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Back To Benzoyl

So ive been using tto .. and its really good but expensive. So for a while now I was thinking of going back to bp . But initially wen had a lot of bumps (now i have inly scars .im using bp as a prevention )and I used bp it was really bad ... I had burning and itching and redness and dryness .. and it made my pimples real dry n hard and ugly looking .. worst two weeks of my life ... ppl actually thought I had a serious skin condition... like potentially life threatening ... it looked that bad ... so ever since then I have been apprehensive about using bp.. but I had to since the tto was a lot of money .

So I switched slowly .. like initially only in the mornings and tto at night ... but now ive started using it a lot ... its not caused anything as yet ... been two weeks . No redness and a little drying but nothing I cant deal with :)

So im back to bp



Been a really long time since my last entry. ..

A tiny update. .

My pimples are disappearing .. right now got two on my face! And I get a new one right before my period every month:/

So today I was staring at my face and getting sad at all the marks on there. And then I thought about when those marks used to be horrible infected bumps !!!

And u know what id rather have the scars than the bumps .which made me a little happy :)

My derm started doing peels for me she says right now the concentration is really mild and hence we are doing one every fortnight ... and then the interval in between two will increase .

I don't see any improvement in my scars tho ... but its been only two peels so far !keeping my fingers crossed :)

Im continuing with my oatmeal scrub ... its really great .

And the tto too ... I din apply it for two days and got a zit the next ! So thats proof that tto really helps !

I don't apply anything else on my skin only tto and the oatmeal. .. and my pimples are very mch under control .

Stay strong guys and keep fighting :)


Week 4

Almost t the end of week 4 just a few pimples here and there .. And there's one cyst sitting under my skin I can feel it it's hard an a tad bit painful when I touch it !

M going on a strict diet from today as I gained two kilos :o

So hopefully I lose weight and my acne also gets better :)

Still continuing with the steaming tto and oatmeal honey mask :)

There's been a lot of improvement :)

Ill keep updating this every week If possible .

Have a great day :)


F*** The Acne

I met one of my friends the other day and discovered that he too has developed acne ! So I was telling her about acne.org and encouraging her to take treatment !

So we spent all of five minutes discussing the acne cuz this was her reply : fuck the acne I don't care about it !!

I guess what I learnt from her is .. We shouldn't let acne dominate our lives ! We are still beautiful and can have fun irrespective :)

Have a great day guys :)


End Of Week 3

Im taking amoxicillin 1000 mg a day along with the isotretinoin.

My IB was pretty bad .. to the point I felt like staying indoors at all times .

Its much better now . I guess the amox is stopping any new breakouts .

I have continued with my steaming . And now I also apply tto to my face its 15% diluted.. says so on the bottle .

I have stopped using any other chemicals on my face apart from my cleanser I feel its unnecessary . Before going to bed I do apply clindamycin.

Apart from that I started using an oatmeal and honey mask. And after it dries I gently scrub my skin with it since I have no active pimples right now . My skin feels really great after the scrub soft and glowing . I do it everyday and there has been a marked reduction in my redness. It's really really great :)

That's all for now .

Have a great day :)


So Depressed

Have to go for a party today .. tried avoiding it .. but I couldnt . So now everybody gets to see my pimples and comment on how my skin turned from flawless to rocky mountains in a span of a month and offer advice on how I should wash my face more... cuz if u have pimples it obviously means ur unhygienic !!

And to top it off two new big fat cysts .. yay !!


Honey Mask

Today I woke up to less redness on my face :) which was great .. it could be because :

1. I stopped using BP

2. Im adding tto to my steam water

3. Honey mask

Im using a honey mask . ... everyday for one hour It makes skin soft ... :) and it has antibacterial properties so all in all its a win win :)

If anybody wants to try this what I recommend :

1. Wear a tee which u dont care about much

2. Pull all hair back use a hair band if necessary

3. When applying the honey massage the honey onto face very gently initially it spreads easily but after a while theres a little more friction... its like applying moisturiser .

4. Start with small quantities and then increase cuz u dont want the honey to drip all over .

After applying this way I hardly had any drips .

Now u think that because the honey Is so sticky it would be hard to wash off but it comes off real easily.

Some people recommend adding lemon juice to the honey but im laying off the lemon for a while because lemon juice is acidic and although I have applied it in the past when I had breakouts , I think it will just irritate my already fragile skin ( isotretinoin) . So im just using plain honey at the moment.

