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no side effect.

My side effects stopped...! I am taking a higher dosage than first month and my side effects are almost all gone...! My lips are fine, and I don't have rash now..

I don't know why...Acuttane stopped working for me..? No way...right?

I still break out, but not like before.

I had a big cystic, but nothing major :wub:

I started feeling pretty again..(but only a little bit tho.. I have a long way to go...)


Hello :lol:

This is my second month.

I started taking 40mg per day since 4 days ago (I skipped two days...went out with my friends and forgot to take the pill with me..damn :boogie: )

My side effects are...

Dry skin, rash on my arms and hands (itchy and painful..). The corner of my lips are so dry and red. It bleeds sometimes..I have to put a lot of moisturizer all the time!

Those side effects are from 30mg..so now I started taking 40mg..I am so scared!

My skin is now extremely sensitive and partially red..! Easy to get scratch marks..!

Two days ago, I accidentally scratched side of my forehead and now I have a scratch mark there..it is tiny..but hate it :lol:

My self-confidence is...so low.. :boogie:

I also got a cystic on my chin now..and a small white head on my forehead... :boogie:

I am so glad that my semester is over now! No exam! Happy summer time :boogie:.

I am still taking Sotret. I wanted to switch to Claravis, but my doctor likes the brand.. what can I do...! He is well-experienced and nice doctor. So I have to believe him..!


7 days

Day 7 , 30mg at night:

Dry dry dry...! My lips hurt... :boogie:

Nosebleed... my left side..!

Tomorrow, I have to go out with my friends all day... I hope my nose won't bleed.. :lol:


OKay, so now..

I started taking 30mg (at night) everyday since April 26th. Thank you, iTOM. I tool your advice :boogie:. I don't have any serious side effects.

My skin is so dry. But I feel fine :lol:.. I have 3 white head (small) on my chin. I don't see any differences yet...just dry...

I have been really busy...!


Hi everyone.

Yesterday morning(Monday), I called my doctor.

I explained him everything. He was very nice and sweet.

Basically he told me that I should stop taking Accutane for now, and he wants me to call him back on Wednesday. If I feel fine by then, I can try it again. But if the headache and nausea come back, I should stop the medication right away. I am so scared.. :dance:..

I asked him about my dosage. He said he MIGHT give me a lower dosage. I really refuse to take 60mg any more.. it really scares me..! So I'll definitely tell him to give me a lower dosage no matter what..! I am also going to switch the generic brand..to Claravis from Sortet. I really want Accutane treatment to work for me... :( ! Hopefully everything will be okay...

I noticed that my skin is very drying, especially my nose and around my lips. My skin is peeling a little, and looks funny :)

Yesterday, I got two cystic acne on my forehead and my chin...I am feeling down a little.. :dance: ...They are painful and look so red..!

I am going to stay home and relax all day today...

Thanks Spring Break :redface::( !


I ended up staying home all day today... :redface:

I supposed to go out with my bf, but I didn't feel like it..so he came here instead.. :) ...

I posted a topic about my side effects earlier today, and got some advices from members. Thanks a lot :dance: ! They are really cool and I am so glad that I found this site.. :dance:

I thought I was going to take Accutane 30mg tonight, but I'll wait till I talk to my doctor about last night(the side effects that I had...)....

I want to have a clear skin with a healthy body! It is no point for me to have a clear skin with a serious health issue..! Then I can't enjoy my life anyway..! I just hope everything will be okay and I will be able to continue my Accutane treatment. I just have to think positive... :(

I'll come back tomorrow after I talked to my derm...

I am going to eat and watch a movie now.

Good night.. :(


I got up at 11:00am this morning.

My headache is gone... :( !!! I am so happy! I don't feel sick at all..! I feel fine :dance:

Last night, I ended up sleeping at 2:30am, because my headache was bothering me :( ..!

It was hell... :) !!!

I researched online more last night and I found many information about Accutane headache, nausea, and vomiting. I learned that many people had experienced them while they were on Accutane. I thought I was a rare case, and so worried about it...!

Also, I really think that I was taking too high dosage and my body couldn't take it :dance:. I am going to take only one pill(30mg) this evening (I am afraid to take it with my breakfast, because I want to go out today..!). No more 60mg for me for a while...I'll call my doctor tomorrow anyway...

I am so glad that I didn't see my bf yesterday...! If he saw me feeling sick and suffering from a bad headache (I don't usually have a headache..!), he would defiantly try to stop me from taking it. But I don't want to give up yet...I just start it and I strongly feel that Accutane will work for me and I will be happy! I feel fine now :dance: , and I know that 60mg was just too much for me to handle. I just have to take it easy and start from lower dosage.

I am so glad that I didn't panic last night. I was very calm, even though I felt so terrible...I was just trying to relax and rest.

Tonight, I hope the pill won't give me a hard time..! :redface:


When I got up this morning(10:30am), I felt fine. My face was a bit drying, but nothing major.

