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Day 58

What in the hell happened. I was clearing then BAM. Shitty skin :( 11th will be 2 months, two months of what feels like straight breaking out. Ugh. When will it stop. My skin is starting to flake again.. Nnooooooo.. :( my neck is still dry & tight & itchy. I just want to rip my skin off ...

I really really really hope it stops.. Soon...


Day 54

Hello guys.

Right now before I go to bed, I'm letting the moisturizer/aha/jojoba oil sink into my skin. And let me tell you, yes I had a BAD breakout with the initial application of AHA but now it's clearing up, FAST. My skin looks smoother and my complexion is evening out and the flaking is pretty much gone !


Day 45

About two days ago I introduced my skin to the AHA product. I didn't add too much to the moisturizer but it was enough for a wake up call. My facewas on fiiiiyyaahhh! Stung so bad lol. But I woke up with my inflamed pimples going down & somewhat of a clearer complexion. I'm trying a pea size every other night to help my skin adkust to this product and so far it's going ok! I've noticed mornings after I wake up from using this, my acne scars are flaking off! Yippie!

Haha as far as my break outs.. There still there, ones onmy chin are scaring & drying up.its just the right side of my face that's my main concern right now. Hopefully by month three ill be clearing even more! Don't give up guys, cuz I know I've wanted too sooo bad! Hope u guys have a good day. Attached are photos I took today after let the moisturizer dry :)


Day 38

Hey guys. So today I was in gilroy, ca for a majority of the day & was 95 degree weather. I wore sunscreen (yay) and my skin did ok. Right now I'm letting the BP dry cuz I just finished showering (late I know) . I woke up this morning with my pimples calming down. But as the day progressed with the jojoba oil& sunscreen I think it made my levels of oil increase & all I saw were inflamed developing pimples :( idk if its pimples that have been hiding or if they're forming from the jojoba oil or sunscreen.. Just looked at the bottle & it said it didn't say anything bout it clogging pores... Damn it might be that then .... Well see in a few weeks. I've only slapped it on the few times I knew I'd be in the sun.. Anyways not really too much to complain about today :)




Day 37

So yesterday I purchased the "big" kit from the website that includes the AHA. I'm nervous & excited at the same time.. My skin at the moment is flaking a lot around my mouth area. I have a feeling it's due to the increase in BP. I was using about 3/4 of a finger in length for about 3 weeks? So I've decided maybe I should bump it up a notch to a full finger.. I've noticed at when I wake up in the morning my skin looks better than it does throughout the day. Like it seems once I wake up my skin wakes up & decides to act up :( it's so unfair ....

I tried wearing makeup yesterday mixed with jojoba & sunscreen .. It looked Ok but felt to uncomfortable & gross. So ill be holding off on that for a while... My skin needs to hurry up & clear cuz all I get are comments from family telling me I'm breaking out & my skin looks bad (real supportive right?) then I barricade myself in my room analyzing my face wanting to scratch the $&&/& out of it. Oh & the BP is starting to irritate my neck & drying the hell out of it. Has this happen to anyone?? I think it's because I get these pimples around the outline of my jaw & maybe it slips down to my neck? Idk? Or maybe when I moisturize my face & go to my neck & it has BP on it?? Idk. All I know my skin is cryiinnnnnn.. Help lol


Day 35

So today is day 35 and my skin is BEYOND irritated. It's red, it's dry, it itches, it's tight and looks like it hurts. I'm really second guessing myself on this & wonder if I should just stop messing with my skin. I want to wear makeup so bad but feel its not even worth it. When I sweat, it stings. My eyes hurt & are constantly dry due to the BP. My lips are starting to chap BAD and I HATE the feeling of chapped lips. Seems the BP is taking longer to soak in my skin & I don't know if that's a good thing or not? I catch myself at night scratching my face :( it sucks so bad... I'm going to post a pic of my face right mow (10:27pm) while the BP is drying so you can see.sorry for the face/red eyes. I'm super tired & disappointed in the way my skin looks... I had a nice zit this morning on my forehead & popped it. And all these lil bumps from my cheek area are rising.. Hopefully pushing out because I can never get rid of them. Like if I squeezed them just white crap will ooze out like a worm but the bumps would still be there... Idk how to explain but ya you can see them...

Thanks for listening....

Ps I'm still breaking out really bad on my jaw line. Wonder if its the extra drops of jojoba oil?


1 Month

Soi started the regimine approx July 11 2013. I had did research online & came across YT videos of "the regime" and was pretty skeptical but decided to give it a try. I mean I tried loads of shit on my face anyways what's one more going to hurt? When I first started I had over the counter products that I bought at our local Walmart. Cleanser: neutrogena ultra gentle daily cleanser (creamy formula) & on the spot BP (cream) by neutrogena and their oil-free moisturizer for combo skin. My products didn't arrive until about two weeks later. So "officially" on Dans products about 2 1/2 weeks going on 3. My skin is super flaky, dry & irritated. I refuse to wear makeup & have to wash my face 3 times a day due to working out. Recently noticed my skin looks like its tanning way faster than normal so I just purchased a SPF/sunscreen through a brand online called "burnout." Hopefully that will help with protecting my skin since I am out in the sun a lot. This past week my skin broke out again because I decided to scrub the shit out my face with a facial scrubber, I just couldn't take the flakes & two pumps of moisturizer isn't enough to keep my skin moistured through the day. Ill never do that again :( but I did go to my local vitamins shoppe to buy jojoba oil :) and I'm waiting on my kit to semi run out to order the larger one with pumps/oil. Until then ill post pics when I can. I really hope this works....

Talk to you soon

Xoxo alex

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