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I thought I should keep my blog up to date as I hate when people just leave and you never know if their skin stayed clear or not. I am happy to report that things are still going great with my skin, I have been on my regimen for over a year and a half and have been totally clear of acne for just over a year. For those don't know I was put n Dianette birth control and Differin 0.1% gel In June 2013 after suffering from a really bad breakout which had been building up for about six months, cystic and a lot of blocked pores and really bad texture do to be too aggressive on my skin in an attempt to clear it. My skin started to settle down after 3 months on that regimen and then I was totally clear by six months, in other words no new cystic or larger spots and my texture beginning to improve. My skin has only got better from then, I think I have had about 3 noticeable spots since that six month mark and I can't even remember the last one that I had, my texture is back to what it was and my scarring is all but gone. I have two or three really shallow indents from the worst of my cystic outbreak but they get better all the time and I honestly don't notice them.

I have kept my skincare simple, only cream or gel cleansers, nothing with soap in it that foams and a simple moisturiser for day and something a bit thicker for at night. I now only use my differin once or twice a week especially now that we are in winter, I am trying to get back in to a better routine and use it every other night but so far I have not noticed any problems with dropping back on how much I use it, I still use my salycilic acid serum as well, usually during the day over my moisturiser or at night instead of differin, but again I've dropped back in the colder weather.

I have incorporated some masks in to my routine, Bliss Multifaceted, which has 10% aha and I usually follow this with a moisture mask from no 7, I try to do masks once or twice a week and they have really helped with what was left with my scarring. I also try to keep my skin as hydrated as possible, always moisturise after cleansing and before any topicals, I find my skin tolerates them much better that way, and I always cleanse and moisturise before taking a shower or a bath to make sure that my skin doesn't dry out. I have went from oily dehydrated skin to normal almost dry at times but this is so much easier to control and I don't even need to blot at all during the day.

I hope this gives those starting out some hope, it's not easy, it takes time and you need be consistent and gentle with your skin, do not go over the top with topical creams and keep your skin care simple and nourishing, even oily skin can be dehydrated but it takes time to balance things out, exfoliation is important thought, I prefer aha's and bhas to washes with beads in it, but always follow with lots of moisturiser and only exfoliate only a few times a week.

I'm even happy to report that my scar tissue left by a huge cyst I had, which had turned in to a hard lump under my skin, has now disappeared too, after using a massage technique when applying my topical creams and when washing my face. Gradually I could feel it getting smaller and now I honestly can't feel a thing. I have also switched my pill from dianette to cilest will no problems at all.

Time is a great healer as well as finding the right combination that works for you, things do get better.

Gill xx


Well a few days short of a year but I started my regimen at the end of June last year. It's been a tough journey, very hard at the beginning and a lot of low points. But I am happy to say that after a year of dianette and differ my skin is looking the best it has in a long time my hyperpigmentation is pretty much gone and the handful of shallow scars seem to even more more and more as time goes by and most are pretty much non skin is back to what it was and I am really happy. It wasn't easy and I went through hell at the start but it does get better if you let time and the right regimen to their work. I guess this should be the end of my blog for now as I don't have any regular updates and haven't had a spot as such for over six months and my skin is looking really good, so I guess unless anything changes then that will be it for my blog. I hope it helps someone, when I started my aim was to keep myself motivated but also give a good month to month update for those who were starting on the same or similar regimen to me.

My go to regimen for the last six months has been

Elemis cream cleanser or Priori Gentle aha Cleanser

Vitage correct and perfect serum with salicylic and glycolic acid (very gentle and small amounts)

Avene light daily spf 20 moisturiser

Make up - love estee lauder double wear light and their new BB cream

At night I use the same cleanser as above, either or, not both at the same time

Then I will apply my e45 cream and just before I go to bed I apply my differin, sometimes I will apply the differin before I moisturise and other nights I will skip the differin all together now that my skin has settle but at first I always applied it twenty minutes after washing, waited about half an hour and then moisturised, but one it really got to work I noticed I could mix things up a bit

And that's it really, simple but works for me.

