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interlesional corticosteroid injection

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So I am new to this site, but I'll do my best to get my point across....I NEED HELP. How do you guys go about getting the cortizone injection? I've been to two doctors already and they've pretty much laughed off the idea of a cortizone shot for a pimple. One said she could recomend me to a dermatologist (for insurance purposes) but it would be to the only dermatologist in the county, which has a waiting list of four months!! four months are you kidding me?? I pray to God that this is gone before then, either that or he mercifully lets me die. Seriously this thing is dime-sized and that's only because I've been taking anti-inflammatories. So please somebody help me, I need suggestions....How do I find a dermatologist who will perform an injection immediately? How do I make it work with my insurance? (I have Aetna if that helps?) Please somebody HELP

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