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My journey towards clear skin on The Regimen

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I can't believe it has been almost a year since I started this routine. I still use the products, although I have noticed that my skin is quite clear and I barely even use anything anymore. I occasionally do the cleanser, BP, and moisturizer at night but it's not really needed that much anymore. So far I have found that I can get away with just using the cleanser and then moisturizing. I haven't had a break out in weeks even when that time of the month came. My face doesn't even burn when I use the benzoyl peroxide anymore and I'm almost never flaky. Jeez, it is so awesome to be able to say that!!! I'm quite happy with my decision to start this many months ago. I've never had this much progress with any other products I have used before.


Let's just start this off with saying that I am a slacker and a baby. Why am I saying this? Because I have started to slack again with keeping up the consistent routine that I should be doing. Why am I slacking? One reason: I'm a baby when it comes to pain or discomfort. I hate benzoyl peroxide with a burning (no pun intended) passion. The stuff works, but it sucks. I'm so tired of my face being dry and flaky and gross all the time. Along with constantly looking like I just rubbed my whole face with sandpaper. Yeah, it's that red. And not to mention: it burns. A lot. And I'm kind of tired of it. Honestly I barely use it anymore because my dry skin just can't handle it. Plus if I really wanted to look like a lobster all day I'd just go sit out in the sun.

I started the regimen in August last year and it was amazing. It worked very well and I'm extremely glad that I started using it. Don't get me wrong, I'm still glad I have it, I just don't use it the way it's meant to be used anymore. Like I said, my dry skin just cannot handle the constant beating it gets from the use of the benzoyl peroxide. I can barely stand putting it on at night and sleeping let alone putting it on again in the morning and having to be conscious while my face feels like it's on fire the whole day. So what I do now is wash my face the same, moisturize, and then use the treatment as a spot treatment in the mornings (most of the time only when I'm not doing anything that day) and then do the same steps at night. Occasionally I'll spread it all over my face (and pay the consequences). My face still isn't clear (not a big surprise) but it's not terrible anymore. I do get breakouts sometimes but they go away in about a day or two. And they're like one pimple maybe every two weeks? Sometimes longer. My skin has just been in a state of sameness. Nothing has really changed since the progress made from beginning the regimen. New pimples appear but once they leave, my face stays the same. My blackheads have been slowly coming to the surface so I can get rid of them. That's about the only change occurring. The tiny pimples are still on my forehead and chin (maybe like two on my nose), those haven't budged since I started. I'm happy about my progress but I just think I have to let my skin settle down or find a better moisturizer (I still use the original one but it leaves my skin a bit dry and flaky sometimes) before I can start up the constant benzoyl peroxide again. Plus I'd like to be out of the winter season because that is really not helping my dryness whatsoever. Hopefully I'll have a better entry sometime soon.

p.s. to anyone who is thinking about trying other moisturizers (what I'm currently doing now to try and find one that might help me more) I have found one that is quite awesome. Plus it helps with the constant burning you always have the pleasure of feeling. This moisturizer actually cools your face. It moisturizes pretty well (not as much as I would really like it to but let me tell ya, my skin is EXTREMELY dry right now so I bet it's actually really great) and unlike the regimen moisturizer I can actually touch my face or scratch it without worrying about flakes and dryness because it makes your face smooth and super hydrated. The cool feeling it leaves (believe me: it's cold on your face, but it's a nice cold, especially in place of burning) stays for quite a while. It eventually dies down but I actually find myself wanting it to be there. It keeps your face feeling hydrated by the coolness. I can't really explain it but it's really worth trying.

The product is from Clean and Clear and it's the Dual Action Moisturizer salicylic acid acne medication (oil-free)

Just a side note: it does say on the bottle that if used with other acne medications and products that it can cause more irritation and dryness. For this reason, I have only used this moisturizer in the morning when I don't used the b.p. so I haven't actually tested if any reaction happens with the two combined. I'll probably test it out eventually.

Also it is a very thin moisturizer (extremely unlike the regimen one) so you have to use much more than one-two pumps. But the pump is very puny anyways so you'd probably figure that out yourself. It doesn't spread the easiest either so I would put it all on your fingertips (don't rub it at all) and dab it onto your whole face, then work it into your skin.