Good luck guy and it really does get better with time. xxx



So not much new to report this month, skin still doing great, love doing my make up again and really looking forward to summer. Scars are really healing well now, my redness is pretty much gone and a couple of indented scars are filling out well as my skin heals and the redness goes, I'm not gonna say it will be perfect but it looks pretty much just like normal skin, and I'm hoping the next year will even things out even more, as I've heard it take up to 2 years for scarring to heal. I'm pretty happy with things and my routine and I feel now that I can plan things as I know my skin isn't going to get in the way. Time really does heal, and I wish I could go back and tell myself that and that checking my skin every two minutes isn't going to make it heal any quicker!

Anyways since I don't have much to report on the skincare from I thought I would list some skincare and makeup products that have helped and that I use currently

In terms of skincare

My go to cleanser is Elemis lime blossom balancing cream cleanser, gentle, soap free, does not break me out and calms down any redness. I take my make up off with this and if I have a lot on I will double cleanse with this, or use a nice warm wash cloth to take off the cleanser for a deeper cleanse

Every few days I will use Priori Gentle Lactic acid aha cleanser, it is a milky looking fluid and once I have removed my make up I will apply this to a damp face and massage for a few minutes, or to a dry clean face for an extra bit of exfoliation, it has no beads in it, is gentle and really brightens up my complexion, but I wouldn't;t say for every day use if you have slightly dry or sensitive skin

I don't use a toner, I just make sure my cleanser gets all my make up off, most toners have harsh ingredients and to be honest if you cleanse well I don't think it is needed to be honest most toners just dried out my skin.

On days or nights when I am giving my skin a break from acne products I will spray some avene therma spring water on my face and let it sit/absorb for a minute then apply my moisturiser, Avene light moisturising lotion spf 20, or at night my E45 cream. For extra protection or on dry skin days I will use my Olay regenerist spf 30 cream instead of the avene

When using my differin at night, I will follow the routine above and let my moisturiser (e45 at night) sit for at least a good hour or more and then apply my differin, usually once a week I will apply the differn on clean skin before I moisturise and only moisturise where I need it to. I also apply remescar silicone stick to my skin right before I go to bed, only where I had my bad break out, I also use it during the day if I will be out in the sun as it has added UVA and B protection, sun exposure is the worst thing for red marks!

I like to do an Amazonian clay mask once a week, mixed with water as apple cider vinegar irritates my skin.

During the day I apply my salicylic acid serum to clean skin, let it sink in then apply my day time moisturiser, then it is on to primer and makeup.

I love the Borjois range and I use their Light serum primer, it is silky smooth and keeps my make in place all day

I then apply borjois healthy mix foundation, with a touch of borjois bb bronzing cream mixed in (now that the sun has come out a bit) I just use clean fingers when I am in a rush or my real techniques brush for fuller coverage (always clean my brushes everyday before I use them). On nights or days out I will use Estee Lauder double wear light instead of the healthy mix, it is fuller coverage and last much longer. I find using my buffing brush with this works much better than fingers.

For concealer under eyes and highlighting I use my clinqiue perfect touch and I will use Seventeen 18 hour concealer or Make up for ever concealer for any redness.

Powder is always Jane Iredale mineral pressed powder, love it, not cakey, nice natural coverage, I will just buff this where I need to on set my make up a bit more or on my oilier areas and touch ups during the day.

For bronzer and conture I've been using too face chocolate bronzer, no breakouts and it is a nice buildable colour.

Blush is a variety of things, right now I am using illamasque, I use my real techniques blush brush then blend out with their small kabuki brush to make it look more natural, sometimes I use the borjois bb bronzing cream on my cheek bones as it gives a nice dewy finish and good alternative to blush. Occasionally I will use a little highlighter cream just at the tops of my cheek bones, just a tiny dab.

I usually do most of this before I do my eye make up, which is pretty minimal during the day, sometimes I will do my eyes before I finish with my power, bronzer and blush.

I always take my make up off when I come home or if I am not going out anywhere, when exercising I always remove my make up. I like to let my skin breath and none of the products above are too heavy, well except the double wear but that is only for special occasions, and I only add extra cover where it is really need to avoid any overload. I've has no breakouts of problems with any of the products above, but I think this is also down to good skincare as well.

