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My Background

Hi, I'm new here. I often get stressed and I lack sleep most of the times. My skin's really oily. I had severe comedogenic acne (<-not sure of the term, but it pertains to the small bumps/grains). Now, I have light to moderate acne (lots of those small bumps/grains and a very few large bumps). I have been going to dermclinics and have already spent so much on acne treatments and peels. It's been more than half a year. If I regularly go to them every 2 weeks, my skin's ok. However, it seems like if I miss more than 1 week, my face gets breakouts again. And it's getting tiring because it's really painful to go for pricking every 2 weeks and it's sucking up my money. My next appointment will be next week but I'm thinking of not continuing it. I believe that treatments like this should be for 8-12 sessions only, not a lifetime! sad.png

I use tons of products that the dermclinic made me buy. They made me buy 3 soaps: Tea tree (antibacterial), lemon (for oily skin but it also has salysilic acid), and black soap (whitening marks at night - but they told me to stop this if I have breakouts); Toner; clindamycin phospate; and, a night gel (which says it dries up pimples). I also use an oil-free, non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic matte moisturizer with SPF30 from a local brand.

But now, I also use sulfur soap. My mom just bought it for me. I've been using it for quite some time now. If I'm not mistaken, it will be around 2 months now. It's instruction is to massage it to your face for 1-2 mins. But Dan says that we should only wash for 10 seconds. What should I do? And do you think that Sulfur soap is good? I remember when I had allergy which caused acne several yrs ago, the dermatologist prescribed me sulfur soap but warned me not to use it on my face. But the I've read that people really use sulfur soap on face.

I use a 3-in-1 foundation concealer powder from Collection Cosmetics (more known in UK, i guess), only to cover dark areas under the eyes and active acne & marks, mostly just on my cheeks. These recent days my acne's getting bad again.

Can you please tell me your insights about this? I added pictures below if it could help more (but i really don't like these pics). Thanks in advance! smile.png


my first session. This was soooo painful.


After 3 months of acne treatment and 2 months of diamond/mild glycolic peeling, my skin cleared but still had some few pimples and whiteheads, but then when I missed just 2 weeks to return for my session, this happened.


This is my current face. It's really getting worse again.

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