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After trying over the counter products and two different retinoids, I am now going to venture into BHA lotion and hope for the best!

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Week Two

Oh dear, two weeks already.

I have noticed a bit of smoothness. I've been pairing the BHA lotion with Cetaphil moisturizer. Part of my problem is dry skin, which I believe contributes to the whiteheads. My cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose still have quite a few tiny bumps, but that is to be expected. Two weeks isn't enough time to deliver results.

There has been one WEIRD problem. Diagonal breakouts! It goes like this: I'll get one hard, painful zit, and then, diagonally above on the left, I'll get another one. Does this make sense? It is one of the oddest things. It has happened three times already: on my right cheek, right side of my mouth, and currently on my left cheekbone. This current breakout seems to be way more painful. Ugh. To treat such breakouts, I put a hot washcloth on the zits, and then a hardening mask. It seems to speed things up a bit.

Could this be the BHA working??? (I've also read that breakouts like this could be a result of food allergies - I hope it isn't!)

I feel as if I'm going a bit off-topic! To summarize: I'm still really hopeful. I can see some results with the BHA. I imagine that perhaps, with a couple of months on my current regimen, my skin will become relatively clear.

Also: I haven't forgotten about posting my regimen! SOON.



I have just finished up my first week. All I can say is: I can't believe how often the texture of my skin fluctuates. One day, it seems like all of the tiny bumps are dissolving, only to find that later that night, my skin is bumpier than ever. I wonder if this is actually happening, or if my mind is just making it seem this way.

I believe that this BHA Lotion is causing me to purge. A couple of the closed comedones have turned into some sort of a mildly painful zit (hopefully this is a good thing!). I have noticed the most changes on my right cheek. A lot of the bigger bumps have gotten smaller. My left cheek, though, is going I-N-S-A-N-E! I have a lot of deep (really, really deep) bumps and I just wonder if this is also a result of using the BHA Lotion.

After some research, I've found that a lot of people purge for the first couple weeks while using BHA products. Hopefully this is going to be the same case with me. I'm not banishing all hope quite yet. After all, it does seem to be making a few changes.

Eventually I'll make sure to share my actual skin care routine.



Day Three

Day three, second application, and I'm already noticing a few changes in my skin.

I don't believe I have gotten any new closed comedones on my cheeks today. The ones I have already had seem to be surfacing and/or becoming inflamed. Perhaps this is the BHA working them out? I sincerely hope so.

I looked at myself with the 'big light' in my bathroom a few minutes ago (this is a light that I, unless extremely happy-go-lucky, refuse to use) and I was not entirely disappointed with what I saw. Yes, there are still bumps. Yes, there are still red dots. But overall, I was noticing a few smoother spots, and it's only my third day! I never noticed this while on Differin. And, these results on Tazorac were depressingly sparse. I believe that since BHAs exfoliate inside the pore, you have a better shot at clearer skin. Am I correct in my thinking?

I can't wait to see how this all progresses. Also, I hope I'm not speaking too soon. There is nothing worse than speaking too soon.



Day One

First of all: Hello to anyone who reads this!

Before I begin my journey, I'd like to take a bit of time to give you an idea of my skin background:

Up until early last year, my skin was perfect. I didn't have any blemishes, and the tone was gorgeous (I feel as if I can compliment it now, seeing as how awful my present skin is). Then, my forehead began to break out in closed comedones. The breakout soon traveled to my right cheek, and then to my left cheek. These bumps vary from small surface bumps, to deep hard bumps that last forever (almost like non-inflamed cysts). I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of them. I was on all kinds of 'systems' for acne. Then, I went to the dermatologist, and he prescribed me with my first Retinoid: Differin. This product did nothing for my skin except make it dry and flaky. So, I went back to the derm, and he prescribed me with my second Retinoid: Tazorac. This, I believe, ruined my skin and damaged it even more. It may have gotten rid of a few closed comedones, but not enough to make me feel better about myself. It looked as if I had spent 12 hours in the sun. Awful. Retinoids aren't for me. (I may, in the future, use the Tazorac to reconstruct my small scars.)

I have been off of the Tazorac since March, and my skin has only gotten worse since then. I was left with about four 'scarred pores' and one icepick scar. (I know that this is nothing compared to what some people go through, but it really does make me feel sick and self-conscious.) In desperation, I ordered a few samples of Paula's Choice 2% BHA lotion, and used it almost every night before bed for a week. People began complimenting me on how much clearer my skin looked! I, being the odd person that I am, thought they were only 'being nice' and ignored it. My samples ran out, and my skin broke out even more.

So now, here we are today. My face is red. I just impulsively 'extracted' a couple of closed comedones. And needless to say, I am freaking out that I'm going to scar (because some of these closed comedones were deeper than usual).

Amidst all of this malady, I washed my face with Simple Moisturizing Wash, toned it with Boschia Tonic, steamed it, and applied Paula's Choice 2% BHA Lotion. To moisturize I am only going to apply a thin layer of Aloe Vera gel, and call it a night.


  1. Removal of Closed Comedones and acne breakouts
  2. Redness relief
  3. (Hopefully) diminish scarring

I can't wait to share my experience, and I hope that this blog progressively becomes more positive with each update!