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My Amnesteem (Accutane) Journey

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Day 40

So I had my one month check in with my derm back on the 30th and It went really well:) Dr. Desilva was very happy with my progress, he commented that I went from 36 large cystic spots to 16 small/medium cystic spots. I have also started on my full dose of Accutane. I was taking one 40mg pill a day and now I'm on two 40mg pills a day. I have already seen the difference in side effects almost immediately. My dry lips become even more dry I'm talking like they looked like raisins. I have like 5-6 tubes of Aquaphor either on me or around me at all times. I've noticed my skin is starting to get irritated from the sun, I feel itchy and slightly sun burned. The first couple of days starting on the new dose, I was moodier and really tired. I feel like I've bounced back pretty well after the initial few days. My weight baring joint i.e. my hips, knees and ankles are feeling a bit sore. I do regularly workout so I have to be careful not to over strain myself, but the soreness isn't bad just more annoying than anything.

That’s it for now, hope you found this information helpful. If you have any other questions feel free to leave a comment and I'll try my best to answer them. Until next time...


Day 26

So there hasn't been any huge changes since the last time I checked in. My acne has been really calming down, there have been no more cystic acne break outs so far. I'm getting regular pimple though. The oddest thing that I have experienced has been my blackheads and whitehead literally have been pushed out of my pores. I go to sleep and when I wake up I can see the blackhead poking out from the surface of my skin.

The texture of my skin had changed too, besides the active out breaks my skin is really starting so smooth out. The redness has been pretty minimal, my foundation covers the redness, so I don’t have to do anything special to cover it up.

Other than the dryness and thirst I'm not suffering from anything else, Aquaphor is my best friend. A lot of you have been asking for pictures and at first I was hesitant and not wanting to show my face, but after looking at the pictures that I have taken from day one to now I have decided that I am willing to share my progress. In these pictures I do have makeup on my you can still see the acne bumps and the amount that covers my face. The picture with glasses is at the beginning and the others are the most recent ones.

Until next time guys:)


Day 16

Hey guys, just wanted to let you guys know how I've been doing on Accutane. I'm so happy with the results so far, I know that sounds weird, but I have seen a difference in my skin. I know that so crazy, people have told me that they didn’t see results until the third month, but for me that isn't the case. Yes I still have my cystic acne, but they are less red and angry looking. The dryness of my skin hasn’t really changed but I have kept the flakiness at bay with a good moisturizer and plenty of water. I'm still on only half my recommended dose (40mg once a day instead of twice a day). I won’t be going on the full dose until next month, I don’t know how that will affect my symptoms, but we shall see. Right now, dryness is the only real symptom that I notice. I did have slight headaches the first week, but those are gone (knock on wood). I haven't had any nose bleeds( thank goodness) and I hope it stays that way.

Since I'm been pretty dry, I have made the switch to wearing my glasses for the majority of the day, I now only wear my contacts when I go to the gym or when I'm going out some wear where glasses are not practical, like the water park or going to a bar/club. Yes I know you can wear glasses to those places, but I personally don't like that look for myself.

I have my derm appointment at the end of this month, I'm excited about that for sure. I will admit that I thought I would have a terrible time with Accutane, but so far so good, here's to hoping that doesn’t change! Talk to you guys later:)


Day 7

Day 7

My acne has exploded on my face and it hurts to touchL It’s been 7 days since I started taking Accutane and my skin hates me for it! I’ve gotten at least 15 more cystic breakouts around my face. My face is red and angry. The other thing that is really starting to be noticeable is the dryness and flakiness of my skin, especially around my nose and chin/cheek area. It’s really off since my skin in general is still really oily, but all the moisturizer that I put on does nothing for my flaky skin. That was until my brother recommended the Cetaphil moisturizing cream. I slather this stuff on at night and it really helps with the flakes, so in the morning I can put on my make up with looking scary. Lol.

Let me just say that I am not rough with my skin when I cleanse and moisturize.

In the morning I use the following

  • CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser
  • Witch Hazel (as a toner)
  • Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream ( If my skin is looking really dry)
  • Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer (if my skin is not so flakey)
    • EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum 46 Sunscreen

    At night I use:

    [*]CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser

    [*]Witch Hazel (as a toner)

    [*]Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream ( I really slather this on in thin layers to make sure is really absorbed in)


Day 3

So, it’s been three days since I've started on my Accutane journey and so far so good. I've noticed some drying on my chin from active acne breakouts. I don't know if it’s the medication or if the dryness is from the acne healing. Paired with the drying acne breakouts, there is a definite case of dry mouth. I’m pretty good with my water intake 80+ ounces of water a day, but the dryness is never really quenched.

I’m still able to wear my contacts, the dryness hasn't affected my eyes yet but time will tell I guess. My derm really recommended that I switch to my glasses, but I hate the way to look with them on sad.png I hope I can wear my glasses for the whole time I’m no Accutane, but we shall see. Did anyone else had to switch from contacts to glasses?

Any advice what can be given to help alleviate dryness will be welcomed smile.png


So last month I went to my derm to finally give the green light to start on accutane. I stated having mild acne when I was a freshmen in College and got some pretty mild antibiotics and topical creams to clear it up, and it did clear up in 4 months. Unfortunately my acne came back after 6 months and it was worse sad.png I went back to my derm and got some stronger antibiotics and stronger topical creams, once again my acne cleared up in about 4 months. This cycle went one for three years. My derm had told me that accutane was my best option to clear my acne in the long term. Like most first time accutane users I was extremely nervous about the side effects. So I put off going on it when he recommended and went home to do some research. I found a lot of testimonials that stated the side effects are well worth the results so I decided to take the plunge and start up on accutane.

I guess I should start what what type of acne I have so you all can get an idea of what I'm dealing with. I have hormonal cystic acne all over my cheeks and jaw line, occasionally I do breakout on my forehead. when I was first starting to get acne I was super self conscious about it, I still am but I have really tried to not let my acne define me. So that's where I'm at with my acne, I'll think about posing pictures through my amneasteem journey.

I don't know about for guys how the process of getting on accutane works, but for girls its like jumping through hoops. When I first made my appointment I was all gun ho about starting the medication the next day, but boy was I surprised. For girls since we are the givers of life we have to make sure that we do not get pregnant while on accutane. I was signed up for the ipledge program and had to read and initial all this information about birth control options and which options that I will choose for the duration of the prescription. After signing what felt like my life away (just kidding, all of this is really important) I took a pregnancy test to make sure that I was not currently pregnant and then had to wait one month to get a preliminary blood test before I start on accutane to make sure my body could handle the medication and to make sure that I was not pregnant. One major concern I do have about side effects is the joint pain, I do work out 4-6 times a week with weight training at least 3 of those days, I guess we will have to see what happens.

So after waiting a month, which I was not the most patient with, I finally got my hands on the medication. Yay!!! I was prescribed 40 mg to start off with. My derm suggested that I start taking just one 40 mg pill once a day for the first month, instead of 40 mg twice a day, to see how my body handles it.

I will try to me good and document my journey on a consistent bases of once a week, but if something happens do to medication I will definitely come and document it