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About this blog

In this blog, I will be sharing about my skin and keeping track of my pimple-popping ocd; this blog also including photos of how I transform my oily, pimple-covered, hyperpigmented face to a clear, fresh, flawless skin!

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Day 2

9:00 PM

Hello again! Day 2!

Today was such a hectic day I could literally die from exhaustion. I had to work 12+ hours helping out with this Karate Competition, and during my summer holidays sucks right? Well I volunteered and I'm going to get paid so it's alright. What really surprised me was that the minute I get there, these two ladies tell me that they want me to translate the opening speech from English to Japanese in front of a stadium filled with people because the original speaker who was a mother of one of the competitors decided to back out last minute because she was shy to speak in front of a crowd. I mean are you sh*ting me.... She had days to prepare and days to back out but she decides to back out on that day?! But it's alright I had 30 minutes to look at the English script and translated everything so I think I did alright for someone who had very little time to prepare :'))) Well done to meee!

Well my face pimples look really red and painful today! The appearance changes depending to my light, and those photos were taken at night under white bright light so I guess the redness is more obvious. But it still sucks like hell! Well it was really red and painful so I decided to apply some benzoyl peroxide I found (pretty old though, so I hope it won't cause any problems to my skin).

I used a needle again when I said I wouldn't and I didn't sterilize it again! Damn me!

Oh well I'm going to sleep early again tonight because I have to go to the same event again tomorrow! Plus a dinner I was invited to by the President of the Karate Competition yaay!

Good night!

- Sara x


Day 1

[ 11:00 AM ]

Hello, this is my very first blog entry and tbh I don't exactly know what to write, however I'm planning to go with the flow and try my best!

As you can see from my photos, my acne/pimples on my skin aren't exactly the worst possible skin condition out there however it is pretty bad! (at least for me anyways). I tried to be really discreet with my photos so I only took sections of my face.

My goal is to get my face cleared up so that it would look like the photo of my chin, or even more clearer! (can i put more and clearer together lol...?)

However, less than 12 hours ago, I was popping my pimples with needles (unsterilized ugh gross) for hours therefore I could still have some facial redness as result to my doing :'(

My plans for today:

- Take a nap (I only had 7 hours of sleep last night and I'm exhausted^^)

- Ballet enrollment exam at 6:45pm - I'm dancing again yes! Long story short, I had this injury that prevented me from doing any exercise but now I think it's time I get back out there!

- TO KEEP HANDS OFF FACE & TO NOT LOOK AT MY FACE IN THE MIRROR (or else sadly it's going to trigger my urges to pop even more pimples)

[ 10:00 PM ]

Okay well I just finished my shower and I'm ready to sleep so might as well add how my day way. Ballet was exhausting, it just proves how much muscle I've lost after my injury :( I hope to regain my strength gradually haha wish me luck!

And regarding my pimple, as shown on the photo the whitehead on my nose turned into like a scab and I peeled it off, thank god I didn't try to pop it in the morning :) However, before I took my shower, I popped a couple of pimples here and there :( damn couldn't resist the temptation ahaha.

Anyways, what seems to keep me bothered are these really miniature bumps all over my nose, center of forehead and the area on my cheeks close to my nose. I think it's oil sebum build up with dead skin cells but I keep trying to pop them with an unsterilized needle so they actually get infected after a day........ Ughhhh omg ok from now on I'm only going to pop my pimples after I put my the needle through a burning flame. But still if I had to do that after I pop each pimple, or sebum, or whitehead, it's legit going to be endless.

Anyways, I have a really busy day tomorrow so I better get to sleep. Good night!

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