As always I take dianette and use differin as my prescribed treatments, I also take a vitamin C soluble supplements and vitamin B soluble supplement, which helps to boost energy and stop sugar being converted into toxin in the skin ( not sure how true this is, but I feel like it does give me a boost and stops my cravings). I watch my sugar in take during the week and eat a balanced diet, exercise also helps

I'm just rambling on, it's more for me to look back and keep track of what is helping my skin just now, but If it helps anyone else that it is great. I am also on the look out for a good face sunscreen, preferably spf 30 or higher for my holiday is anyone can recommend?



Hey guys

Just checking in with my monthly update. Nothing new to report except that my skin continues to improve, not had any active acne for a good few months so my skin is getting plenty of time to heal. Still have days where I think my red marks are never going to go away, but then the next day I think it looks so much better, so there are still highs and lows, but I am happy with where my skin is at. In terms of my regimen it is still the same, cleanse with my Elemis cream cleanser, then I will either apply my avene light moisturiser or apply my salicylic acid serum first and then moisturise. At night it I use the same cleanser, apply my E45 cream then my differin just before bed. I have just started using a silicone stick that is meant to really help with red marks and texture, so I put that on just before I do my make up or just after my differin at night. Only been using it for a few days but have noticed an improvement already which is great and I'll keep you updated on how that goes. Still taking my vitamin c and b vitamins everyday as well.

In terms of make up...I really do love borjois healthy mix foundation. I have tried others but this really is the best...coverage is great and it is so lightweight it makes your skin's not cakey at all and really makes my skin look nice.

Will continue with my monthly updates...I'm starting a new healthy regimen and I have been eating total rubbish's not really affected my skin but should be going on holiday in June and I want to feel and look my best :)

Gill xxx


8 Months

Just checking in, nothing new to report, except tat my scars are really starting to fade now :). Feeling really comfortable in my skin now. Even my small pitted scars, about three or four, are starting to fill in a bit and look more even. I guess time really can heal all wounds. I think this may be due to my dedication to using differin every night, I might take one night off, but on the whole I use it consistently and apply my salicylic acid serum during the day ( its lovely, light weight, invisible and not drying at all). I'm really happy with my regimen now, it has been consistent for the last few months and it's easy..I know when I need more moisture and what my skin can tolerate. I have also been taking a new vitamin c supplement that claims to ensure that all the vitamin is absorbed in to the body, apparently normal tablets are not absorbed well, this is in a paste and you mix it with water. I have also been using the same brand b vitamin supplement as well..studies have shown that over a four week period those taking the vitamin c seen improvements to their skin..I don't know how true this is, but I have been using it for 2-3 months now and I really like it. I also began a new anti depressant about two months ago (after being off another brand for a few months) and I really do feel great for it, that dread seems to be fading away and I am starting to feel much more like the old me :). Anyway I can't think much more to write except to let you know I am doing well and give others hope who are starting out on this hard journey.



7 Months

Hey, so just checking in with my monthly update. Nothing new to note, month seven of dianette and differin. No breakouts, scarring still fading. Feel so much better with and without make up. I think it will take me a long time to get over my insecurities about my skin because my last breakout was the worst I have every had. This regimen is keeping me clear and giving my skin time to heal. I am hopeful that in a years time things should be even better, as I have heard that hyper pigmentation take up to two years to fade fully, and mine is fading every month. The differin doesn't dry my skin or bother me. In the last month I moisturiser first after washing my face when I get in from work and apply my differin before bed, my skin is soft and that combination seems to work well. Still using my protect and perfect serum with salicylic acid during the day, again it is nice and can be used on top of moisturiser and I think it had made a huge difference, my pores are getting smaller, my forehead feels smooth and my only problem is my hyper pigmentation and id say about three shallow scar, which I hope will be hardly visible once my redness goes right down, and I have heard that differin can help with collagen if used long term. I'm not gonna lie I have times where I feel down, but my family have said I have develop body dysmorphia, they say my skin looks great but I still see the redness and scars. I am on new anti depressants and I have always had ocd and anxiety so anyone else would probably be happy with their skin yet I seek total perfection so I am working on sorting my head out as well as my skin. I have added my skincare regimen to earlier posts and don't want to make this one too long, just to say things are still going well for anyone starting this regimen or thinking about it....any questions I am happy to answer.

