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Accutane Day 5

It is near the end of Day 5, and I definitely started to notice the dry skin side effect today. I woke up with my face a little flakey, and I used my Neutrogena moisturizer before I put on my makeup. Needless to say, my makeup looked terrible. It attached to the clumps of dead skin/flakes and looked patchy and gross. I also had to keep applying Carmex because my lips would start to get dry.

When I first woke up my head was aching and it felt like I had a slight ringing in my ears. I know this can be signs of pseudotumor cerebri, which made me really paranoid. It got better after I had been awake for a while though. I'm not sure if this is because I just started accutane or if it is actually something to worry about.

The drowsiness continued, although not as bad as yesterday. I also had a tiny spot of peeling skin underneath my finger. I also ordered more Carmex today and Cerave moisturizing cream, since I need a moisturizer for night that is thick enough to help my skin.

Until next time :)


Accutane Day 4

I think the accutane may start to be kicking in, although it is hard to tell. My lips feel a little dry (almost like a sunburnt type of feeling). However, I also have been biting my lips a lot so it may just be because of that. I am soooo, soooo tired. I forced myself to finally get out of bed at 2p.m. but I could have continued to sleep easily. I hope this isn't a side effect or that it will get better because it will be very hard for me as I am already a really excessively tired person (always have been).

Also, I woke up with more spots than I had the day before and my skin felt a little sensitive. Maybe the initial breakout is starting? I will have to wait and see. I can feel two cysts forming on my cheek, hoping they will just go away.

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