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Hey guys just wanted to let you know my next step of research for skin!

My acne has improved tremendously. I think Its because of taking yaz! I still will get 1 or 2 pimples on my cheeks every other week, which is not a big deal. My only struggle is the scars right now!

So, I decided to go see an esthetican and try some microdermabrasion!

I will let you know how that goes!

***Also, I am 100% possitive that smoking causes acne problems. I really want to quit, but everytime I try I get a massive breakout. I am just scared of the breakout and have been putting it off. Ughhhhh whyyyy me. I wish I had never started smoking. SO STUPID OF ME.

Any tips on quitting without the horrible break out??

My guess would be probiotics, vitamins, and water, and maybe some excercise!


*latest Update*

Haven't updated in a while about my skin because I have been waiting to see my results. Since being on my new birth control (yaz), I have actually not had anymore bad break outs. I am almost completely weaned off from my doxy meds (thank god). My skin seems to be doing a lot better. I will only get a few pimples here and there. My main issue is the scars on my cheeks. I am looking into getting microdermabraision to help with that. I also plan to never go back to my dermatologist again!!!!

My clear skin diet, however, is not up to par. I have missed eating certain foods, and been traveling a lot so it is hard to stay completley healthy. I don't really think it helped much with my skin because I was really strict about it and did not see any results other than my body looking good haha. But I also felt a lot healthier on the inside, and want to keep doing it..... just still let myself have some cheat days ( I need my chocolate and cocktails)

***Another major tip that helped improve my skin was going to the beach a lot. I would literally not put any suncreen on my face for an hour. I would tan my face in the sun for like 15 minutes then run to the ocean and wash my face with the salt water. I kept repeating that, and it really helped my skin. Then after apply my moisturizer (olay spf 15) as my sunscreen. I am going back again this weekend and can't wait to do the same process.

I get made fun of by all of my friends for being so obsessed with dieting, vitamins, and anything that has to do with my skin. They just don't understand people who have acne I guess.

I can't wait to be able to show before and after pictures of my skin someday.


Red Light Therapy

I discovered this new treatment for acne! I am not sure if it is just a quick fix, or if it will completely get rid of everything for good! At many tanning beds they are offering red light therapy! It's actually amazing because it only takes 20 minutes and your zits are almost going away!

You have to go multiple times for it to look 100% better, and its kind of expensive. I am lucky to have parents that are willing to help me out financially with my skin problems because they know how much I am struggling with my skin. I probably spent over $300 on it. But I feel like it was worth it! My skin looks so much better and I am going to keep going! It really helps with scarring too!!! It only dries out the pimples and the rest of my dry skin completely healed! I highly reccomend doing it! But not as your only regimen.... becuase its not getting to the root of the problem of where your acne is coming from. So stick with your diet and regimen as well!

So I have tried everything in the book (except accutane) for getting rid of my acne, and nothing has completely helped. There is one thing that I have not tried yet and that is QUITTING SMOKING. I am addicted to smoking but have been cutting back a lot recently. I plan on quitting completely when I get back from vacation and see what happens!

This is what I plan on doing:

-quitting smoking

-taking Yaz BC for hormones and acne

-getting off doxycycline

-sticking to my regimen

-sticking to my diet

-and red light therapy

*also I am going to see this esthetician who has helped my friend get rid of her acne!

and if that doesn't help then I GIVE UP haha

I will update when I get back from vacation on how my skin reacts with the beach! :/

Wish me luck!

P.S. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND RED LIGHT THERAPY so you don't have to walk around feeling so awful about yourself. It is almost a miracle.


My skin was looking pretty good until this morning I decided to lay out for 15 minutes! ughh it just made my patches even more red!!! dang it!

I have a few whitehead/pimples still that I am trying to get rid of. I thought laying out would help dry them out quicker!

My skin is looking much better except for all the scarring and red spots!!! It looks like I still have acne but they are just those stupid spots that wont go away on my cheek. :((((

I want these pimples to go away ASAP I only have less than a week for my skin to look better!!! I am scared I am going to look like a freak in front of my crush.

This random breakout is seriously ruining my life.