I hope I helped someone. Good luck!


Dealing With Acne

I've decided to just ramble a little bit. I've had acne ever since I was in 7th grade and whatever age that would have been (maybe 12?) Well, I still have it today (I'm 16 now) and it really does change who you are. I used to hate my face all the time (still sometimes do) and I wouldn't want to go anywhere because my face always repulsed me so I figured it did that to everyone else too. I started the regimen last summer and I really do think I have changed. My personality overall changed (I also wanted to make a change so 98% of the reason I changed was because I chose to: which was not appearance related whatsoever). But I will say that I honestly have begun to accept myself more. I wouldn't say that I was depressed for a while, but I was not a very happy person. I pretty much hated everything. Nobody would have wanted to be around me at that time in my life and I really don't blame them. I haven't completely accepted how I look yet since I have been struggling with not comparing myself to others, but I have really made a huge stride towards being completely comfortable with my skin. I hated looking in the mirror and just literally despising what I saw. I try to love myself now exactly how I am because even though I do want clear skin, who says that should be the only thing that is considered beautiful? Why should I think that I will only ever be beautiful if I have clear skin? Why do I think I'm not beautiful now? These questions always pop up in my head constantly. I now know that I want clear skin for myself. I have chosen to go through the process I am now because I am the one who wants clear skin, not because I want others to accept me. If they don't accept you for how you are now, then they're not worth it. Also if you happen to be a female, don't think you have to cake makeup onto your face to look beautiful. I used makeup all the time to try and hide my horrible skin from others but the thing is: I was just putting on a mask. Your face is how it is. You're just covering it up. And why cover up who you are? You're amazing because your imperfections are what make you beautiful.

If you're in the same position I was in a couple years ago, I just want you to know that things will get better over time. Love yourself and others. You're beautiful no matter what and only change for yourself, not anyone else. And NEVER think you're below someone because you suffer from acne. I used to and it's not a fun time. I wish someone would have been there to tell me these things, I might have changed a little faster, but hopefully I help someone out there somehow by my rambling.

Note: sorry if some things don't make a lot of sense or this seems unorganized. I just typed whatever came to my mind. (And I didn't feel like proof-reading so if there's typos, they're staying there. I'm too lazy to care)


I have decided to post another update on my skin because of the results I have been receiving lately. During October-November I started getting lazy with my routine and boy, did I pay for it. By "getting lazy" I mean that when I cleansed my face I didn't do it gently anymore and I scrubbed for about 20-30 seconds instead of the recommended 10. I also barely used my benzoyl peroxide except for a spot treatment (so I only dabbed it where I felt I needed it to avoid the redness that always comes with it), and when I moisturized, I rubbed it in so it would absorb faster and I was using quite a lot of it. How did I "pay for it" then? I started breaking out. BAD. Especially when it came to that time of the month. I barely wanted to show my face anywhere. My face was a constellation of pimples and I was not happy. So the end of November into December I decided enough is enough. I started fresh and did everything precisely as recommended and oh my lord, was there a HUGE difference. My face is now back to being literally clear. Almost all of my blackheads are gone from my nose and forehead, there's no huge pimples in sight, and the complexion of my skin is very healthy along with my skin tone being relatively all the same color.

Here's a little tip for you: DO NOT SLACK LIKE ME. It was the worst thing ever. I actually felt like The Regimen was just another routine that wasn't going to work but I found out I was bringing the break outs on all by myself. Don't give up. It really does work.

Another tip: The flakiness is quite annoying, so when your face is wet from the shower, you'll see where your flaky patches are because your skin will look really odd in those spots. Very softly, run your nails across the skin and take all of that gross dead skin off. Then cleanse and run water over it to get any left over gunk off. I'm not sure if you should do this if you have really sensitive skin. But since I do not, I have found that it takes my current flakes away and your skin will feel much better. You might think "Oh what about irritation. Aren't you supposed to not touch and pick at your face???" Well I don't do this very often, and so far my face has not broken out by doing this, it's just a possible thing for you to do if the flakes irk you as much as they irk me.

