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just gonna record what's goin on with my face holla

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Epiduo: Day 6

So tonight will be the 6th night of me using Epiduo, and my skin has been really sensitive and tender (i guess?? i need better words) for the past few days. I've had to switch to less abrasive face washes and moisturizer, but even when i just touch my face it burns. Hopefully this will get better ugh. Also, my skin has started peeling, and broke out really really bad last night. Yay. I hope that this is the initial breakout and it goes away soon.


Okay so I'm trying this blog thing to keep track of what's going on with my face for the next few months leggoooo

I've had acne since I was about 13, and I'm 15 now, going into sophomore year of high school in a week. Ew. It wasn't actually bad until the middle of 8th grade, and I've consistently had anywhere from 5-15 blemishes on my face since the first major breakout. It's been a major self esteem issue for me and it got to the point where I would cancel hanging out with friends because i couldn't cover my acne with makeup. I tried just about everything I could without going to a doctor, including Skin iD, AcneFree Severe, and countless cleansers and facemasks and scrubs and stuff. Last week, I finally went to a dermatologist, and she prescribed me Epiduo.

Epiduo is supposedly the "topical form of Accutane", which scared me a little, considering all of Accutane's side effects. I've been using it for 4 nights now, and I've been using the Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub as a cleanser and Clean and Clear's Dual Action moisturizer after applying the Epiduo. Both of those products contain salicylic acid. My doctor warned me that my already sensitive skin would become much more sensitive after starting with the Epiduo, and last night I noticed that my face was burning after I washed it, and applied the gel and moisturizer. I did some research, and realized that the combination of the products I'm using is waaay too harsh when my skin is so sensitive, and I ordered a Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer that the makers of Epiduo reccomend.

Hopefully, this will make the intense burning a little less harsh. Tonight after I applied the Epiduo and moisturizer, I had to hold an ice pack to my face for about an hour to make the burning duller. Does anyone else have this kind of reaction to Epiduo gel?

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