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Sharing my journey with Acctuane 10mg and Spironolactone 100mg

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Jane C

Week 2!

05/09/13 - DAY 8

A little oily today when I woke up. Pimples are still raised and inflamed, one is coming to a whitehead. Lips are getting dryer quicker but nothing too uncomfortable and eyesight still isn't 100%. Felt dizzy before bed. Have noticed 'dead' feelings in my legs/arms when lying down. 'Pins & Needles' also. Took Oratane at 1PM and Aldactone the next morning around 7.30AM.

06/09/13 - DAY 9

Still felt a little dizzy this morning but better. I woke up to 8 pimples now on my left cheek, having a bad breakout there. Same one on my right that's healing and above my brows. Took Oratane at 1.30PM and Aldactone at 1.30AM.

07/09/13 - DAY 10

Slightly oily face and same active breakouts mainly on my left cheek. My lips are VERY dry now. Took Oratane at 1PM and Aldactone at 12PM.

08/09/13 - DAY 11

Face still feels a little oily. Broke out more on my left cheek and jawline, probably 12+. Very painful whitehead pimple on my jawline near my chin. Dizzy and had a headache all day to the point of having to sleep it off. Took Oratane at 1PM and Aldactone at 10.30PM.

09/09/13 - DAY 12

Skin is not very oily at all. Lips are VERy dry now. Nose is running a lot for some reason. Felt dizzy all day had a tension headache. Felt very tired at 9PM went straight to bed. Took Oratane at 1PM and Aldactone 12PM.

10/09/13 - DAY 13

Nose is running a lot don't know why I don't feel like I'm getting a cold. Noticed enlarged pores on my nose and chin, must be all the gunk being purged out. Very dry on those two areas as well make-up doesn't sit very well there. Didn't feel the need to blot throughout the day which is unusual for my usually oily t-zone. A lot of pimples all over my cheeks and chin still. Noticed some small bumps around my mouth and smile line area. Had a dizzy spell at 9PM that lasted an hour. Took Oratane at 12.30PM and Aldactone at 11PM.

11/09/13 - DAY 14

Pores on chin and nose are still noticeable and rough. Woke up to a whitehead on my smile line and the one on my upper lip has come to a head. Pimples over my left cheek have calmed down, still have a few there and 2 popped up on my right cheek. I have strangely noticed that my nose is constantly running and I need to blow it out a few times during the day. Took Oratane at 12PM and Aldactone at 10PM.

Side effects have started to hit me this week. I did some research and a runny nose seems to be a common side effect. I assume the theory about our mucus membrane being dried out so our body is compensating by producing more to hydrate the nose, is true. I also am sneezing quite a bit so people keep asking me am I getting a cold haha. Eyesight wise, I am very sensitive and am finding it difficult under the lighting at work. This week like I noted my pores on my nose and chin have started to purge out with a dark colour and are pretty rough feeling. Makeup on those areas isn't sitting so well so I apply my thicker moisturizer on them just before foundation. Dizzy spells happen roughly everynight around 9PM which I'm getting used to as I try to go to sleep around that time. Lips are very dry to the point of reapplying lip balm every 30 minutes or less. I am feeling a bit sore all over, as in my joints/muscles. I seem to get 'dead' feelings or 'pins and needles' a fair bit when sitting or laying down. I have had a few painful cystic breakouts so far as well as the usual small bumps and whiteheads so I guess I am having the dreaded initial breakout. On to Week 3!

Jane C

First week update on how I'm going! I am on both Accutane 10mg and Spironolactone 100mg for hormonal acne and scarring.

29/08/13 - DAY 1

Took Oratane at 12PM with food. Aldactone at 9.30PM before bed. Had a migraine but could be from a busy day at work. Woke up at 3AM to go to the toilet. Woke up at 6 to again go to the toilet. Interrupted sleep which is unusual. Face is clear at the moment.

30/08/13 - DAY 2

Woke up to a slightly red face. Awkward/Sore feeling in my nostrils. I have an under the skin pimple under my nose but no active pimples. Took Oratane at 1PM and Aldactone 10.30 PM. Interrupted sleep again, woke up 3 times during the night.

31/08/13 - DAY 3

Woke up to a very shiny face. Overproducing oil. Whitehead pimple popped up on my jawline. Skin was a bit red but nothing bad. Interrupted sleep again, woke up twice.Took Oratane at 1PM and Aldactone at 1.30AM.

01/09/13 - DAY 4

Woke up to a red face and again a lot of oil. Whitehead pimple was still there all day but I popped it at night. Old pimple came up again on my right cheek & above my right brow. Eye sight at night wasn't 100% and natural oils came through my makeup only 3 hours in. Took Oratane at 1.30PM and Aldactone at 10.30PM. Finally slept through the night without waking up.

02/09/13 - DAY 5

Still overproducing oil. Pimple on my right cheek is starting to come to a head. No redness this morning. Took Oratane at 1PM and Aldactone at 10.45PM.

03/09/13 - DAY 6

Not too oily today. Woke up to 2 pimples coming to a head on my left cheek & jawline, one on my chin, same one's on my right cheek and above my right brow. Took Oratane at 12PM and Aldactone at 11PM.

04/09/13 - DAY 7

No excessive oil again today. Pimples are still around and my left cheek is a bit sore from them. No dryness as yet. Took Oratane at 12PM and Aldactone at 10PM.

I am having my intial breakout today mainly on my left cheek. 8 bright red pimples on the one cheek yikes! Lips are a little dry but no major dryness as yet. Skin was extremely oily at the start but has calmed down now. I am experiencing difficulty to drive at night or be under artificial lighting at work/houses because my eyes are more sensitive to the light. I do not drive at night anymore and I find myself feeling very tired earlier than what I would. Overall though, I'm doing fine.

Jane C

Pre-Accutane & Spironolactone - Day 1

I am a 19 y/o female from Australia. I am suffering with hormonal acne mainly on my cheeks & jawline and also scarring. I also have a problem with Hirsutism (excessive hair). I had severe acne on my face and back when I was 14 years old which the pill Brenda and topical Clindamycin combated up until now it has returned only on my face again. 5 months ago I was prescribed Doxycycline for 3 months, which actually flared up my acne and made it worse, leaving me with permanent scarring. I was recently referred to a Dermatologist and have been prescribed Oratane 10 mg (Accutane/Isotretinoin) and Aldactone 100 mg (Spirinolactone) to take daily. I will also be continuing Brenda for birth control/hirsutism purposes.

My acne is concentrated around my cheeks, jaw line and chin. I would classify it as moderate and my skin type is oily.


Here is a list of what I have tried and isn't working now for me which is what has led me to start Accutane/Isotretinoin & Spironolactone:

Benzoyl Peroxide (Proactiv) - Which I am allergic/sensitive to so I can't use this ingredient.

Salicylic Acid (a variety of brands, mainly Clean & Clear) - Helps to dry out the pimple but doesn't stop acne from forming.

Oral Antibiotic Doxycycline - Made my acne worse, resulted in severe cystic acne and left me with scarring.

Prescription Topical Clindamycin - Worked well throughout high school but discontinued use at 17 y/o as it stopped working.

Diet - I have cut down on milk/dairy and only have milk rarely. This I believe has somewhat helped.

Birth Control Brenda/Diane - Worked throughout highschool but now isn't enough.


So now that I have introduced myself, today is Day 1 of my journey and I took my first Oratane tablet at 12PM with food and will take my Aldactone tonight before bed. I really hope that I'll be on my way to clear skin by the end of this.

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