One last tip: Many people will argue against me with this, but I honestly do think that what you eat and drink affects your skin. Also during October and November I was drinking energy drinks, coffee, soda, tea, more soda, smoothies...Pretty much anything that is completely loaded with sugar and is really not good for you. I was also eating candy almost all the time along with snacks and dessert. Again, my skin was HORRIBLE. Recently I started drinking water every day and in most situations (like me going on break at work) where I would have chosen a bottle of tea or soda, I took the extremely hard road and grabbed a bottle of water. It is quite hard (especially if you're like me and don't like the fact that water has no taste), but it helps. My skin tone is so much better. I have also found that the redness on my face has subsided considerably since I started doing this, and I use less moisturizer because my skin is already pretty hydrated. I do still treat myself to a bad drink once in a while but I make it a point to drink water 98% of the time now and almost always drink two cups every day. When it comes to sweets, I'm not saying to never touch them ever again because like seriously? Who in their right mind could or would do that? I love anything bad for me. I'm just suggesting only treating yourself once in a while.

Again, these are only things that I have found to work for me and I hope that if you try them, they possibly work for you.


Sixth Week: Day 2

I believe I am in my sixth week of using The Regimen. My progress is kind of up and down at the moment. Don't get me wrong, there are some massive changes. Like more than I've ever seen. But my blackheads seem to want to stick around for a while. Most of them have gone away but I still deal with some on and around the sides of my nose and on my forehead. I do believe I'm going to start applying BP in the morning now along with at night. Well, at least I will once I get another shipment of moisturizer and cleanser. (I have the kit that's made to last for 1-2 months and I've found that it actually held out longer than that since I did start using the products for a couple weeks. Stopped. Started again for like 1-2 more weeks. Stopped. Then started again and am still continuing.) But sadly my cleanser and moisturizer are starting to dwindle down to nothing. And I'm kind of not trying to make my face any worse by doubling the dryness especially when my moisturizer is almost gone. Like it'll be a snow storm of crusty flakes falling off my face when I accidentally touch it if I try that. (Beautiful visual, huh?) But anyways I'm still pretty happy with how things are going. Plus I also realized that since I am not using the BP every night that could be (and probably is) the factor that is causing my blackhead extermination to take forever. I'm very happy about not breaking out in a while. I think since I started I've only had 2 or 3 new pimples pop up and nothing else. I also noticed that I don't break out around "girl time" which is freaking amazing. Like that was my usual problem and now it's completely gone. Oh my, I can't believe I'm able to say this stuff. I've been waiting forever to finally be confident and not always want to hide my face from people and it's unbelievable. Let me just tell you, if you have not started using The Regimen and might just be reading this to check stuff out and see if this actually works. JUST DO IT. My goodness, I was where you might possibly be at right now and I'm so glad I did. Even though my face isn't completely clear and everything, I feel amazing and you should too.


Fourth Week: Fifth Day

Well I recently got another pimple. But I was quite surprised at how little it was and how quickly it went away. Like I saw it in the morning and now it's night time....and it's almost completely gone already. I just literally couldn't believe it for a while. I hope every one I get in the future does the same because then I'd never worry about breaking out a little. I have noticed that the burning from the BP and the moisturizer has come back but then some nights I don't feel it. I just wish I could figure out why it burns some nights and then other nights I'm totally fine. It's just such an annoying mystery. I kind of wish it would just go away already. Some slight redness has also come back but it fades really fast so I don't even pay attention to it. As for dryness, it hasn't really gotten any worse. I wouldn't say it improved all that much either but I do believe my face is finally starting to lock in moisture again and is not as flakey all the time as it was.


Third Week: Fifth Day

Just a quick update on what's been going on with my face. No breakouts have been spotted. I believe I got like one mini pimple and it went away in about a day. The normal redness I usually see on my face due to my acne is slowly starting to fade along with some decade long acne spots. The burning from the BP is almost completely gone. Now all I feel is a slight burn with moisturizer and then it's replaced by a tingling sensation. One thing I'm experiencing right now though is insane dryness. I kind of feel like a snake who's shedding its skin. I'm seriously flakey everywhere on my face. Now when I apply my moisturizer almost all of this dryness is gone and is no longer visible but it lets me know that it's there every time I wash my face at night and in the morning.

