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About this blog

I've had cystic acne for 2 years, it's finally healing. This blog is to record what I'm using and how it's affecting my skin.

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I've been seeing some huge changes in my skin! God is good!

So the tamanu and rosehip seed oils arrived a few days ago, I've been using them since then and they have not disappointed. BUT the reason my skin has had such big changes is that I've stopped picking it. That's about 60% of it. These oils, though, are pretty incredible.

Here's what I've been doing so far

(keep in mind that it's summer and i'm not doing anything on a daily basis)

In the morning I rinse my face, sometimes using a cleanser (whole foods' version of cetaphil) but mostly just using cool water. I pat dry then put on grapeseed oil. For myself at least, I noticed that the more of this oil I use the better so I'm not shy in the amount. Especially where I have a pimple or very dark mark. This is what I leave on my skin till the night.

Then at around 6:30-7pm I shower and rinse my face again or use the cleanser. Sometimes (1-2 times a week) I use a 10% bp bar of soap in the shower, but this is not a regular thing. Then I dry my skin and put on tamanu oil. It does smell but it's tolerable. Pretty thick, I leave it in the fridge and it freezes a bit. I let that sink in for a few minutes (the more the better but sometimes I don't feel like waiting). Then after it sinks in I use the rosehip seed oil. No smell and feels like argan oil if you've ever tried that. Tamanu oil and gso are dry oils and rosehip seed is a regular "oily" oil so keep that in mind. Nonetheless I like them all. Then I usually put gso on any spots to really treat it. And voilĂ  smile.png

Right now I have 2 pimples - no joke, I used to have around 10-15 everyday. My dark spots are SO MUCH BETTER. It's unbelievable, my makeup looks so even, and I'm very happy. Mostly because nothing in my face is heavily hurting (such as was the case with cysts) so that in itself is the greatest relief.

Oh, and I'm exfoliating once a week (usually with Olay Microdermabrasion Kit, it's awesome but I've only a tiny bit left!), I feel it's enough because these oils are astringent and exfoliating.


I was running out of my foundation the other day, Revlon Colorstay. I've been using it for around a year now and It's been the best I could find, covered a lot and didn't make me too oily. Only thing I hated about it was the fact that it contains parabens, something I don't want to slather on my skin everyday. I really try to avoid parabens in all my skin care.

Anyway, while researching on Amazon for a new foundation around the same price, I decided to try out Revlon's Colorstay Whipped,

around the same type as my old one but sans-parabens. Long story short, bought it and I really love it! It's kind of more expensive and has less but it's worth it, what I'm going to do though is use my Ulta coupon (I think it's once a month) to buy it, so with it it's around $11 instead of $14, pretty good. Covers really wells, just like the regular colorstay but looks a bit more natural and more smooth. AND surprisingly enough it controls oil even better, which is a huge plus for me. I apply it with my Real Techniques Expert Face brush and it's really amazing, I recommend it to anyone. I used to use the elf powder brush, but it doesn't compare to this one.

Another update skin-wise:

Grapeseed oil is going fantastic still - thank God! My skin is looking great compared to before, only a few pimples that are reduced each day. And A LOT OF HEALING, I'm so glad. However, the thing with this oil (FOR ME) is that I can see that a) it will take around 6 months to completely clear me of pih + acne or b) it will only keep me 90% clear. I won't stop using it because it's amazing and I see progress everyday but I want to try these other two oils to see if they give me an extra "oommph" however you spell that :)

I am now awaiting two more oils that I ordered from eBay: Tamanu & Rosehip Seed

I've kept my promise to myself and haven't picked/popped in around two weeks, I've never gone this long so God is great for keeping me in control. I'm so happy smile.png

So the oils, I read a lot about them before buying. They are mainly for dark spots & acne, but hopefully they also help the 2-3 scars that I have. I had actually researched these two oils (separately) about 2 years ago but never took the plunge to buy them, I don't know, people & websites always say things works and then they don't. But I'm keeping my faith. Why? Well I was afraid of GSO the same way, and it has worked out to be a great blessing.

Tamanu should be here tomorrow and I'm really excited!! It looks to be pretty amazing from what I read on Make Up Alley. Rosehip seed oil is comparable to retin-a (which I've never tried) so lots of vitamin A is going to be great to exfoliate the skin of the hyper-pigmentation.

Here's to hoping my skin improves each day! Each day counts x1000000 because college is 2-3 weeks away and I really want my skin to repair itself.

Best of luck to anyone reading.


Grape Seed Oil

I am really loving grape seed oil! I've never had luck with oils and I remember always reading about the benefits of grape seed but never buying it, well I finally decided to buy it about 3 weeks ago and I'm so happy.

I use it nightly and If I'm not going anywhere in the morning (such as now since it's summer) then I'll also apply it then.

Here are my personal benefits:

-regulates oil and helps with dryness. My skin is combination but has been really dry recently because of acne treatments and just damage from products.

-incredible inflammation reducer. This is the biggest thing for me, it has REALLY helped with cystic acne. I put it on a cyst at night and in the morning it's 70% reduced and barely hurts. Even if I didn't catch it on time, it's just amazing.

-rich in vitamic C = reduced PIH (post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation). I haven't been using it for too long, but GSO has reduced my marks by about 20% in 3 weeks.

-heals and soothes.

GSO has continuously worked, usually products stop working for me in a week. This has worked extremely well for 3 weeks. BP was helping my skin before this but it never got rid of the cysts fully, especially in my lower jaw, this has obliterated the cysts. I have 1 pimple in that area now. Also, 2 days ago I got a pimple (NOT a cyst! But painful & inflamed) in that area, put the GSO at night, and I swear I'm being honest, the next day it was dry and in another day it rubber off when I washed my face.

I'm really excited to continue seeing the benefits because it's surreal. I've added about 2 tablespoons to my cleanser so we'll see how that goes. For a cleanser (I don't use it regularly though) I use the Whole Foods version of Cetaphil - really good (no bad ingredients such as parabens, it's great!)

PS: forgot to say, currently I'm using the Whole Foods GSO in the cooking section, it's not the most natural but it's doing the job. I'm going to continue using it for a few more weeks and then try to buy an organic one.

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