Gill x


6 Months And A Bit

Hey, so as promised here is my monthly update for you all. It has been just about six months or maybe a little bit more since I started using Dianette birth control and differin to help with a really awful breakout and general terrible skin I was suffering from for about six months. I have keep weekly, then monthly blogs to help anyone else who is starting a similar course of treatment. I think I have mentioned in my previous entries that my breakouts stopped about the 2 and a half to 3 months mark and by that I mean painful cysts and since then I have had a few little blocked pores which went away on their own and to be honest I wouldn't have noticed them but I was so focused on my skin I notice everything and the redness and scarring made it look worse. That has been my biggest challenge in the last three months. The redness was still pretty obvious and I was certain I had some shallow scarring. There is good news, the redness is all but gone, I have notice a very big difference in the last month and with the redness a lot of the shallow scarring is going too, to the point where even when I am looking for it I can't really find it. My skin just looks normal again and washing my face and doing my routine is now kinda enjoyable instead of a chore. I hope all this improvement just gets better.

Now I don't know if it was the dianette or the differin that helped the most, I think my skin is overall much less oily which I would say is the dianette, but the tone and texture is getting better everyday and that must be he differin, which I can tolerate really well now and used about a pea size or two small pea size over my face every night with no irritation. I have also started using a serum under my moisturiser during the day with salicylic acid and hylauronic's lovely and smooth and I think it has contributed to the big difference I have seen this month.

I just want my message from this blog to be give it time. I was impatient but now I am seeing the benefits and glad I didn't give up, I'm not saying it will always be perfect,I know it probably wont but I'm hoping that consistency with my regime will keep me as clear as I can be for as long as I can. Again if anyone has any question I'd be happy to answer, and I'll list my regime and products I'm using below.


Cleanse using Elemis lime blossom cream cleanser (amazing, used it years ago with great success does not break me out and feels great on any dry patches as well as oily areas of skin). I usually massage my face for a couple of minutes then add water or just rinse off, occasionally I used a nice hot face cloth to remove (I would only recommend this now and again and it can be harsh on sensitive skins but great if you have a lot of make up you want to remove)

Wait a couple of minutes and apply a pump of my Vitage perfect and correct serum (with salicylic and hylauronic acid) this drys almost instantly and leaves my skin feelins really smooth

Then apply my Arbonne oil FC5 oil controlling day lotion, it is so moistursing, has an spf and smells amazing.

I have introduced a liquid foundation as powder was too cakey for me. I have been using Borjois Healthy Mix foundation and I love it, it is light coverage but does enough to cover my redness and feels very lightweight on my skin and so far after about a months of using it hasn't broke me out and it gets great reviews online. I also muse the borjois concealor where I need it and then Jean Iredale mineral pressed powder, it's lovely, lightweight kind to my skin and helps cover redness.


Again I cleanse the same as I do in the morning, sometimes I used my Priori Gentle Aha cleanser, it has lactic acid in it but is very gentle and lactic acid is one of the more gentle aha's.

I wait about ten minutes then apply my Differin (I have no irritation now) I apply it on my cheeks and chin as my nose and forehead get a bit red when I used it and I don't really need it there, ocassionally if I have a pimple or blocked pore on my forehead i just spot treat for a couple of days with a tiny bit of BP and it does the trick.

I wait another ten/twenty minutes then moisturise. I don't usually do my whole face at night as a retinol like differin works better without moisturiser but to stop my skin getting too dry I moisturiser my whole face a few times a week at night and in between I only use moisturiser on the areas needed, always on my forehead, next to my nose and under my eyes, the areas where I use the differin I try to leave alone as best I can unless I feel they need a bit of moisture, I use either my day moisturiser listed above or e45 cream, which is also amazing and doesn't break me out.

Any that's about it guys my routine which I have been using and I feel is working so far. Good luck everyone please be patient, I am still no where near the skin I would like to have but these things take time, and it's a hard journey which has broken me more than a few times.

