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Treating my acne then acne scaring. I am treating cystic acne as well as small flesh colored bumps near my mouth

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It's A Long Bumpy Road

Ok so I started a whole makeover process this week. Skin, hair, weight loss. So I decided to update you guys on the products I am using as well.

Weightloss: NatureWise Green Coffee bean extract

have not changed my diet as of yet so its just the pills. I am hoping that these pill do not negative affect myskin

I started at 121.4 lbs Goal 114lbs

Day 1:121.4 lbs****Sept 11/Day 2 : 120 lbs****Day 3: 118.8 lbs*****Day 4: 119 lbs******Sept 14/Day 05: 119 lbs***

Hair: Mega Tek

This is a product for mane and tail regrowth in horses but people claim that that it helps grow your hair super fast and fill in bald spot. I have thick hair I just want longer healthier hair. I got the product Thursday.I mixed it with 2oz caster oil and 2 oz Mega Tek in an applicator bottle in an applicator bottle. I applied it to my scalp and then applied coconut oil to the rest of my hair and put it in a plastic cap and slept in it and washed it out in the morning. I realized that I used too much caster oil and only need a total of 3 oz to over my scalp. I will be using this treatment once a week and will update you as soon as I see results. I also started taking garlic oil supplements to prevent shedding


Now to the important stuff!!I am now on day 34 of my journey. Day 29 I woke up with horrible peeling. I washed my face in the shower and when I got out my face was raw and red. I have had to stop using tretinion for a few days and had to moisturize which caused some breakouts. Of course I had to pick and and pop them which led to ugly scabby things. This week I honestly felt super discouraged. I continue to break out and my little white bumps/ flesh colored bumps don't seem to be any better. Now my cheeks have scabs and a ton of hyper pigmentation and red marks. So Friday I used lime juice and Vitamin C Serum to try to treat my red spot and.... Today, Sunday, my face seems so much better. The redness has gotten so much better and I have no new big breakouts. Today I decided I was going to dedicate my day to my skin. I woke up washed my skin and did a baking soda mask then an egg and honey mask. I also got my dermaroller and numbing cream in the mail. I decided to use it today. I used the numbing cream which helped a little but it still hurt. My face is super red and feels stingy. I followed it with the Vitamin C serum and moisturizer.

I am not sure how my skin is going every time I seem to see a light at the end of the tunnel it gets dark again. I am hopeful and discouraged


Day 28 - Progress!

Ok so today is day 28 and yesterday was the first day that think I actually saw some improvement in my face. I am still continuing to break out but it seems to be slightly less. Right now I have an active break out on my upper right cheek, but that seems to be my only new large/painful break out. My left cheek continues to heal from my insentience picking. My flesh colored bumps do not seem to have any major progress, but I can see a slow steady change. I have stopped using to sirus sonic at this point. I think I will use it later when my face is a little less sensitive. I wash my face with bp face wash 2.5%. I just started using the bp lotion 2.5% as well as BP 10% in the morning as soon as I get out of the shower. I have been continuing to use tretionion .05% at night all over my face 3 days on and one day off .I have been taking pictures of my face every two days. The picture with my hair down is Sunday- day 27 and the second is Friday- day 25 the third is Wednesday- day 23. I created an album so you can track my progress. You can see a significant difference between Friday and Sunday

Edit: I forgot to add that I don't wear any make-up on my face during the day. I only wear lipstick and mascara. It is pretty embarassing and annoying, but I really want everything to clear up faster.


Initial Breakout Hell

I am finishing up the first week of the initial breakout period. I have been doing my treatment for 23 days now.

