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I used to have really really bad acne.I tried everything over the counter. I realized that it wasn't helping and that everything contained alcohol. It just seemed really dumb and like a big scam to put alcohol on your face. I tried prescription stuff but gave up on that after a couple years of it not working. (Exact length of time unknown.)I figure people have had acne for the entire length of human history and weren't putting really overpriced synthetic stuff with "microbeads" on their face. .. Usually I'm not into organic for the sake of organic, but I heard from my friend in India that there was some good powder or something he put on his face that cleared him up. ... So I figured there were more "natural" ways.Then I tried aspirin because I heard it was really good. I had to use it with honey because otherwise my skin got really dry. It worked well enough on largely inflamed things, but if I left it on too long or didn't do something just right, it made the acne worse. Also, keeping honey in my bathroom attracted little sugar ants. ... I like little sugar ants well enough, but ah, it's probably better to keep them outside.When using aspirin I had also been using jojoba oil and found that it didn't inflame my skin and seemed to help a lot.So right now, I'm putting a lot of jojoba oil on my face at night and leaving it on. Then washing my face in the morning with some acne bar soap from nuetrogena (sp? whatever), putting a thin amount of jojoba on for the day (getting as much of it off as I can before I go to work - a sort of thin protective layer), then washing my face again at night.I'll start posting pictures tomorrow.... Uhm. It may look "bad", but it doesn't look at all like it used to (most of the discoloration is scarring), so it really isn't bad. Comparatively speaking. ... Compared to a couple of years ago, that is.

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