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Nothing special. Just updates (and perhaps pictures) every week or so.

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22/08/13 - Improvements

So I think it's been 2 weeks since I started using BP again. Things have improved by quite a bit, which is good news. Everytime it comes to taking pictures, I'm reluctant. But whatever, IDGAF anymore.

To be specific, the side views seem to have improved a lot. Front has improved too.

I've avoided doing my hair / putting anything in it because I fear it'll affect my skin, so I feel weird taking pics like this. I've also avoided shaving for the last week or so (luckily I don't get hairy) to avoid any possible irritation around my chin area.


I've only been using BP for my face, nothing else. I haven't had back/chest/shoulder acne in a long time. I must have grown out of it, barring the occasional pimple. All I use for my body is a natural shower gel. If my body has grown out of it, why can't my face???

My chest has some old nasty keloid scars, which have basically ruined any confidence I had about my body. sad.png I decided to upload them anyway. A long time ago, the doctors prescribed a steroid tape to put on them. This reduced the size/flattened them A LOT, but once I stopped using it, they came back bigger. This is why I no longer trust doctors.

As for my back, you can see still marks where the acne used to be. Unfortunately I don't have any before pictures for this, but it used to be quite bad.

Anyways, 5 weeks 'til I go back to uni. smile.png



I've decided that I'm going to take about a week off any sweat-inducing activities. I kinda need the rest anyways. I've been feeling rather burnt out lately.

I was ultra careful in applying BP to my skin today. Nothing new to report on, except that I've realised I need to give it time. If I can keep my skin in this calm, non-inflamed condition without experiencing new breakouts, the BP should do its job and things should clear up. After that I can worry about scars.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some more info on my situation. I've had digestive problems ever since taking Erythromycin a few years ago. Whatever happened, it seems as though I developed food intolerances as a result. About 3 weeks ago I cut gluten out of my diet. Literally, overnight, my digestion fixed itself. I also felt much better energy levels. After about 2 weeks, things started worsening again. Then I read that dairy intolerances can be masked by gluten intolerances, and may not show themselves until gluten is removed. So now I've cut out dairy as well, and things are improving again. It's quite a big change, but I'm handling it well so far. It was only until a few days ago that I realised if it wasn't for eating fish/chicken, my diet would basically be vegetarian/vegan!?


So I've (reluctantly) decided to make a blog and post pictures of my current acne situation. Apologies if they're blurry or slightly dark. They'll be better next time once I figure out how to take pictures on my own and find a better spot with consistent lighting. Also, I'd just woken up, so I looked terrible as it was... Anyway, hopefully things will improve over the next 6 weeks, for when I start the 2nd year of uni...

I'm currently 1 week into using BP again (after 9 months of trying to use nothing but a natural face wash). Compared to 1 week ago, admittedly things have improved by quite a bit. But it's really still bad from my POV. The front view is much better than it was, but I hate the side views. I was very, very close to deleting them as soon as I saw them. sad.png I'd much rather avoid mirrors and forget about everything, but hopefully this helps me stay focused...?

Hmm, I don't really know what else to put here. I feel like I can't do anything that I want to. I'm finding that avoiding any exercise/sweating is helping my skin stay calm / not get irritated/red (hopefully making things heal faster), but it's killing me not doing anything.

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