Also a little side note: I'm not quite sure if this is important but I have been noticing that occasionally when my BP does burn after it's applied my face will get majorly red and this normally only happened in the morning. I wasn't concerned about it over the summer due to the fact that I was only going to work and by the time I actually got there it was already fading. Well with school starting I decided that I didn't really like the idea of going to school with my face as red as a tomato. So I am currently doing what I started doing for my first week and that is doing the BP only at night and just cleansing and washing my face in the morning. It has actually been working quite well for me and my results still seem to be the same as people who use BP twice a day. I also realized that I think my face only burned because I used the BP twice a day and my face was just not happy about that. So I'm doing what works for me and I'm loving every single second of it. I can finally look in a mirror and not constantly critique every little pimple and blackhead present due to the fact that there barely is any!


Third Week: First Day

I have finally started my third week and I am very pleased with all the results I have gotten so far. I seriously don't think my face has ever looked better in years. There are still some blemishes and junk but they're on their way out the door and I am not at all sorry to see them go. The one thing I noticed is that it seems like the burning from the BP and moisturizer has started to subside in intensity and time. It goes away after about 4-5 minutes now instead of about 30. The one thing that has actually increased would be the insane dryness of my face. I swear if I keep shedding like I am now, I'm not going to have any skin left on my face when this is all over. I'm aware that dryness is obviously supposed to happen but I didn't quite know exactly how much they were talking about until I started experiencing it. The only thing to do now is to keep pushing forward and hope that everything settles down very quickly. (:


Week 2: 4Th/5Th Day

It has been about 5 days since I last posted because I wanted to wait until I had more stuff to actually report back (I also kind of got lazy XD). Well I have quite a lot of effects and almost no improvements. Firstly I have noticed that the burning when I apply moisturizer and BP (I'm gonna abbreviate it from now on because I'm just too freaking lazy for life) has made a lovely return and it has decided to stay longer than usual so it is very fun when I try to sleep at night when my face is tingling and burning like crazy. As with the redness, it's not as bad as it was last week but it has shown up once or twice when I applied my stuff at night but thankfully I have only dealt with it once during the day. The dryness/flakiness has subsided quite a lot and I'm extremely happy about that.

Now we've come to the problem. I did receive three lovely new pimples on my face. And let's just say....I did a no-no. I looked at it in the mirror and did what my natural instinct told me to do and that was GET THEM OFF MY FREAKING FACE IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE. So yeah, I popped them. Yeah, yeah don't pick at your face. Well I wouldn't have if I would have realized what I was doing before it was too late. But some good news with that: They did all fade without a trace in about two days and no new ones have surfaced. I'm trying to monitor myself at all times so I stop touching and picking at my face so often but I'm still working on it. Unfortunately I have no new clearness to report but hopefully that will change soon. Plus I also have to remind myself that it is only the second week and I can't expect a flawless face right away. d:


Not much happened today with my treatments. No new breakouts have occurred but I don't see anything new either. I did notice extreme dryness throughout the day which sucked very much so hopefully that will die down soon. And when I say extreme dryness I mean like sahara desert dry. The dry patches are huge and feel very tight which is quite gross to me but I read on here that you can use Jojoba oil to help it so I might invest in some of that to get rid of my problem.


First Week: Day 6

This morning I woke up and did the same thing I have been doing which is only using the benzoyl peroxide once a day but instead of using it during the day and only cleansing and moisturizing at night I switched it so I'm cleansing and moisturizing for the day while doing all three steps before I go to sleep. I found it easier this way so that if my face is going to get red I don't have to deal with it during the day.

Effects I had this morning:

When I cleansed my face my skin felt slightly tight afterwards. I was quite happy to notice that there was very little redness but there was an abundance of dry patches on my face. After I moisturized like crazy I didn't deal with dryness/flakiness the rest of the day.

Effects I had tonight:

I was quite surprised when I applied my benzoyl peroxide tonight and it didn't burn or sting at all. There was a little burn when I applied my moisturizer but not like it had been a couple of days ago so I'm taking that as a good sign.

