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Accutane as an adult

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2 Weeks Of Accutane

So, nothing new to report. No side effects? No real dryness, just itchy arms a little, but I moisturizer like crazy. Lips r not dry yet but my mouth gets dry. But drinking lots of water helps! I'm curious that I'm not more dry. At least the lips? Not,complaining though I started own my normal dose routine of 20 in am and 20mg at pm, so we shall see how I react. I don't eat tons of fat and know its best to take ur pill w fat so I usually down a tsp of pb w my meal so in getting healthy fats w my accutane.

Still using aqua for for lips. Although I just got the Dior lip maximizer and its thick and amazing for ur lips. Using la mer cream and spf during the day. Using Olay gentle cleanser which I love and the neutrogena toner which is alcohol free and very gentle. More like a makeup wipe but cheaper. I totally recommend it! I live my la mer cream too. It's so thick and soothing but not quite greasy...expensive of course but that's my one splurge:). I also have been using the bliss sugar scrub for my lips and its amazing. Could b why my lips r not that dry, it works wonders for dry flaky lips without irritating them.

My scalp is itchy, but I use jojoba or coconut oil few times a week and let it sit overnight and it works!,, better than head and shoulders!!!!

So, feel free to comment, and let me know how you all r doing on ur accutane journey


So Far So Good

Hi all!!! So, day 12 and doing just fine regarding side effects. Since I was on such a. Low dose to begin with (10mg) I really haven't had any side effects. Not even dry lips yet! I know it's comi g though:). As of yesterday taking 20mg for another week and then will bump up to 40mg. Just trying to allow my body to slowly get adjusted to this drug.

Switched to olay gentle cleanser and am liking it so far. I prefer it to cetaphil or cerave bc its not as thick. But still soap free and fragrance free. I started using creme de la mer!!! And am loving so far. Only the second day in but it is very soothing and moisturizing without being greasy. It's so expensive so not sure yet, I bought the small sample size to start with!!! Spf, i use skinmedica daily or clinique city block. Other than that, no dryness at all. Slight headache first few days but gone as of now. My eyes r getting drier but already had that, and my scalp may be getting itchy or it could just be me thinkin it is. Ha. Anyways, I haven't had any new breakouts recently knock on wood!!!!! But my time of month will b the true test!

I am getting some slight redness already. Like when I apply my moisturizer I look a little pink/flushed. Which I know can happen.

Also using cetaphil lotion for my face if I seem more dry. I love it. Although t can be a little shiny/greasy feeling. But hasn't made me breakout!!!

I'm debating using a serum in my regime by caudalie called vinoperfect. I know the whole spiel about no products and all but I am a pigmenter, and if I use nothing i get brown and blotchy (thnx to hormones). It's super gentle and all natural. And I've read many accutaners have used it without a problem... So we shall see. If it irritates me I won't use it, simple as that:)

Would love to hear from you all on ur journey as well!!!!


Where is the dry lips? ha, not that im wanting that...but i seriously feel nothing, other than my skin becoming overly sensitive! Im sure once my dose is increased next week it will happen- as of now, skin is pretty much the same- i have started using cetaphil lotion for my face- and LOVE it- seriously people, I used skinmedica prior to this- and paid 50 bucks for moisturizer, and it did nothing but irritate my skin. However, I already notice a difference in my skin w the cetaphil- its so soft! Not using the cleanser bc i just dont like it- it may work for lots of people, but not a fan- I use olay for sensitive skin and seems to be ok- no fragrance or chemical...However, im thinking of tyring Josie Moran cleansing oil along w this- its supposed to be super great at removing makeup (im not a big makeup gal most of the time) and good for sensitive skin bc it softens while deep cleansing- ANYONE use this bf??? Let me know:)


Not Much Goin On

Today is day 5 on low dose, 20mg ev other day for a week. Nothing so far as to be expected. Not even dry lips which shocks me. Anyways, nothing new to report. Anyone else on the same timeline?


Day 4

Dhad vbeam laser done Monday Once my skin has healed, not like there's much healing to do after that, I will start my regular dosage of 40mg. Can't wait!!!! I got some awful breakout the other day and had like 10 breakouts which is record for me! So depressing. My dr said it was caused by OTC hydrocortisone I put on my face after the laser which can apparently induce acne. Ugh! Anyways she put me on 200 mg of doxy for a week along w clindacin p wipes which r terrible Basically u r rubbing alcohol on ur face. Along w salycilic wash(neutrogena). anyone else use that bf. i actualy kind of like it? but prob wont be able to use it once im on accutane. Anyways. It's way better today thank god. I'm sick of hiding out in the house! I'm so ready to start my course. I talked to my dr about possibly staying on tane for 6 mo instead of 5, anyone have any input. I will have reached 120mg/kg at 5 months but feel like I have better chances of gettin rid of this if I extend my course to 150mg/kg??? Thoughts ???


Accutane Journey

Next week, Monday begins my accutane journey...again. I was on accutane years ago at the age of 23 and now am beginning a round at age 32, as of yesterday!!!! I had perfectly clear skin, and after having my daughter, my skin began going crazy, slowly but surely. I tried all the creams, antibiotics, BC, spiro etc. to no avail. I was depressed and it began severely affecting my life... So, my awesome Derm allowed me to start again. Praise god. Honestly people, I know all the side effects so no need to lecture on why mild acne shouldn't be treated w accutane. If nothing else works and it effects ur quality of life, it's worth it to me. I had absolutely no side effects last round, except dry lips, a few nose bleeds and dry eyes. And it worked within a month. I don't have severe acne, just under the skin cysts that are persistent and don't respond to any other therapy. Worst around my period, blackheads, and combo skin. I'm so ready to start accutane, and cannot the past year I've tried lasers as well, and that took care of some brown spots, but that's about it. I'm tired of wasting my time and money.

My Derm has me on 40 for 2 months and then 60mg for 3 for 5 months...I weigh about 117.

Starting Monday, I think I will begin with 20mg a day for the first week just to see how I respond. And move up from there.

Wish me luck, I haven't ever kept a log so I'm excited to keep track of my progress:). Anyone else journeying with me please feel free to post and lets stay in touch!!!

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