I have to attend a party on saturday so im hoping my skin looks better by saturday ... obviously i dont have unrealistic expextations like flawless skin ... but I can hope for less redness and more smoothness .. so fingers crossed :)

Have a nice weekend guys :)


My History

I had a little time today and I thought I would write a post about my history :)

I am 21 now and I got acne when I was around 13 and my mum took me to the derm and the derm was like oh that's cuz of puberty hormones doing the tango its completely normal it will go on its own .

Aand guess what it never did until I was 18 ... When I started exercising regularly and eating healthy ... I applied nothing on my acne and it went on its own ... I used to get the occasional pimple every now and then but nothing severe :)

Then last year , I got another breakout .. And I went to my derm and she advised me to do my hormones as I was getting irregular periods. I was diagnosed with pcod !

My gynac then put me on cyproteron acetate which is a birth control pill and with that my pimples were gone ... I had perfect skin once again ... It was flawless not a single pimple for a whole year .. My pcod got cured and I stopped the pill like 4 months back.

And last month my acne returned with such a vengeance . It was the most horrible breakout I've had in my life! I had acne on my whole face! So I decided to take isotretinoin and get rid of it once and for all!!

Today is day 23 for me and I think my skin is purging ... I keep looking at all the before free pics of people who were on isotretinoin and that is what keeps me Going .. Can't wait for this to get over quick :)


Week 2 And A Couple

I decided to do weekly entries from now on :)

So week 2 I got horrid new cysts four on my left cheek and three on my right !! But they are drying up pretty well. I attacked them with BP and clindmycin applications!

The BP Sstarted burning my face yesterday so I'm just doing spot applications with BP and applying clindmycin to my face twice a day once in the morning and then before going to bed ! I apply the BP in the afternoon only on the cysts .

Plus I started amoxicillin 625 mg twice a day !

I also added tea tree oil to my steam water and I dunno what it has done but it does have germ fighting and drying effects so I guess it helped dry my cysts ??? I really don't know . But as it has done no harm I'm gonna continue adding it :)

Side effects

Apart from that my lips are really really dry and I have to reapply lip balm every two hours or so.. And I'm consuming a lot of water !!

Oh also I got my period like 10 day early !! Which is because of the isotretinoin (accutane)

No other side effects :)

Temptations : I did eat a lot of chocolate this week but I'm gonna stop now .. I dunno what got into me but I just craved chocolate and couldn't resist .. :P

Until next week :) have a nice day :)


Ive been on accutane for two weeks now ....

I am not due for my period for another ten days atleast ... and I got it today ... I guess its cuz of the accutane there is no other explaination for it !

I read posts about girls experiencing this but it goes right back to normal on stopping accutane .. so im not very worried ... if anybody else have any experiences please do share :)

Besides that I got three new pus wells :D I decided not to pop them just as yet .

Im continuing my steaming ... hopefully it takes care of the pus filled ones. :)

Ive decided to add a little tea tree oil to my steam water ..cuz it has antibacterial and antifungal properties .

And after over a month of no chocolate I caved in and ate a pack of oreos yesterday .. I found that I dont regret it ... they were very delicious ... :P but no more :D


Day 2 After Peel

Theres no burning now thank god !!

And my skin is peeling ... I applied my soap and washed my face in circular motion to remove all the flaky skin.

I have only redness now ... my mom says my skin is looking much better ... but im comparing it to my pre acne skin and im not satisfied !

Im continuing with the tane... the only change I made was im laying of the BP for a while cuz my skin is a little tender from the peel and I dont want to dry it further with the BP. So im using topical clindamycin :)

So far so good ... no new pimples :)

I hope my redness clears soon too :)

Side effects from the tane : my lips are so so dry ... I carry a chapstick with me everywhere I go and I have to keep re applying every two hours !



I did a lot of research on dapsone ...as it is unusual to prescribe dapsone for acne it is mainly used for leprosy . I spent the last two hours studying it ... and my study concludes that its not as usefull as the tane !!

It has serious side effects. Also it is used to treat only acne fulminans which is a severe form of nodular cystic acne which comes along with musculoskeletal pain .

So all in all I have decided to not take the dapsone at all and continue with the tane .


Day 1 After Peel

So I caked on a lot of the steroid cream on my face since yesterday...

It was burning so so so bad I couldnt apply even a teensie bit of water on my face cuz it used to burn .....

So I was like really depressed yesterday. My friend did try to cheer me up and it kinda worked * weak smile*

I went to bed woke up in the middle of the night and lay awake for four hours straight .. hope that doesnt break me out...

