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First off I cannot stress enough how much the regimen works! It works, it works, it works... You just need to be consistent, keep up the routine, and the advice on how to care for your skin. 

Why my late post? 
Well time has flown by and i have been MIA because my hubby and I have made huge changes in life. Like no joke: moving to another country. However, when a friend of mine mentioned the concern she had re: her acne it made me think of and I referred her to it. Then it hit me that although I swear by the product/site/info I never actually updated the site with my results and it bothers me when people don't do that! haha

So here is what I have to say: 
I saw the beginning results of following the regimen within the first month. My hubby really noticed a change in about 4 months. I finally gained control of my acne and learned how to care for my skin in about 9 months ... and to this day I keep following what I learned here. It has worked for me. 

Biggest change I made: 
Being gentle on my skin and I stopped touching my face so much. That and using's benzoyl peroxide as my go to product if ever I notice any changes occurring with my skin.

My advice to any newbies:
Take advantage of the information that gives to it's readers. It is important to understand how to treat our skin.
Then, basically, keep up with it &  Be patient. 
I really hope this works for you as well! 

Side Note: I promise to take a moment to find my before and after pics to update the post with! 


Black Tea

I always knew tea was a better option then coffee when it comes to your skin which is why you will find me drinking it in the afternoon vs. my age old habit of filling my coffee mug at the two o'clock hour. However, now I am reading about so many other benefits to it that I am really excited to try. Simple... yet so low cost!

Check out this link that has many of the benefits all grouped together! I would suggest go for organic to get the most of the benefits!

I have done the face compresses which are very soothing... Anyone try the tea bath? That is something I will be adding to my to do list this week!

Even Webmd had some great things to say about black & green tea... I have new appreciation for my tea that is for sure and suddenly coffee is becoming less tempting... well almost lol!

I love all this research I have been doing... it is as if my 'road to clear skin' is also making my home be a little more 'spa' like. And why not? With all the stress we all face daily... it is so healthy for us to slow down for a bit and take care of ourselves!

Hope you are all doing well!


Day 13 and overall things have been great.

Yesterday however, I messed with a cystic pimple on my left cheek. Not a proud moment of mine. I need to learn to be more patient. Thankfully, I stopped sooner then I usually do. I tried to remedy my mistake with a Honey mask (with cinnamon) and I managed to leave it on for 30 minutes. This morning it came to a head but it is red and scabbed now. (i know it could have been worse had I messed with it more)

HOWEVER!!!! This morning my hubby commented on how my skin is looking good and he can tell it is clearing up. This revived my determination to follow the regime - Going almost two weeks without messing with my face was very good for my skin. Seriously, I never thought of myself as picking at my skin much until I started the Regimen and was being watchful of my hands. Unconsciously, I learned, I touch it a lot. huh.png

So this time My goal it to go a whole month without touching my face! Realistically, I want to continue after that but short term goals help me to reach long term. shifty.gif <- determined

Also... small bumps... not pimples but bumps have been coming up on my cheeks. Anyone know what these are? This morning they were gone (i think the honey mask helped with those) But just yesterday there was like twenty- tiny, small, hard bumps (not really noticeable until you look closely) on my cheeks. Is this my skin purging? I hope they dissipate in time. eusa_think.gif


So this morning means it has almost been a full week since I started The Regimen and I started using basic washes I have at home (But stuff came this morning):

Wash: BeautiControl wash (lotion)

BP: BeautiControl spot treatment with 2% BP

Moisturizer: Meleluca Renew & BeautiControl Overnight lotion

I have also done 3 facials in between: 1.) Sea Salt hot press followed by Black tea bag (this on my cystic acne: worked like a charm) done on clean skin. 2.) a Honey mask a couple days later 3.) BeautiControl Microderma treatment (gentle setting)

My results:

Today my cystic acne has already come to a head and flattened.

I feel (and maybe this is me being hopeful) that what was a constant stream of break outs has slowed down. (No joke before I started this i was getting a new breakout every couple days- followed by scaring when they'd heal)

I did the BeautiControl Microderm treatment to help remove the dead skin on top... and i noticed a huge difference by last night with my face now vs. last Thursday. But there is still a road ahead.

Today: I am super excited because the real products came in from I am very interested in the Treatment! (I like my wash and moisturizer but bought the whole package to give it all a fair try) So this next week I hope to be very revealing. Thus far I was using only a spot treatment but I rather use something I know i can put on my entire face that has nothing extra.. I am a little nervous to use so much BP but I read online that your acne will never become resistant to BP - So talk about an effective intervention to hormonal acne!

What I have learned: One thing I really learned is that I never was as gentle with my face in the past as I thought I had been all along. When following the steps to The Regimen you become very conscious to make sure you are being Gentle!!! Yet there are times in the morning when my brain isn't awake and I have gone to wash my face and I unconsciously start out so roughly with the water! It is as if I'm scrubbing a pot! LOL.... But then my mind wakes up and I quickly recall, "Gentle!"

Also, for ladies who wear your makeup: Which I do and will always... I was wondering if it really would work being so gentle and removing the makeup. Well it does and I wear MAC! I always shower at night and I think that is the key. Just let a lot of water hit your face. (How I tested it is, on the first night I attempted this, after my shower I followed up with a white cotton pad and toner and saw no make up was left behind! what a relief) However, with eyes you will need to purchase a gentle makeup remover... otherwise, foundation, powder, primer... all comes off!

