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acne journey

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Not Sure What Week *sarry

Well its been more than two months since my last entry. Im sorry i almost completely forgot that i have a blog here. now that im back, i just want to share this best news for me that finally, im over with my neck acne! I survived! Now that i have acne free clear skin, i can now tie my hair up as much as i want too not caring if people will stare or not at my neck. Its probably the best feeling God has ever given to me. This is for me a very advance xmas gift ever... so yeah if youre having acne problem now, dont be sad. Instead look forward to having a pimple free skin because trust me, its the best feeling youll ever get. I want to inspire people who perhaps now is feeling so desperate on how to clear his/her skin. Just be patient and consistent with ur regimen dear. Because no regimen will effect overnight. Thanks for reading :)


Skin Update (Week 6)

All pimples are still on my regimen and i wonder why the stingy feeling came back. My skin is so red because of the bp. But i think it stings bcause its effective. :)) im still positive of having clear skin. How bout you? ;)

K bye. Till next week !


Skin Update (Week 5)

this is the start of my second month in the journey guys.

im so sad because my face, arms and neck got sunburn yesterday. because we had to shoot our school project under the heat of the sun :(

btw, heres my routine and the products that i use.


ponds facial wash (face & neck)

benzac Ac 5%(neck)

clean & clear oil free moisturiser (neck)


ponds facial wash (face & neck)

malunggay alcohol free toner

benzac ac 5% (neck and some on my face)

clean & clear oil free moisturizer

am i using too much? let me know just leave ur comments below.

talk to u later. bye!


Skin Update (Week 4)

Im sorry i havent posted yesterday coz the wifi got crazy. But anyways as promised, heres the pic of my progress after 1 month. :))

I know you cant tell huge improvement but honestly in person its really much better and my neck feels so much lighter unlike before. Right now the actual acne already dried up. Theyre all dead. But it left very visible acne marks which i hate.

Let me know your opinions about it. ;)

See you in a week.


Skin Update (Week 3)

skin is slowly getting better. i dont feel huge bumps anymore when i touch it. in fact the huge acne i had just stayed for 3 days. The dryness is also slowly going away because i used horse raddish oil-free toner to moisturize my skin. I think my skin is now getting used to bp. Everything is healing slowly but surely. Im giving my skin 3 months to become completely clear.

Pictures will be posted every month. So i hope you can wait. So the first pictures will be on week 4. See yah soon ! :)


Check Up

i just met with my derm today. she prescribed something for the dryness. i forgot the name. then she said to just use bp once a day. im planning to change my cleanser . maybe ill use neutrogena or celeteque.

that's it. see ya next week :))


Skin Update (Week 2)

my skin got so dry because of the bp. areas where i put bp are darker than my normal skin. maybe i have put too much. i am now reducing the amount cause im afraid i might burn my neck. i tried to remove the flakes around my jawline by GENTLY rubbing them with cotton soaked on WATER which helped a lot. my jawline is clearer but its so dry. my neck is breaking out. there are whites but im not afraid coz they said its part of the healing process. i can tell its true coz my breakouts last week are now clearing up.

i live in a tropical country which is pretty hard coz a lot of irritations occur. my neck sweats a lot and i absolutlely hate it! as much as possible i stay away from scratching, picking and i put my head down when i wash my hair.

by the way, ill be meeting my derm tomorrow coz she told me to come back after two weeks. ill post her observation tomorrow.

so yeah! i hope my journey becomes successful. let me know if youre having the same condition as mine. (neck acne) then lets talk about it :))



Skin Update (Week 1)

after a week of my own regimen, i noticed a huge difference on the texture of my face. i can tell it is much smoother than before. as for my neck, which has severe/moderate acne, i can also see a slight improvement. but its not completely clear obviously. although it burns my skin a little bit, stings. dry, flaky. can barely smile. im still happy of the result. i know its still too early to tell but i really noticed an improvement. by the way, i continued using my erythomycin.

honestly, i dont like the feeling after putting bp i hope you can suggest a good oil free moisturizer.

next update after another week. wish me luck :)))


Let's Get Started!

so today im going to start my acne medication. im taking ketoconazole nizoral every morning for 15 days and 5% benzoyl peroxide twice a day for 1 month. here's the question. is it okay if i continue to use my erythromycin (liquid form) ?

note: this is my own dermathologist's prescription. if you're planning to follow this medication, please consult a dermathologist first.



I've been suffering from neck acne since May 2013. It all started ever since i got my hair rebonded. But prior to that, ive had little bumps on my jaw line. perhaps, those bumps were caused by me doing fitness activities during the night and not taking a shower afterwards. going back to my hair, i had to put it down to hide all those nasty little bumps. obviously it got worse and right now its out of control. My mom told me to apply flucinonide which made it even worst. I've been to different skin specialists but none of them has helped my problem. This morning i just went to another derma & she prescribed 10% benzoyl peroxide and antibiotic which my previous dermas never prescribed. i am hoping this would finally work. if this wont work, then ill have to switch to the Regimen. :)

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