Will scarring medicine like mederma help to put on my face? I am scared to try it!


YAYYYYYY! I got my Paragard IUD removed today because I believe it has been causing my acne inflamation.

I honestly think it has already helped my skin because yesterday I had a huge inflamation on my forehead, and it has already gone down a lot. My skin actually looks a little bit better today...I will update on how it goes after a couple of weeks.

I really don't want to be without any birth control because I cannot get pregnant right now haha! So my doc perscribed me to YAZ- which is also supposed to help with acne.

However, I have done a lot of research and have seen mixed results about it. A lot of people say that their acne got worse before it got completely better while taking it. And others have said their acne started clearing up immediately!

I am really scared to take it now, and am going to wait until I get back from the beach to start taking it.

I want to quit taking doxy as well, so once I start running low on this bottle, I am gonna wean myself off of it.

I also have some concerns about mixing Yaz and Doxy together...Will it make my acne worse? Will it get better? Or stay the same and not work at all bc mixing antibiotics with BC!!???

Anyone have any experience with mixing these two?? Or have anything they would like to share about Yaz and how it has helped their skin??? I am scared that it will be a disaster!!! HELPPPPPPPP


I have not updated on this blog in a while because I have been waiting to see results...

So far, my face is slowlyyyyyyyy getting better.

My regimen (because a few have been asking) is:

Of course washing my face twice a day w/ cetaphil OR Benzoyl Peroxide face wash 10% (even though its a little strong), but it has worked really well for me because my chest and back is completely clear from it!!! It seems to help my face a lot too.

I swap everday with acanya gel or retinA on my zits. AT LEAST applying 3 times a day. At night I will apply BP 10% on some really bad looking spots and go to bed.

Then use the olay moisturizer w/ jojoba oil.

My skin isn't as dry-but it gets really flaky.

And Of course, I don't wear makeup as much. However, I just ordered some Laura Mercier face makeup kit that had really good reviews..just a little pricey.

My diet right now is meats, veggies, and fruits----no bad oils. I make smoothies constantly with veggies and fruits in them.

I only drink water.

Also I am taking zinc, vitamin A, D, & C, cod liver oil pills, enzymes, and probiotics? I feel like I am forgetting something lol.

The only hard thing about this diet is that I am addicted to peanut butter and chocolate so sometimes I cheat with those haha!

I also, recently refilled one of my doxy prescriptions for a quick fix to get rid of bacteria-which isn't all that smart...but whatever!


My stupid freaking PARAGARD IUD. I thought that the non hormonal side effects would be a good thing!! wronggggg. I did lots of research and everyone I have seen has said they got acne from it. (Something about the high levels of copper)

So, I will be getting it removed ASAP.

So, I will let everyone know what happens after I have gotten rid of the paragard (probably in a couple weeks).

Since I wont post any pictures of how I look (i'm not that brave): My skin is perfect everywhere else besides an annoying sized patch on my left cheek, a couple small pimples on my right w/ scars, and some scars that are fading on my forehead w/ one zit in the middle!! I know that doesn't sound too horrible because I know it could be a lot worse!!! But it still is embarassing and awful to look at.

I have also decided that I am never going back to the dermatologist again because they ruined my skin...and there is nothing left for me to try that will work long term.

SO fingers crossed I can go get my IUD removed on monday, and I will get back to everyone on how I look!!!

(hopefully my skin will be a lot better by AUGUST 8)----read my other entries to know why. I am done typing haha.

P.S. If anyone would like share with my about the copper IUD and their horror stories too! YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME!!!




This regimen has done nothing but make my skin wayyyyyy tooo dryyyyy. It literally looks like leather.

And just when I thought my acne was clearing up....THREE HUGE ONES ARE ABOUT TO APPEAR. ONE ON EACH CHEEK AND FOREHEAD. Nothing is fucking working. I am ready to give up. No matter how hard I try I cannot get rid of this horrible shit. I know vanity isn't everything, but everytime I look in the mirror I just want to cry. I feel so ugly and disgusting. I look like I have a disease.

