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Current acne status: mild, adult, mostly closed comedones, mostly non-inflamed, PIH on chin and jaw.

Current skincare regimen:


Rinse face and pre-wash eyes, nose, other oily areas with Eucerin Sensitive Skin Gentle Hydrating cleanser

Treat entire face (minus eyes) and decollatage with Panoxyl Creamy Wash 4% and rinse off

Apply CeraVe AM moisturizer with SPF to dry face

optional: Spot treat dry areas with Olay Regenerist serum if needed


optional: Remove makeup if any

Wash with Basis Sensitive Skin bar

Apply AHA+ to dry face

Several times per week

Massage cleansing oils into skin to remove dead skin and loosen sebum in clogged pores

  • remove most of oil very gently with steamy washcloth
  • optional: clay mask on oily areas for 10-20 minutes, remove with steamy washcloth & warm water
  • remove remaining traces of product with Equate Rejuvenating toner OR gentle cleanser

    Apply short-contact BP treatment to active breakouts

    • thin layer of 10% BP Persa-gel
    • rinse off completely after 10-30 minutes

    Change pillowcases and bedlinens that contact face or neck

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