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Keeping track of my skin whilst using benzoyl peroxide within the regimen guidelines.

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The Regimen - Day 56

So I feel like i've hit a brick wall. Lately the past week or so my skin has been going crazy with pimples.. and i'm not happy with the way my skin looks.. I have slight pigmentation on my left cheek.. I remember squeezing some pimples there and once they healed I got some slight brownish-like textured pigmentation on that area... I am pretty down in the dumps my skin looks really bad sad.png I was really happy in the first month of the regimen dispise all the flakiness... -sigh- I really don't like the look of my skin at all.. It has a lot of zits over it, id say around 7 of them I think.. (for me its alot sorry if I just offended anyone) I kind of feel like it's in the state it was before I even started the regimen. -sadface- only with some pigmentation... ugh well I literally feel like crying I feel like i've had enough! My skin was sooo flawless when I started doing this, and now that my skin is used to the BP it doesn't seem to be doing much...

Well I just went out and brought me some gamma hydroxy made by the skin doctors.. It contains Aha's and Bha's so I'm going to lay off the BP and just use this for a week and see how I go.. Maybe use BP during the day and this at night as i've heard it can be oily! Plus it says to slowly work your way into twice daily anyway.

Hopefully this can improve the texture of my skin! It kind of looks really horrible compared to others with flawless skin sad.png Damn them...

I feel like crying. Im sick of crying over my face! I just want to rip the skin off it and let it grow back!!!!


The Regimen - Day 44

Well my skin is still very tight and dry once I cleanse my face morning and night. Although it goes away once I apply BP and moisturise.. But it does concern me a little.. I read up about moisturising before putting on BP.. So I think I might give it a try for a week to see how my skin goes..

I had a big pimple the other week which really upset me.. I popped it because it was so nasty lookin' (with clean hands) and then applied BP over it, but it just kept filling up with crap -_- but 2 days later it finally started to go down and then by about 5 days it was gone which was pretty good for a pimple that nasty :S I think it was hormones (that time of month). But other than that my face has been pretty good :)

I have stuffed up two times.. I picked at literally nothing and made big pink squeezed looking patches on my cheeks and chin -__- I don't know why I frikin' do that! I get in the moment and regret it later... ugh but I am trying so goddam hard to recognise when I do it so I can immediately stop and not do it at all.. It's hard but it's one of those habits that is a killer to stop. BUT I will stop, I have to otherwise what's the point in even doing this? lol..

I have these tiny white dots under the skin on one spot on either side of my cheeks, when I pull it and/or look very closely I can see them. They really irritate the hell out of me and I hope by squeezing them and applying BP it will diminish them for good, forever! And I think i've squeezed most of them and rid f most of them so I only have like 3 left but I am not going to squeeze them! I will just let time get rid of them..

Oh my god I feel like I should backspace half of what I just wrote :/ ha!

My face is 100% clear and has been for the past few weeks :) It is as soft as a baby's bum! I hope by doing the moisturising before BP will work the same, I have added more moisturiser on top of the BP for even more moisture. My skin is so dry it's like my face has stopped producing oil :S But anyway i'm not too worried, I mean it's probably just the BP because before my skin was mega super oily like an oil slick, So yeah..

I will keep an update on how the maintenance of my face goes..and picking at nothing habit goes.. :)

Hmm what else to write..

I still have the prescription for the Epiduo my doctor gave me the other week. I never asked for it he just gave me it.. He never told me anything about it at all so I am kind of confused if it's better or not? Bleh I don't know I really don't have a clue.. I looked up some reviews of it on here and wow I was shocked at how many bad reviews it has :S I guess that's why


The Regimen - Day 30

So it's been a month since starting Dans Regimen! And my skin has been really hectic to care for, its been oily, its been dry. It's been flakey, it's been tight. I had to add in Castor oil and Sweet Almond oil into my routine to keep my face moisturize and keep it from drying out. The castor oil has brought life back to my skin, it now has a 'dewy' finish instead of a dry matt look BP does.

I still use jojoba oil but I find it just doesn't add enough moisture even if I add 10 drops of it to my moisturiser.

Well I had to stop using BP for about 5 days because my skin just kept wanting to flake and I had enough of the tight feeling on my entire face. Also it got really red and sensitive from neglection and I thought I was getting allergic to BP but that wasn't the case..

I brought the oils and my face is just cooperating so well with me now! I can apply BP two times a day without not one bit of stinging or burning or irritation (unlike before) and my face just stays so well maintained.

I have not yet added AHA into my moisturiser but I do use it on the days that I just can't find the time to do my BP routine in the mornings, and it acts really well as a..almost face primer? I don't really have a lot of options here in Australia and I don't really like online shopping on those sites like ebay and such as I have such bad luck when it comes to online shopping unless it comes direct from a retail website.

I really want to add Dans AHA into my routine but I just really can't afford his postage so I really cannot wait until he fixes it all, because I am going to buy some of his BP as well! Really over this cream stuff...

I have added in Cetaphil DermaControl Moisturising Lotion SPF30 and have removed Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturiser from me regimen because it was just really hurting my skin every time I used it, burning and made my face red. I might try to use it again some time again in the future in case it was because my skin was still getting used to the BP? But for now I will just stick to cetaphil products as they seem to love my skin. Also I was looking for another SPF because the Olay Complete Defence one kept balling up when I used it, But other than that I really love it! So I will definitely keep it in my cosmetics cupboard for other days.

