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My Daily Regiment

Hello there, this is my first time I write in my blog. My name is donny, and I am indonesian. I want to share my daily routine to keep my face free of acne.

First time in the morning, while taking a bath, I used to wash my face using nivea visage sparkling white purifying foam, it contains beeswax, and doing great on my skin. Somehow it keeps my face from growing acne, in my opinion. I wash my face very gently, nearly without any pressure. Yes, you have to treat your face really gently to keep it healthy and free from acne. Then I dried my face using dry cloth, and with just tapping it gently, without rubbing my skin.

After my face dried, I would use hada labo shirojyun lotion, to make my skin hydrated all day long, and then using a type of nourishing cream that contain algae/seaweed extract and almond extract. In indonesia its ca

lled Gizi super cream. That's is all my morning routine.

In the evening, I take a bath, and also wahing my face again. The foam is the same, nivea. Then hada labo. But after hada labo, I used calamine lotion. And once in two days, I would put 4% aha cream after the calamine lotion. Fyi, my face is oily before this routine, and now going toward normal.

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