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Not only am I obsessed with the gorgeous Kerry Washington's powerful portrayal of D.C.'s political fixer Olivia Pope on ABC's Scandal, I am also super obsessed with the actress' flawless, even toned skin. Kerry is one of those celebrities who maintains naturally flawless and glowing skin. She is someone who is very determined when it comes to caring for her body and her skin and she does so from the inside out. So after scoping out some of the star's regimens and treatments, I found skin care tips from Kerry's own mouth as well as her aesthetician/beautician and facialist that help achieve a flawless complexion, particularly for dark skin tones:

Kerry's Skin Care Regimen:

  • Kerry uses a mild, non-drying cleanser like Cetaphil or Neutrogena Ultra Gentle daily cleanser
  • She follows up with Dr. Hauschka's Clarifying Toner to remove excess oil.
  • Kerry also applies a re-texturizing fruit enzyme peel by Yonka Gommage 305 to her face once a week
  • She follows with a non-greasy hyaluronic acid-based gel serum, by Epicuren to treat her dry patches
  • For her dark spots she uses Dermalogica SPF 30 sunscreen, which contains reflecting particles
  • This is followed by Yonka 305 eye cream to fix puffiness and dark circles

    Kerry's Diet tips:
    • Kerry drinks LOTS and LOTS of water to stay hydrated and detoxify her skin
    • Kerry is big on vegan protein shakes (with coconut water instead of regular water, for taste)
    • She also enjoys nutritionist, Kim Snyder's, Glowing Green Smoothies
    • Kerry takes fish oil in which she claimed, "That's really helped in terms of my skin. I had eczema as a kid and sometimes if I get really stressed out or if I'm not watching what I'm eating it can flare up...the fish oil helps me to have enough healthy fatty acids."
    • Kerry eats a lot of local organic foods when at home and filming on location
    • She is also a fan of Borba skin supplements and drink mixes to clear her acne and give her glowing skin

    Kerry's Aesthetic Skin Care Treatments

    [*]Since women with darker skin tones are more prone to dark spots and hyperpigmentation, Kerry uses ultrasound treatments to clear up her discoloration. As her aesthetician Kate Somerville claims, "They detoxify and are good for acne." She also states, "When used in combination with lightening agents, ultrasound can improve and brighten pigmentation.


My Acne Diet

After years and years of suffering from acne and using countless numbers of prescribed/over the counter acne medications, I came to the realization that the way to start improving the appearance of my skin was from within. I stood back and looked at everything that I was putting into my body and thought that my diet was the thing that was triggering my skin flare-ups. For a long time I would eat things that were totally unhealthy; foods that were high in starch and sugar or baptized in oil like rice, fried chicken, and zeppoles which would cause me to break out constantly. But after some research and speaking to a nutritionist and dermatologist, I decided to finally change up my diet. I am now starting a diet that consists of anti-inflammatory ingredients and skin soothing nutrients. So here are some of my daily skinny down tips for my skin to start off:

Acne diet tips:

  • Watch the kind of water you drink, but drink plenty of it (pure/filtered and room temperature)
  • Eat mostly organic fruits and veggies

    If you're like me and you hate veggies, blend them with your fruit in the morning and have a smoothie.
    • Skip the sugar and refined starches (carbs)

      I used to love bread and pastries, especially when they were hot and fresh out of the bakery, but I found those foods cause you to break out and make you feel sick because of the gluten. Instead eat some whole grains because refined carbs increase insulin secretion, which may promote acne by helping testosterone clog pores and intensify oil gland secretion.

      • NO dairy

      Instead drink almond or coconut milk

      [*]Minimize processed foods

      [*]Take it easy on the oils

      I usually don't cook with oil, I cook mostly with chicken broth, but if you are going to use oil use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil (which most people think is the "good" oil) because it can influence hormones that cause acne.

      ***I will post some recipes and daily diets that help soothe acne flare-ups soon!

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