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I have mild acne but recently developed many clogged pores and bumps and hope accutane will help with this

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xelz hah

Accutane Day 33

I went to the gym a few days ago and my muscles are still hurting. This is very unusual for me and I've noticed a lot more aches and pains. Not to mention my back and neck hurt after sitting for a while. I figure this must be associated with the accutane as I've read similar stories in the past.

The worst was this morning when I tried to blow-dry my hair; my joints (elbows) got so sore I had to keep taking breaks. I'm surprised the joint pain has happened this early and worried that is a bad sign.

I've been dousing my face in polysporin and raw honey whenever I am at home. This is a good way to heal my picked pimples and keep me from picking them. I used to scratch off the dried picked pimples before but this helps them to stay moist and heal quicker.

On the bright side: my hair never gets greasy!!! I shower often but I've been able to avoid washing my hair as much (which is better for your hair) because it seems to never look or feel greasy. It's great :D

xelz hah

Accutane Day 32

Seem to be getting more and more of tiny skin coloured bumps, many of them have stuff inside when squeezed. I'm wondering if this could be a reaction to something seeing as they come and go?

I have a very big problem with picking. Always seems like things heal faster that way but my face is a red mess and I'm really worried about scarring. My forehead seems to be clearing up, the bumps are all over and the right side of my face is a total mess. Occasional itchiness. I don't know what to do!!

xelz hah

Accutane Day 26

Wow, seems that things never get better. Skin looks worse than EVER!

I know that you are supposed to clear up by 2 months but I thought that the initial bad breakout would be over before then...

My skin is the worst it has ever looked and every time somewhere clears up it is suddenly awful again, seems to get worse every morning :(

I've cheated and used clindoxyl...

Also using cicaplast by la roche posay as a foundation primer - could this cause any breakouts?

Or possible my cera ve moisturizer?

Seems like the red marks will never go away! Does anyone have any suggestions?

Blah, this really is hard. I hate how much makeup I've been wearing! booo

any advice would be greatly appreciated, I'm pretty bummed right now.

xelz hah

Accutane Day 15

So ive noticed some more lip dryness but nothing crazy. All the pimples I get now are painful under the skin ones. They seem to take forever to go away! I also noticed a bunch of new clogged pores/skin coloured bumps popping up on my cheeks - could this be from all the moisturizing?

The worst part of this all is the bowel movements. I'm not sure how to deal with this and any suggestions are quite welcome. My friend said she used to take advil every day and metamucil with all meals, though i feel thats a bit excessive.

When does the initial breakout end! Jeez i kept hoping the two week mark would be a positive turn around.

xelz hah

Accutane Day Eight

Today I started to feel some dryness on my lips. My initial breakout is still lingering with a lot of painful, big red pimples and many of them are peeling. eek.

I've been religiously using aquaphor on my lips and moisturizer whenever possible. Debating starting a vitamin regime because I'm a pretty big drinker and this is probably hell on the liver.

Overall no big changes, I guess it is a day after all. I understand that skin may tear (hence painful bowel movements) but I'm confused how that could happen before my face is very dry at all.

Does anyone have insight into this?

xelz hah

Accutane Day 7


Things are going alright. My initial bad breakout seems to be healing pretty well(i do keep raw honey on my face whenever i can so I'm sure thats helping) and i have very minor dry skin.

Unfortunately it's the internal issues that are getting to me. I've been suffering from abdominal pain and other things i won't describe.. Theres also been some bleeding! So I'm a bit worried. I have been drinking a lot on the weekend, this could be contributing? I'm very nervous... Have to take advil for the pain!

xelz hah

Accutane Day 5

Wow. People weren't joking when they said it would be hard at first. My face is a mess and I have more pimples then I've had in my entire life. Friends have even commented on it. This is very very hard.

Otherwise everythings good, no side effects.

xelz hah

Accutane Day One

Today I took my very first pill! As of now I still have plenty of small bumps on my skin (similar to a bunch of clogged pores) and some small groups of pimples.

Can't wait to see how this goes, will update as things come!

xelz hah

I posted this somewhere else too but figured I should add this to my pre-accutane updates. The bumps on my face have been bugging me SO much!

So I read that vinegar can be helpful with folliculitis and other noninflamed acne and I also saw a lot of posts about baking soda and apple cider vinegar on your face.

