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Well, it's been over a month now and I'm still happy with the results. No breakouts since I started. Had a few small blemish as reported earlier, but they disappeared within 2-3 days. Skin feels much healther (smooth and soft... and not dried out). Surprisingly, the bottle I ordered still has cream left in it. Goes a long way as it spreads well and doesn't take much to cover the affected area.

I'll continue to use Zyderma on a maintenance basis, but I'm going to try minimizing use to only once a day (in the morning, after my shower). Curious to see if my skin is healthy enough to last a full day. The microsilver should last that long provided I don't rub, or wipe it off. Plus it'll make the product last a lot longer. Will report any changes.


Zyderma: Follow Up

Well, its been almost 3 weeks since I started. Results are holding. Only had a couple small blemishes that we're mainly the result of ingrown hairs. Nice thing is they disappeared after a day and never got infected like before.

By October 18, I'll have used zyderma for a month. If a full month goes by without any breakouts, I'll then know it works both short & long-term. And if that's the case, I'll be sticking with it. Fingers crossed.


Zyderma: Day 4

Here's the results of 4 days of using Zyderma. Skin continues to improve and feels healthy. Acne is almost gone. Will keep using the cream until the sample is finished. I'll keep you posted on any further breakouts until then. Fingers crossed.


Zyderma: Day 3

Okay, despite skepticism I'm actually seeing some real results here. Acne has definitely reduced and skin is no longer irritated (even after shaving). As well, skin isn't drying out or stinging after applying the cream.

The Zyderma cream seems to keep working even after a long day of intense physical activity and sweating. This in particular intrigued me, as I'm used to other products wearing off after the first couple of hours and skin becoming more irritated. From what I found this is from a "depot & time-release" effect, where the Microsilver BG stays on the surface of the skin by settling into the small folds of the skin and on the surface of pores. And due to it's composition, this type of silver releases a consistent concentration of silver ions during the day, so it doesn't wear off (until you wash your face, of course).

For all of those who have asked... Microsilver BG is NOT colloidal silver and NOT toxic. It has a very large particle size and does not penetrate the skin. Believe me, I made sure I confirmed this before using the product.

I've been consistently applying the cream once in the morning and once at night. The cream spreads evenly and only a small amount is required to cover the whole affected area.


Zyderma: Day 2

Hi guys, acne is a little less inflamed today; otherwise, still looks pretty much the same as it did yesterday. One major difference is that its no where near as sore. Realized I went through the majority of the day without any irritation which was a nice surprise. Also, the soothing effect was noticeable within the first couple of minutes after putting it on last night.


Zyderma: Day 1

Ok, so here's my current state (pics below) showing a painful breakout on my neck. Three of the pimples are significantly infected and painful to the touch. Drives me nuts when my whiskers rub or poke them.

First thing I did was simply wash my face in preparation for the cream. As recommended, I then applied a liberal amount of the cream to my neck area. I plan on doing so again before going to bed. Note, I'm not using any other products, medications or drugs during this trial.

I'll update this blog if and when I see any results.


Zyderma Arrived

Well, the Zyderma cream was the first to arrive, so I guess I'll be trying it first.

Before I give it a go, I'll be sure to take pics of my most recent breakout on my neck.

Stay tuned :)


Happy To Be In Good Company :)

Have to say, after just a week of perusing other posts and getting feedback from other members that I definitely feel like I'm in good company. The interaction between acne sufferers is not only supportive but incredibly informative & useful. Don't think I could've done as well researching the various options alone. Thanks :)

With everybody's help, I've narrowed down a couple options that I'll try next... for acne scars, professional CO2 fractionated laser & home micro needling. The latter option I still have yet to find a regimen to manage risk of infection (don't want to catch something like MRSA while "aerating" my face like you would a lawn). I look forward to the anti-aging benefits of these treatments as well, lol.

But before I go the more expensive & invasive approach, I'm first going to try to the Sirius Aurora Light system which another member found cheap online. Just hope the blue led light is of sufficient power to work.

Also, I found a new product called Zyderma that claims no side effects which is encouraging. My expectations are low as I've tried everything else under the sun, but I'm happy to find a product that won't strip my skin of it's natural oils and flora.

Hoping to get the Sirius and Zyderma products this week. I'll try whatever arrives first and post my results here.

Fingers crossed!


My First Day...

Hi guys, this is my first day on this site. Hoping to find some solutions I haven't already tried. Had some decent results in the past, but nothing consistent with typical creams and cleansers. Nothing lives up to the hype and I hate the idea of drugs like accutane. About ready to give up. Getting really tired of side effects, sore and inflammed skin. Face, neck and back keep breaking out, especially after sweating for long periods of time, or exposure to chemicals & bacteria (lets just say I'm afraid to swim in public pools, lol).

Plz let me know if any of you have discovered anything new that works for you :) Thanks!

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