I went out to get a branch with my friends around noon.

I took my 30mg pill with water around 1:30pm(right after finish eating).

I felt totally fine.

I got really tired and sleepy when I came home, so I took a nap around 3:00pm. I got up 6:30pm. I realized that back of my head is starting to feel pain a bit...But I didn't care.

Around 7:30pm, my headache became really bad...But I told myself over and over again that it is nothing and it would go away very very soon...I drank a lot of water and sit on my couch.

Around 8:00pm, I started feeling really sick and I throw up...My headache was getting worse..I was feeling really sick...I tried to lying on my bed, but it didn't help me at all...

Around 9:00pm, I went on research a bit about Accutane and its side effects, and I found out that what I have right now are one of its side effects...I wanted to read more about it, but I felt really sick...so I stopped.

I skipped my dinner, and skipped my pill...No one at home today, but me..wish somebody could take care of me...I felt very weak..

It is past midnight. I am feeling a bit better right now, but I still don't want to eat and I don't want to drink anything...But I ate a piece of chocolate though...

I am still having a bad headache and feeling a bit sick. I slightly have stomachache...

I am going to stop taking Accutane for now, and I'll call my derm doctor on Monday.

I really really want to keep taking Accutane, because I feel that it is the only solution for my skin. I tried everything and I don't know what else I can do now besides Accutane.. I am playing that it is nothing and I can start taking it again...

Maybe 60mg is too high for me and I just need to lower my dosage...

12:45am. I am going to bed..I hope it is just one time thing...and I can continue my Accutane treatment.

Good night..


2nd Day - 60mg

This morning, I got up and washed my face, and I noticed that under my nose is very drying..! I am not sure why...Is it because of Accutane...?! I only took a 30mg pill last night. So, it can't be..., right... :) ?

Anyway, I had to apply a lot of moisturizer on it. It is very unusual..!

Day 2 :

Lunch 2:30pm - 30mg

Dinner 8:30pm - 30mg

I feel fine. Under my nose is still dry. I mean very dry... :redface:

I have a combination skin. In the morning, it's dry. But it gets oily during a day.

I always carry a face cleaner pad with me, and use it twice a day.

My doctor said to me, "When you finish your Accutane, You'll look like a movie star. I promise." When I heard it, it made me so happy...I don't need to look like a movie star, but I just want to look like a healthy normal person! No more red spots and acnes all over my face...!

I am going to bed now. 1:00am..good night.


I am going to start my Accutane treatment today...!

I am hoping that Accutane will work for me without giving me any serious side effects.. :)

Right now, I have only one cystic acne(well..one is enough for me :dance: !) and 5 acnes. Those 5 acnes are smaller, but they are still very red and visible..Sometimes those smaller one become big cystic, so I hate them as much as I hate cystic acnes.

I usually have 4-5 Cystic acnes at a same time, so right now my face is clear compare to last month. (Oh, but last week, my face was horrible..I had 5 cystic. They are all gone now, but left very big red marks.. )I usually get them on my forehead and chin. I used to get them on my cheek a lot a few years ago, but I barely get them now.

Every time I get cystic Acnes, they usually stays on my face for a long time...about 2-3 months. I hate them so bad..They are usually very painful and it makes so hard to wash my face..After they heal, the red marks usually stays for a long time..about 6-10 months..So I end up looking like I have many acnes on my face all the time including my active acnes...It has been a VERY BAD cycle for me..My face has never looked clear for a long time..

I also have scars (shallow) here and there..I am hoping that those will improve during my Accutane course.

I suppose to take 30mg twice a day, but I just picked up my pill from a pharmacy.

So I'll start taking a pill 30mg tonight.

Wish me luck.. :redface:


I can't wait..

I am breaking out..I really can't wait to start my Accutane treatment. But it's end of April.. :)

My derm is really great. He is well-experienced and sweet. He makes me feel a lot better about Accutane. I understand about side effects and I am willing to accept them during my treatment. I am so ready to start..!

Right now, all I can do is to eat healthy, exercisers, and relax. But I wish I could start Accutane right now :redface:


I will be on Accutane starting next month.

I am struggling with acne since 19 years old. I tried almost everything, but nothing had worked for me so far...Antibiotic for 2 years, Chinese medicines for a year, proactive for a year...and other products for acne treatments. I also had expensive laser treatments and facial, spent a lot of money on them..But no result..I eat healthy.I drink a lot of water. I am not sure what is wrong with me...Hate acne! It really takes my confidence away from me...I am always worried about getting a new one. Evey morning I get up, the first thing I do is to check my face..and I am tired of it...

To be hones, I didn't really want to go on Accutane since I had heard a lot of terrible stories about it. I used to against it every time dermatologists (I went to see many derm) mention to me about it. But since two years ago, my acne got worse and out of control...Now I have no choice but to try it out..

Hopefully it would save me and I would be the happiest person after the treatment :) .

Well, only time will tell.. :dance::redface:

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