Decided to give it a go. After 2 days I'm seeing the bumps go WAY down and some that weren't budging for what felt like ages have finally come to a head.

I simply added some baking soda to my regular facewash (effaclar) and after washing my face wiped all over a solution of 7 parts water to 1 part apple cider vinegar. I left that on for 15 minutes then rinsed my face with a bottle of water (figured might as well try it). This is supposed to balance your ph level because baking soda is a basic and vinegar is acidic (and I just did the bottled water because I did! haha). Anyway, the vinegar also kills bacteria and fungus so hopefully if there was any folliculitis on my face this would help. I put my regular aczone cream on at night and when I woke up after doing this morning and night for two days I was SO HAPPY! Today I can touch my face and feel some smoothness! I can't believe this has helped. seems so simple and I was always such a skeptic! It also seems so bizarre to me that I am seeing results after two days. I could simply have been LOOKING for the results but this is so uplifting! I will keep updating as I follow this routine up until I start accutane.

xelz hah

August 20Th Update

So I've been taking progress pictures which I intend to upload at the end of my round of accutane if all goes well. I don't have the confidence to post pictures of my skin at the moment, not sure how others do it before they see dramatic improvement!

Lately I've been focusing on getting rid of the strange bumps on my skin while I wait for the accutane treatment to begin. I've done plenty of research and tried literally everything.

Lately I've been seeing some improvement and this morning I woke up to much nicer skin! Yay!

Here is what my routine has been the past couple of weeks which I have seen some improvement from:


Effaclar foaming face cleanser by La Roche Posay

Neostrata glycolic toner 8% (Level 1)

Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer for combination skin

Aczone on all problem areas

Light powder

Evening (After work):

Wash face with cetaphil

Put Avene Cleanance mask on for five minutes and rinse off (three times a week)


Effaclar face cleanser

Neostrata 8% glycolic acid toner

Aczone on problem areas

Benzac 5% on bad spots and extra bumpy areas

Shampoo: Head and shoulders classic clean

Conditioner: Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Conditioner

I've also started changing my pillowcase about every 3 nights and pulling my hair back at night.

I'm not sure if anyone here has any opinion on this, but when my skin would get bad in the past I'd use the Tanda clear blue light for a week or so and notice improvement. This could have been because of a number of factors (I would improve diet and skincare whenever skin got bad) but I always felt as though the Tanda kept things under control.

I'm using the Tanda now and think it is contributing to the appearance of my skin. I've been using it for 3 weeks now.

My skin is still very oily, something I can't WAIT to see disappear with accutane.

Hoping to have a post up of products to use while on accutane (I've done research for the 2 years I've been interested in it, so may be useful)

and to review them as I try my course.

I keep having these dreams where I wake up with porcelain skin.. ahhh I wish.

xelz hah

This is my first entry of many. I'm writing this mostly to keep track of the many different routines I try with my skin and also to track my round of accutane that I will be starting in a month.

My history:

I saw some pimples when I was around 12 and ordered proactiv right away. This worked for a while but I built up a tolerance. I then saw too many dermatologists to count in the following two years because I began to get crazy about my skin. I ended up settling on birth control, minocyclin (oral antibiotic) and benzac ac (10% benzoyl peroxide). This kept my skin almost perfectly clear from the ages of 16 to 19. People would compliment me on my clear skin!

I was on and off minocyclin at this time with some flare ups when I'd stopped. As my tolerance to benzac grew I kept trying different creams, clyndoxyl stuck with me for a while. I tried a retin-a cream which aggravated my skin and I am currently prescriped Ziana and Biacna. I use glycolic acid and I'm trying to get off salicylic acid.

Once I hit my 20's I noticed I was more sensitive to products and more breakouts. Now I am 21 and my skin started with lines of skin coloured bumps on my cheeks which I thought was a reaction, these turned into pimples and then this happened on my forehead. The cheeks have taken two months to somewhat clear up but every time somewhere clears a new area on my face feels bumpy and like sandpaper. It's been a battle to try and fight this and alot of the bumps end red. I have developed a few cysts which is more than I've ever had in my life.

I am going to document the little details of what I put on my face every day up until accutane and the products I use during accutane along with my progress.

Here's hoping...