I am spending about $80 on vitamins, that I just ordered online (bc I rarely want to leave the house with my fugly face).....and then more $$$ on healthy food at the grocery store tomorrow. SO for the next 3 weeks I am seriously changing my diet. NOOOO MORE BREAD.

I have 3 weeks to look presentable for my vacation. 3 WEEKS.

Sorry for this over dramatic and psycho post. Just needed to vent.



This new topic is going to be about makeup...

I am somewhat of a girly girl. So naturally, I obsess with having good hair, makeup, and clothes. I cannot help it, I am just really into all that kind of's just what I like.

I am pretty sure that wearing makeup is one of the reasons I have bad skin. I love it, and I used to wear it almost every single day. However, I almost never go a day without washing my face.

I have not really worn any makeup lately, due to trying to get my skin back on track. I have avoided even going out with my friends because I don't want to put on makeup.

Once, OR IF, I do get my skin looking a lot better, I am still going to avoid putting on makeup at all costs. Unless I am going out or going somewhere nice.

I just want to know what products to purchase that are worth the expensive cost OR are cheap, but also really good for your skin.

I need to know for:







Help a girl out!!! :)


Hey Y'all! My name is Kendall & I have struggled with acne off and on since I was 15.

When I first started having breakouts, they were just minor on my forehead- yet ugly and noticeable.

I became pregnant at a younger age and had my daughter (age 17)- during that time my skin was in tip top shape and beautiful! Ughhhhh I miss those days. It wasn't until about a year that I started to have horrible breakouts.

I went to the doctor and they prescribed my some antibiotics, because they believed it was an infection. I got some topical stuff to put on it as well. It all started clearing up and I didn't have a massive breakout until 2 years later.

It started during the summer and has been coming back off and on ever since! (I am now 20 about to be 21).

I went to see my very first dermatologist- they first put me on Bactrum and some other topical (I have had so many topicals I can't even remember all of them), and that just made all of my symptoms worse...and some other side affects as well.

So, I went back and they put me on some type of tetracyline w/ more topicals anddddd did a chemical peel. NONE OF THAT SEEMED TO BE WORKING.

I went back again and they finally put me on doxycycline and acanya topical. That actually started helping for a couple months, but then it got bad again. So, I went back and they decided they wanted to put me on this blood pressure medicine that was supposed to help for women's hormonal acne. I can't remember the name, but after researching the medication it scared me to death with all the side effects and that it did not work and was not a good long term route to be on.

I dropped that dermatologist & quickly found a new one recommended by a friend.

This doctor then put me on the same type of treatment before- doxycycline & acanya & retinA.

This all seemed to be working for about a couple of months, and washed my face with benzoyl peroxide 10%. This all seemed to help a great deal, but my skin was still not perfect especially around my time of the month. I also have been taking probiotics, vitamin A, multivitamins on a regular basis.

I finally thought it was going away for good, until this summer happened. I went camping one day and woke up the next day with huge zits on my cheek. (I had not had any acne on my cheeks in a long time, just on my forehead). So this made me freak out. I literally dried the living crap out of my skin to try and get rid of my horrible zits. But it just made it even worse and more and more started showing up, with horrible irritated dry skin.

I went to the beach with my family and it only made it worse because my medication mixed with the sun on me all day, made me feel like my skin was on fire. I looked like I had a freaking disease.

Its been a couple of weeks since then, and my skin has not really gotten any better. Just when I finally get rid of a couple pimples- two or three more appear. AND IM SCARRING. On my cheeks.

I found this website and have been trying to do the regimen & staying away from makeup as much as possible. It's been a week since I have been doing the regimen and I don't really see much improvements. I also have started taking cod liver oil pills, and I am going to purchase zinc & vitamin D as well.

Hopefully things start looking up soon & this nightmare will all be over. I hope *fingers crossed*

I am forever displeased with all dermatologists. I feel like I have been scammed by them this whole time. Anyone else feel the same way?? I would just like to say a big F U to all of them because they have just made my life a living hell. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THEM FOR ACNE AGAIN.

Also, does anyone have any suggestions for scarring on the cheeks???



a very frustrated young lady.

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