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Since my last blog got deleted? -_-

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So as promised I have included a picture for y'all to see. The picture explains itself, that after just three out of five months since I've began treatment, this is currently where I stand. I am taking a break for about 6 days because I haven't gotten month four filled yet (it takes forever typically). These pictures are not edited, the flash was on for the bottom left hand corner just to kind of illuminate my skin. But it's day one and day ninety. The picture on the right hand side is me today with no flash, no editing, just natural light. I'm quite impressed! Tell me what you think and feel free to email me with questions regarding management of side effects, the process... etc.


Day Ninety

Who knows what happened to my last blog, it got deleted, which upsets me because I actually wanted to see my progress when I was done to give a grand review. Anyways...

So here I am, just finishing day number 90. I feel great, my skin looks airbrushed, my blood work comes back great every time (surprising considering how horribly I eat). I've left my skin alone... I haven't washed it in weeks, I exfoliate when needed with a washcloth, I never use lotion on it, the only product I use is the Art of Shaving for sensitive skin which consists of a pre shave oil, shave cream with a brush, and then the aftershave which as always broken me out terribly. My hands are dry for the most part, and the rest of my skin is quite dry as well...

I had to take a break because I was forced to find another pharmacy due to the cost... I am paying about 600 a month, but this time around they fronted me the price of 1400? Noooooooooooooo never ever would I spend that much... It's ludacris and I can't justify that, so I found a different pharmacy that is charging me the 600 thank God. I'm at King Soopers with it, which believe it or not, is way less expensive than Wal-Mart, Costco, Walgreens, Target, Safeway... I was shocked at the rates I was getting- up to 2000 dollars. Don't pay a cent until you have done your research, and if a pharmacy says they can't get you a cash price without getting the prescription in their hands, keep walking and find someone else, they definitely can, although it may be without their discount (which Kings has a discount for those who's insurance won't cover it and it's off the charts, it saved me 275). So with that being said, the average price I've decided is about 900-1000, but still, don't pay that much. But I digress..

So, in quick detail since I've managed to bore y'all to tears: my skin is insane, it looks as though I was 10 again lol. One thing that happened though (which I am not complaining at all), my face has gotten kind of gaunt, not sickly, but just kind of sunken in which could be from other factors. My pores are gone except for those on my cheekbones, which those were like looking at the moon in HD, 3D, microscope... What have you... absolutely ZERO pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, etc.

In all, the next 60 days will be the longest ever, because I'm so thrilled to be done and off of this, even though it hasn't been as bad as I thought (at all). But so far and I'm sure beyond my time being up, I don't think I'll ever have to invest in anymore medication, OTC acne products*, or anything.

One last thing... I put a * next to the OTC acne products because I was told once by one of my dermatologists that they were meant for those who got pimples every once in a blue moon, not for those of us who've had chronic cystic acne, teens going through hormonal changes, and even those of us who didn't even respond to pharmaceuticals and thought we just needed to wash our face more. I've never forgotten that and it truly made me consider this treatment since.

K Bye <3 ;)

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