Today morning I washed my face with plain water first ( the derm gave me a special soap to wash it with but I thought it would burn like crazy so I only tried water )

It did burn but not as much it was very very less compared to yesterday gives me hope :)

And there was absolutely no redness I used the soap too and then caked on more cream ... the cream is very soothing and helps a lot ..

I noticed that my skin is uper smooth and is literally glowing ( the parts without the pimples and pigmentation ofcourse) im yet to notice any difference in my pigmentation tho but my derm said it may take upto a week to notice any difference .

She said it takes typically upto 6-7 peels to completely get rid of all the scars and pigmentation. Will I do it again ?? I guess yes cuz its choosing between physical pain and emotional pain and well I choose falwless skin anyday ! No pain no gain right ?

She also put me off the isotretinoin and has given me dapsone for 15 days (100mg) to comtrol the infection she says as im keeping on getting new pimples ..

I found it odd but ima do as she says .

Cuz I kmow a couple of people who completed their course of the peels and the drugs and have flawless skin (im a little jealous )

In a better mood :) although im gonna skip vollege today as I cant go in looking like I bathed in

Hoping for the best :)



Today has been really really bad for me ...

I woke up with two new fat pimples on my left cheek . I told myself not to look and think about them .

Visited my derm today to renew my prescription .. she told me that shell do a peel for me today.. the peel takes care of al the scars and prevents new pimples ..

I said allright . .. so she did the peel and it was a horrible horrible experience. ..

It started with burning .. like my face was on fire and then when she told me to wash I felt my skin burning and it had bevome so so dry from all the accutane use.

Then she applied steroid cream on my face .. I came home and looked in the mirror... my whole face is red and its burning so soo horribly ...

Ive been crying ever since ... Ive done this peel before but never before did it hurt so bad and my skin never became so red before .. my derm told me to ice my face and then apply steroid ... I just hope im not having a reaction to the peel !!

Hope everything is fine :(


Day 6

So today I started noticing dry lips and dryness around my mouth ... nothing moisturizer and chapstick cant fix... other than that no new zits .. :)


Nose Bleed Day 5

I woke up today with a nose bleed.

It wasnt much but it was scary as uve never had a nose bleed before today !

I also have a cold so maybe I blew my nose too hard but since ive necer had it before and it is a side effect I think its safe to say its cuz of thr tane .

No other side efdect aparr from that just dry skin ... I don have dry lips tho .. I womder why that is ??

Got two new zits today ... both on my right cheek .. the rest of my pimples have pretty much flattened and only redness remains.. :)


Steaming <3

So I started steamimg my face two days back

Its so so so awesome .... I recommend everyone to try it .

I steam for around 20 minutes everyday ... steam the whole face evenly .

I feel that my pimples have reduced in size considerably.

On my first day I had more than a couple of pus filled ones .. which burst on their own after steaming ... and right now I have no pus filled pimples

After steaming i very lightly dab my face with a tissue .

And then inspect in the mirror for any pimples that may have burst... if yes I squeeze out all the pus very very gently and leave it and let my face dry on its own .

Feels amazing after steaming ..

Its just been two days of steaming and my skin has improved althoigh i am taking tane ( day 4) so I dunno if the improvement is because if the tane or the steaming.. but I feel great after steaming so ima continue..


Bp Plus Accutane

So I tried using BP when on accutane .. u know I thought what the hell two products better than one ...ill combat my acne from the outside as well as inside ...

My advice


It burns guys ... the skin is already dry and BP dries it evwn further .. so I gave up now I just use moisturiser



Okay so I had Acne as a teenager and it sort of disappeared on its own without doing anything ... Which was really really great !

But now a month back after almost a year of no acne at all it returned with a vengeance:/

Pimples all over my face not even forehead spared. ..

So I decided to take isotretinoin ( accutane)

Today is day 4

My derm put me on 40 mg a day

My pimples have pretty much dried out.. and some are on the process of drying.. no new pimples for sure!

Side effects : I got a bad cold after the days I'm not sure if it's because of the accutane or what... cuz it does dry out the nose .. so I dunno. ..

Apart from that the dry skin

I also use adapalene gel to be applied at night as it makes your skin sensitive to light in talking seriously sensitive. .. like red patches even if u check ur phone after applying the gel ... When the gel is off its fine!


Sun Protection Ahhhh !

I'm from India and as it's a tropical country there's sun everywhere. .. like lots n lots of sun . And when on accutane skin is sensitive ... and the normal sunblock is useless in this kind of sun. . So im just staying in these days ...

Luckily the rains are here and there isn't much of sun