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Day 22

Its been about 3 weeks so far. Everything is going well in terms of side effects. My acne doesnt really look any different, but atleast I havent had an initial breakout. I have noticed that my hair and face gets less oily. I really want to up my dosage because im still taking 50 mgs a day and i think i need to go higher. My derm appointment in aug 6 so i will ask about upping the dosage then. I had a consultation with my gyno today and it turns out that i have to get my dermoid cyst on my left ovary removed. Its 5 cms now and growing fast. My gyno said the dermoid cyst could be leading to my cystic acne but there is no way to be sure. I will be getting surgery to remove it so we'll see!

Im still dealing with the huge cyst on my left cheek that doesnt seem to be improving.....


Day 15

Its been about 2 weeks since starting spiro. I am taking 50mg (25mgs twice a day). So far I haven't had any initial breakout or anything. I think its working, but I definitely need to wait it out longer. Haven't been bothered by any side effects (except maybe my boobs got a little bigger). The one thing I am disappointed in is that it hasn't really worked to shrink this one monster cyst on my left cheek that I have had for over 2 months now....Maybe I just need to give it more time, but I have a derm appointment on Aug 6th so if its still huge by then, I'm gonna get the cyst either shot with cortisone or lanced.


it looks a little better than my original picture of it, but still bad. it has like 4 heads, but underneath is just one big bump. I have been putting castor oil on it every night and i think it has helped a little, but not as much as I would like. I got it shot with cortisone already about a month ago but it only shrunk a little.

Should I get another shot, or get it lanced?


Day 11

Hey everyone-

So its officially day 11 of spiro. Just yesterday I switched over to 50 mgs instead of 25 mgs and I didn't notice any bad side effects. I'm feeling pretty hopeful about spiro. I haven't had any bad breakouts yet (which isn't completely weird for me because I only get like one huge cyst a month anyway).

I also got my MRI back for my ovarian cyst, and it turns out its a 4 centimeter DERMOID ovarian cyst (yes, the kind of cyst that contains hair, skin, nails, teeth, eyes, sweat glands, etc.) I went to another dermatologist today and he said the dermoid cyst could definitely be causing my weird, lumpy, cystic acne. I hope I have to get the dermoid cyst out, and hopefully that will resolve all my problems, but I have a consultation with my gyno on July 30th, so I'll find out then if I have to get it out or not/when.

I'm still dealing with this huge cyst on my left cheek (3 or 4 cystic pimples connected to form one huge lump). I got it shot with cortisone but nothing really happened. Should I get it lanced? Anyone have any suggestions?

Im not gonna take any new pics because my cheeks look exactly the same!


Day 5

So its day 5 of spiro. So far nothing has really changed. I have started on 25 mg. My derm wants me to start slow so that my body can adjust to the pills. His directions were to take 25 mg for the first 10 days, then alternate 25 mg on even days and 50 mg on odd days for the next 10 days, then 50 mgs per day for the next 10 days. Hopefully going this slow will decrease chances of having an initial breakout. I should add I'm also using topical erythromycin and topical sulfacetamide solution (both are topical antibiotics). As far as side effects go, I have really noticed many. I have maybe been slightly more tired and a little more hungry. This could just be my body adjusting. I also pee more often but thats a given since spiro is a diuretic. Ill update again soon.

Here is what my face currently looks like:





Hey everyone-

I wanted to document my experience with spironolactone, but first I want to give a little background info about myself. I have had perfectly clear skin my entire life, until I turned 19, and started breaking out in cysts on my cheeks. I'm 20 now, so its been about a year of this hell. I don't usually have a lot of cysts and one time, but the cysts I do get don't go away and they are huge! My derm thinks it could be related to an ovarian cyst that was found on my left ovary that is causing a hormonal imbalance.

Things I have tried:

-Retina A (cream and gel)


-Loestrin Birth Control

-Doryx (Doxycycline-oral)

-Minocycline (oral)

-Paleo Diet (which I still am on)

None of the above have even shown the slightest bit improvement for my skin. I really don't want to go on accutane so spironolactone is my last resort! I hope it works!

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