Well yeah thats my process so far, the past week has been really good ever since I added in castor oil and sweet almond oil :)

I really would recommend those products to people experiencing the same effects.. Jojoba is great but just not enough by itself for me.


The Regimen - Day 17

It's day 17 and I was going to do an update earlier then this but I just got really busy and went away for a week with the boyfriend! I only just upped my dosage to putting BP on mornings as well, I was going to do this ALOT earlier, like last week on day 8 but I just couldn't find the time, I was flat out trying to find time to do my regimen every night as it was!

But yeah today I put half a fingers length of BP on instead of skipping it. I am trying to up my dosage to a fingers length but I really don't wan't to rush it and I still have another 2 weeks to work my way up to it anyway.

I have been taking some multi-vitamins everyday and trying to drink as much water as possible! I don't actually know how much water i'm drinking, but it's alot and I feel very cleansed and healthy because of it. Also 4 vitamin C (chewable) tablets daily, I don't know if this has much to do with my skin but it's more because they taste good and I hate getting sick smile.png

I've been still getting a little pimple every few days sad.png but I think that is because I was only applying the BP at nights, So I will see how it goes doing it two times a day. They arent big ones they usually go away by the next day. Although I did get a big nasty one under my chin while I was away! I wore makeup the day before though.. Heavy stuff :/ I ended up putting that stuff away at the back of my cupboard when I came home.. I got some Almay makeup while I was away as well, Although I don't actually know if I got the correct products :/ So I am going to order some more Almay products online.

I used to use napoleon perdis products I brought online or found in chemists - usually a consultant who can tell you about all the products next to their stand. I used to use their heavy concealer/makeup stick! It was really heavy and thick and does 100% coverage, but seriously unless you have perfect non-acne prone skin don't use it.. I know now..

I think my pimples and mild acne is actually caused by these heavy products? I read somewhere that it's called cosmetic-acne or something like that and while I was reading about it I was like YEP that's me.. But pfft I don't know -_-

I have been using jojoba oil since day 1 about 3-4 drops in with my moisturiser. And the past 2 weeks when I knew I wasn't putting BP on because I didn't have time, I actually applied some lavender oil on my face with a cotton pad and a drop or two or water to dilute it a little. It has actually made my red spots/scars less noticeable and i'm sure If i kept doing it for another two weeks they may actually disappear. I think I will apply it under my BP in the future although i'm going to read up first if I can do that without stuffing the regimen up..


The Regimen - Day 7

So it's my 7th day doing the regimen process! And I am already seriously thinking of buying Dan's AHA and BP as I think the gel formula would be much easier to apply then the cream I am currently using. Also I really want to use the AHA I have heard so many amazing reviews about it!

Anyway so my skin healed up really well the first 5 days, like it went flawless with just the pink spots you get after a pimple goes away. I am currently looking for a product (that gets sold in Australia) that will get rid of these spots and even out my skin tone to look really pretty like I've always dreamt! But yeh on night 5 I got a pimple on my cheekbone and it was one of those under the skin ones.. I puts some 10%BP on it during the day and it king of shrunk it a little bit, but by the afternoon I was soo fed up with it and had to try and pop it! So i washed my hands just before I went in the shower to do my cleansing part of the regimen and popped it and soo much yuck stuff came out of it! I was actually glad I popped it haha tongue.png then I went in the shower and cleansed my face with the cetaphil gentle cleanser and had a shower and got out and did the rest of the regimen. I popped a tiny bit of the 10% BP again over the top of it all and went to bed a few hours later.

So I woke up and the pimple on my cheek was just a red little smudge/dot. It was not sore and it had no bump underneath it so I was really happy! These kind of pimples used to hang around for 4-5 days..sore with a big bump! So I think by tomorrow it will be pretty much completely gone smile.png

I recently heard on another post that she is using lavender oil under her moisturiser and said it gets rid of those spots! So high hopes for it smile.png Also said that she used another product that unfortunately doesn't get sold anywhere I live sad.png so I was pretty disappointed but i'm sure I will eventually find a product that will get rid of those annoying spots I have! But I will definitely be trying the lavender oil tomorrow when I go up town and get some! (I was meant to today but I got super busy.)

Photos of my progress will be added to my photo album on my profile smile.png


The Regimen - Day 2

So this is my first blog entry, and my second day since starting Daniel Kern's regimen using over the counter products.

So the products I am using come in either a pack called the Cetaphil Clear Skin Acne Pack or you can buy the products individually.

Pack Contains -:

Cetaphil Oil Skin Cleanser 235mL

Benzac AC 2.5% Gel 50g

Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion 250mL

And I usually have fairly oily skin and this does not make my skin feel dirty or greasy, I have been using the moisturizer since yesterday (Day 1) and I feel that I do in fact need it as the Benzoyl Peroxide really dries out my face once I apply it. I only use the moisturizer at night as I have not been applying benzac on my face in the mornings. I do wake up fairly greasy in the mornings around my nose but I do anyway even before I used the moisturizer at night.

So I have a ton of questions every time I use the benzac on my face as I am scared of the symptoms of using this cream, but at the same time I just want to get rid of my pimples! So I think I will be making a few posts on the community forums to let out my stress..

I will be attaching some photos when I can get around to taking some photos smile.png

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