As for improvements that I have noticed, my skin is getting even clearer than before, I have spotted no new pimples in the past 4 or 5 days and almost all of my blackheads are gone. Plus my skin tone is becoming very even as well as more of my pores in my problem areas shrinking considerably.


First Week: Day 5

When I woke up this morning I did notice that there were some spots on my face that were slightly red (mostly around my nose and on my chin) so I decided to just cleanse and moisturize instead of using the benzoyl peroxide and making everything much worse. The redness did subside during the day and was barely noticeable so if the extreme redness does occur again I might just continue to do the same thing I did today. When I put the benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer on tonight I did notice it burned for a bit longer than usual but it simmered down eventually and returned to the normal slight stinging I feel sometimes after I use both of them. I'm not quite sure if this stinging is because of the effects benzoyl peroxide can have with your face or if I'm just not completely used to it yet but hopefully it'll go away soon because it's not one of the most pleasant feelings. As for improvements I am happy to say that almost all of the pimples from my unsightly breakout are completely gone and my nose is also becoming increasingly clearer which is absolutely amazing since that is a place where almost all of my blackheads love to chill and ruin my day. Hopefully less effects and more improvements are on their way!

Random side note: I did realize that last time I said "See ya soon"....too bad this is a computer and I can't quite see any of you who do take the time to view this so I feel like "Talk to you later" or something cliche and unoriginal should be used this time. Maybe not. Who knows? I'll figure something out soon. c:


Just a slight introduction about myself and my problems with acne since this is my first post; My name is Jade, I'm 15 years old (turning 16 on the second day of school. whoopie for me. -_- ) Anyways, my acne decided to appear when I was in 6th grade so I had quite an early start. It normally wasn't very bad, just a couple pimples and the areas were only my forehead and chin. Well then the lovely milestone in almost every teenage girl's life came which is very well known as a period. I was slightly lucky and started mine when I was 13 so things only started getting bad then. Unfortunately things went downhill quickly. I got breakouts randomly and almost always around "my time of the month". Now I do find myself quite fortunate with my acne due to the fact that it is only mild and I do not deal with any forms of cystic acne. I started The Regimen for two reasons: the first was because I was really tired of my acne and the second was my acne also began to get increasingly worse since I was constantly outside sweating while working and playing softball.

Now getting to the title the reason why it says "First Week Results (sort of)" is because I have already started The Regimen and didn't plan on making a blog about it but then I got horrible sunburn on my extremely porcelain skin and had to discontinue using it for a couple days until my skin healed. After that I started back up again and had to stop it for the SECOND time because my face got burnt yet again. And now I started it back up Friday and have been continuing. Since I already started it my face is somewhat used to the benzoyl peroxide so I am using the correct amount that is recommended for the first week but I am using it twice instead of once.

As for my results, I saw them right away when I first started The Regimen back in July. What I saw instantly after about 2 days of using it was reduced size in my pores, my pimples were less red, some black heads had disappeared on my nose and forehead and my overall skin complexion looked so much better. I was extremely excited when I saw this since every acne product I had tried before (and trust me, there were A LOT) did almost nothing and then only TWO FREAKING DAYS with this stuff and there were already better results than I've ever experienced. Now on to when I had to stop for both cases of lovely sunburn. My face was so dry and disgusting both times so I just used aloe gel and sometimes my moisturizer to help it heal. Jumping to where I am now I had received a few pimples due to sweating during the night when I was on a youth retreat so I had a very unfortunate breakout and boy was I unhappy. I sort of lost a little hope and patience but when I got back home and started back up those pimples have shrunk and are on their way out the door. I do experience itchiness sometimes along with redness on my chin and around my nose but I guess that's to be expected and I'm just gonna keep swimming and hope those will subside quickly. I also experience slight burning when I apply the benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer but again, that was said to be one of the effects and I'm just dealing with it because I'm all for taking some slight uncomfortableness to get healthy clear skin.

It is currently the third day that I have used The Regimen twice a day and I will try to post almost every day on my results and effects in hopes that I might be able to help some fellow beginners and it'll also help me keep track of improvements. I hope I'll be able to help some of you or even learn some things in the future.

See ya soon.

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