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1St Week


I've read logs from people on this website and it has helped me stick with the regimen in hopes of getting clear skin. I've decided to basically post my journey to clear skin and I hope it does the same for some other people.

Quick Overview:

I have "moderate acne" (mostly closed comedones and milia) which have gotten worse over the years. I've had the milia for over 6 years now (they won't go away) and the closed comedones which are recent and have been bothering me a lot lately. The most prominent areas in which I get acne are my nose and chin.
I get acne on my forehead now and then but they are small and quickly go away.

I went to my dermatologist which diagnosed the milia and acne. She prescribed clindamycin 1% and Epiduo. I have tried many topical lotions in the past but they never seemed to work. I expected results within a day which is technically unreal for my type of acne. Now I'm committed to use Epiduo every night until my face is cleared up. That's the goal of course!!!

Daily Routine:


- Wash face with Cetaphil (Derma Control) Oil control foam wash.

- Wait around 10 mins.

- Apply clindamycin 1% on the most affected areas only.

- Wait another 10-15 mins. and apply Cetaphil oil control moisturizer with SPF 30

(I use to use strong cleansers and moisturizers that did nothing but irritate my skin. The foam and moisturizer oil control are really gentle so I'd recommend to use it. It doesn't burn when one applies it to dry skin which I think is the best of all).


- Wash face with Cetaphil Oil control foam wash.

- Wait 15 mins.

- Apply Epiduo on most affected areas only

- Sometimes I wait 15 mins and apply Cetaphil oil control moisturizer with SPF 30. I only apply it when I feel like my skin is getting really dry.

1st Week Overview:

I have applied Clyndamicin (morning) and Epiduo (night) every day with the exception of one day because I experienced a burning sensation. I let my skin heal that day and only washed my face with the foam and applied the oil moisturizer. The burning stopped the next day so I went with the treatment as normal. I learned that it is better to apply a pea size amount on the most affected areas, that way my skin would not burn/ itch/ peel as much. There is a bit of itching on the last few days of the week but it usually goes away, nothing that my face can't tolerate.

I had two major closed comedones on my chin which hurt a lot. After a 2 days they dried up and became scabs, I scratched them right off and now those spots are smooth. The other whiteheads I had in my chin have been reduced (and I hope they dry up as the other ones did and go away).

The nose area is still the same, nothing much has changed, there's some redness going on and that's about it. I had a few blackheads near my nasal passageways and they are almost gone which I'm really happy about.

I really hope to see more improvement on my chin. The spots (and milia) around my nose and eyes might take a bit longer because they have been there for a while, I just really hope I see changes in the next few weeks.

Welp, until next week!