, it has definately helped and kept my skin manageable. I would love to reccommend this, it is a gentler alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide in my opinion, and seems to strengthen my skin. Also, for me it is a better option than taking oral medication. The only thing that I would say is a negative and to be mindful of, is that it also seems to cause pimples that you may never have otherwise had. At this point I am happy enough with results to continue - although using Azclear at moment!


Day 32 Finacea

I am still using Finacea, twice daily. Some things I have noticed so far:

>Tingling sensation still apparent on application, is annoying but goes away within 5 to 10 mins.

>My skin on cheeks is clearer and softer - blemishes remain in t-zone

>Still getting breakouts but no major 'clusters', and pimples seem to heal faster

>I have bought some 'clean and clear oil free moisturiser' for around $7.00, I use it every couple of days if my skin is feeling too tight

>At day 32 I have nearly finished the tube of Finacea, so it looks as though this will cost me around $25.00 every 4-5 weeks

>My skin has a white/creamy appearance. It feels softer and stronger

This product does not give the immediate results that I had with Benzac AC, although, so far it is good, as I am seeing some results.

If you want to try, you definately have to give it at least couple of weeks to get past the 'purging' stage - so far I am not sure if I would reccommend. I can see results, but my skin is tight feeling; it stings when you apply; is expensive; and takes a while to work;and have to remember to apply twice every day. I will keep going with it though.


Day 8 Finacea

Day 8, my face is still adjusting to gel. I tried using only once a day, on alternate days and this has reduced the redness. I also covered my face in aloe vera gel, (about half an hour after apllying Finacea) and the redness and stinging went away almost completely.

Have just been using a mild soap to wash or just plain water, but I am finding my skin is feeling tight and un-nourished. The aloe works well for this, but doesn't leave my skin feeling as elastic/supple as it would with a cream moisturiser. Need a good oil free moisturiser without too many chemicals.

Overall, my skin has not improved visibly. It does feel softer and I think pores have reduced in size, but still lots of acne.

My rosacea is about the same as well, maybe tiny improvement.

I will keep persisting and see how it goes.


Day 4 Finacea

Today is Day 4 of using Finacea Gel 15%. First time user, heard about it over the internet and ordered it for around $25.00 from Chemist Wharehouse. More expensive than other treatments, but I read good things about it, and also wanted to see if it would improve rosacea, which I believe I have had all my life but never been diagnosed. I basically have very fair, nearly pink skin, and brown auburn coloured hair.

I had previously been using Benzac AC 10%, but perhaps I started with to high strength, anyway I developed an allergy, where as now, even if I use the slighest amount on my face, the next morning my eyes are completely swollen and face red and puffy.

So what I have found so far with the Finacea is that, my skin is worse and better, on day 4. I have pimples in places that I have never had and my skin feels tight, looks red and seems oilier.

I had been applying gel twice a day for first 3 days and now today, I have decided to cut back to once a day for a while, to let my skin adjust. The only other product I am using is 100% Aloe vera gel. This definately helps with the stinging from Finacea and after ten minutes my face feels calm and normal.

I really hope this stuff works and will update as things progress. So far, I am seeing results so will persist.

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