So tonight will mark the start of the Regime with the products!

I am still excited!

Healthy Lifestyle: Making a conscious effort to drink more water has really helped out all around for me. It has been a week and now my body craves water big time! This Sunday we are going to attempt eating only the things we by at our local farmers market... so more veggies and fresh fruit. And we are only doing it for a week and see if we can extend it from there.

Yoga - I love love love my new ipad app called: Yoga Studio - Ad yoga to your life to help manage your stress! Well... I am not into the whole chanting mind blanking type... Just being aware of your body along with slow controlled movements results in a refreshed relaxed afterglow =)

ONE MORE THING!! - This might be a dumb thing to include but it was important to me: I had the products delivered to my work and I was dreading the packaging. I was afraid the return address would say on it or the box have logos. But happily it was packaged very discreetly! Plain brown box and only a return address on it. Thank you!


Honey Mask

Last night I tried a honey mask for the first time. A friend of mine has their own bee hives and harvested a large jar to give to us- You can't get more organic then that!

So I decided to try just doing straight honey on my face. It was interesting- First off it felt like I was applying glue to my face. As I waited... and my skin began to warm the honey I felt it 'moving' - In other words, dripping downward. So I had to be watchful with it and my initial desire to leave it on for 30 minutes dwindled down to 10 minutes.

If anyone is going to do a honey mask make sure to schedule it before your shower... it was very easy to take off and I mainly just allowed the water to pour over my face and do all the work.

Afterwards... I didn't really feel a huge change... Mentally I knew it was good for me but there was no 'wow factor when I stepped out of the shower or woke this morning. Does anyone do these on a regular basis?

But I will be mixing it up and adding other natural ingredients...

These are two that I found online: Honey Face Mask for Acne-Prone Skin

  • 3 teaspoons raw honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

    • 2 teaspoons raw honey
    • 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice

    Well I figured I will apply it 2 to 3 times a week and see if at that point I notice a benefit - Either was it is a good excuse to relax for a good 30 minutes =)


My Road To Clarity

Hello All,

I am really excited to have stumbled on this site and to begin The Regime - For myself I have always had mild to moderate acne but what makes it worse is I am prone to easy scarring. When I was a teenager I never had this. It was only as I hit my late 20s that suddenly things have made a turn for the worst. More acne meant more scars. I am so happy I found this site because the advice is sound counsel that is simple - and I loved reading the blogs of others that are here: Talk about encouraging!

The reason for my worsening acne I attribute to more then just failure to find the most effective topical treatment. Because it has gradually worsened and I believe it is the results of my fretting with finding a 'quick cure' that has irritated my skin way too much. Like most people at first I just bought a wash, then proactive (horrible results), then facials, and then invested expensive products. Some of these things gave me good results for a little bit but then would begin to fail. In the meantime, I began to touch my face more, to wear more makeup to cover breakouts and things just kept getting worse.

It was this weekend that I realized I need to stop beating and picking at my skin and start cherishing and caring for it. This is not just a genetic thing... my whole family has clear skin. However, I also suffer from many allergies that my other family does not- which means more touching and irritating of the skin. So I am attacking this with a dedicated desire to see changes... And believe it or not- I already have... here is what I have done:

First off I really read up on The Regime.. viewed videos and read other's blogs. I loved the fact that you can start with the things you have at home. AND that it is only three steps! I can't tell you how confusing some of these companies become with so many skin care options!!! Also I became mindful of the fact that when I normally would wash my face I would scrub the heck out of it. So My mind set it 'gentle'.

In addition, I added gentle natural masks that I will be using regularly: (this is really great for cystic acne!!!) on Saturday evening I heated water and mixed in some seas salt. Soaked a clean wash cloth in this and then put the whole towel on my face for about 5 to 10 minutes. Afterwards, I gentle rinsed, patted dry, and with the other hot water left in my pot (without salt) I added 4 black tea bags, after a few minutes I took these out and placed them on the areas where the cyst were for about 5 to 10 minutes- Works like a charm!! TRUST ME. I will also be doing a honey mask later this week.

I did break down and by The Regime because I couldn't find the BP that isn't concentrated. And then when I began to compare the price of vs. so many others that I have purchased. I decided, why not? But in the meantime I am using the stuff I have at home.

PLUS, I am really increasing my water intake and decreasing my sugar intake. (Thanks to so much of your blogs that helped me asses what I have done in the past and how I should bring it all together). Cleaner eating as well as regular Yoga is something that I am adding to my daily life. And being mindful of my hands!!! haha, I can't tell you how much, without knowing it, I touch my face - now I am noticing it because I am focused on it!

This morning, I woke up to skin that has already drastically calmed down. And because I am attacking this at different angles - I feel

confident/hopeful that I will have success. I am sure reading this seems like a lot - and it is... But after years of wanting change and attempting it through 'quick cures' - I've re-realized and confirmed that change takes effort, dedication, and patience. And not to mention: more water, yoga, healthy eating = all helps in overall health and fitness. Our skin is said to be our biggest organ- so we have to work on the internal things when attempting to break the cycle of acne. So I am hoping all to have success and I will post my progress. rolleyes.gif

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