I have to admit this week has been hard. I had a date this weekend so I use my olay peel 2 days in a row... BIG mistake. I ended up making my face raw! I had to slather my face in moisturizer and I couldn't use the tretinion for 2 days. In the last few days my face has continued to break out horribly. Its awful my cheeks and even up near the corner of my left eye is broken out. I continue to make it worse because I pick and pop.I know it doesn't help.Even as I am doing it I know its bad but I can't stop. So now in addition to my terrible zits my face is full of these peely scab things. I decided to not wear make up to work because I don't want to mess up my treatment. I can't even tell you how embarrassing it is. I took a picture just to show everyone just how bad it is right now. Because of my scabs I changed up my treatment just a little.

I wash my face as soon as I get home from work. I wait a few minutes and then apply my tretinion. I have been putting some neosporin on my scabs/ popped zit and putting on each one before I go to bed. I am hoping that this helps me get rid of these faster.



About me & my acne:

So I have acne for as long as I can remember. Acne runs in my family and I remember having blackheads and pimples from before I was 10.So Now I'm 24 and honestly I really thought that I'd be done with acne at this point. I have always had cystic acne on my cheeks and chin. A few years ago I started to notice these small white or flesh colored bumps at the corners of my mouth. As time has passed the are now covering my chin and started to spread up to my cheeks. They don't ever really get inflamed or turn into white heads. If I squeeze them a thin skinny string of white pus comes out, but no matter how many times I pop them they always come back. No topical treatment has ever made it better. I also have a lot of black heads on my chin. So because I have always had acne I also have scaring. The scaring is mostly on my cheeks. I have a few shallow rolling scars, but a lot of ice pick scars and enlarged pores. Also lucky me because I am very fair and apparently very expressive in addition to dealing with acne I also have lines and wrinkles on my forehead. Awesome right acne and wrinkles at the same time right? I finally got sick of acne and I decided to take control and have a goal of 1 year to clear beautiful skin. I want to really work on clearing up my acne in the first 3 month after that I am going to work on the scars,, enlarged pores, skin tone, discoloration, and wrinkles.

My regime/ products

Spironolactone- 100mg once a day. I started taking this a few years ago and it honestly helped me with my hormonal cystic acne. I got lazy and stopped taking it. I started up again about 1 month ago. I am starting to get moderate results but its hard to tell because of all of the other products

Minocycline- 100mg once a day. I started this about 1 month ago too. I really don't feel like its making a difference, but right now it can't hurt and I will take any little bit of help I can get

Tretinoin 0.05% - I am starting on my 3rd week of this. I started out using it every 3 days the first week. Then moved to every other day and now I am up to 3 days in a row using it then one day off. The first 2 weeks it looked like it was helping to clear everything up but the third week...this week I started the initial break out phase. My little flesh colored bumps are staring to come up more and are turning into inflamed acne and white heads. I hope that this means they are purging. I need to remember not to pick at them but I can't help it. My face is red and scabby right now. I have some flakiness but nothing too bad. I have not seen any improvement in my forehead wrinkles or in my enlarged pores.

Face Wash/ Toner/ Acne Repair

Prescription Care Acne Treatment System- This is a 3 step system similar to the regime I believe. I got it at Big Lots for $5. step 1- 2.5% acne face wash Step 2- Toner Step 3- Acne Repairing Lotion. I have been using this for 3 weeks now. I really like it. I felt like it was clearing up my acne, but I think the tretinoin is surfacing my acne so I am continuing to use this twice a day.

Sirius Sonic- I bought this on Amazon for $25 because my sister loves her Clarasonic, but I couldn't Afford it. I have been using it on and off for 3 weeks. So far I like it, but i don't love it. I feel like I am using more face wash because of the brush.

Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion and Peel Kit- I have been using this for 3 weeks 2 times a week to battle my dry flaky skin and to help even out my skin tone. So far I love it. I get immediate results. I love how soft my skin is after I use it. It also helps get rid of all of my dry flaky skin. This is the one product that I can for sure recommend to everyone.

My skin progress right now:

Right now I have a bunch of acne on my cheeks. My cheeks are very red and irritated. My chin/ mouth is breaking out bringing up the bumps. My forehead is currently clear.

I plan to update this every week with reviews and progress on how everything is working

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