Gill xx



So as promised my monthly update. Well since my last entry I've had no new spots, apart from the odd bloked pore, and by that I mean I can only see it by tilting my mirror from all angles since I analyse my skin far too much. I've been keeping up with my routine and introduced a clay mask twice a week, it's starting to get quite drying since winter has started so going to drop back to once a week. My scarring is still bothering me, but the redness has gone down a lot and it's really just texture now and unless I look under really bright light and tilt my head back, you can't even see it, if I'm honest I think I see slight improvement in my indents (have about three), the seem to be evening out alot more, I'm hoping in a year they will be practically un noticable if I keep up my routine. I only use concealor and then some powder, never foundation so I guess that shows how light it is. Not going to lie still have my bad days but in between things are much better, been back out with my friend, getting compliments and enjoying time with my boyfriend and when im not 2cm away from a mirror I actually don't mind me without make up. This next month is about keeping up my routine and being a bit more gentle since it is winter, lots of moisturiser and less clay masks!

I have never put up a before picture, sorry I'm a coward and couldnt even bare to see my face like it was and even now, these pictures are taken with a flash, but I guess it's to show you how I look with make up on when I'm out. That is me on the right in the pictures with the pale skin and long dark hair. Again I have my make up on and the lighting is forgiving but just to give you an idea of where I am at. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask and I hope you are all doing well on your journey, don't give up, sometimes time is the best healer.

Gill xxx


Hey, so I thought I would just update since it's been about a month since my last post and I said I would try and do monthly updates as I hate when people just stop blogs and no one knows how they got on in the end..not that this is the end, I'll keep updating every month. Four months of Dianette and Differin.

As far as active acne goes, pretty much none (touch wood) since my last update, apart from a blocked pore sort of spot, only way I can describe it as it wasn't red or inflamed and I could really only feel it, not see it and it wasn't deep under my skin...I did pick at it...bad! I don't usually do that but it ended up a bit red for a couple of days and that is it now going away. I'm still finding the marks and scarring tough sometimes, but the longer I go without a breakout the more comfortable and gentle I am being with my skin. My red marks are fading nicely, just hoping that the scarring evens out a bit, it's really not that bad, just a few marks I can only see it when I tilt the mirror right under my skin under the light..I need to be more kind to myself, but I think everyone is their own worse critic. I'd say I've noticed a big change in the texture of my skin this month, everything is calming down and looks more normal, the redness is less and my skin feels very soft. My routine has changed a bit, but one thing that hasn't is the differin every night and my dianette bcp. I now use a cream cleanser mostly, a gentle lactic acid cleanser once or twice a week and an arbonne moisturiser, I also dot a tiny amount of BP on my forehead and nose, I mean tiny, but it makes a big difference to those little stuborn blocked pores that only I could really see. Once I have cleansed I apply the differin to my cheeks (outside of my cheeks, near my nose is too sensitive) and chin, then a dot of BP on my forehead and nose. I wait half and hour then moisturiser, in the morning I just cleanse and moisturise.

Well that is me at month four, I am getting my confidence back a little bit and when I look in the mirror I can see me again. I'll keep going with this routine and keep you posted on my progress, I hope you're all doing well. :)

Gill x


Week 14

Week 14 of dianette and 13 of Differin. Not much new to report except that the cyst/blocked pore that has been bothering me has went right now, so now I pretty much have no active spots. PIH has went down a little again and I guess I am just working on that now. Feeling a bit more confortable in my skin and concentrating on healing. From now I am just going to update once a months unless anything major happens. My GP is happy to keep me on dianette which is great and I feel a lot more relaxed about things now that I have a regimen that is working for me. Hope you are all doing well and don't give up, there is a combination out there for everyone and I am still working on my confidence as it isn't all about how you look. I have just started back on my anti depressants and proud to say so, some people are embarassed to say that but I'm not, I need to help my mind as well as my body and for just now until I am feeling better they are my crutch :).

Gill xxx


Dermatologist Update

Hey, so I seen the dermatologist yesterday. He said that he was really pleased with my progress and that I have responded better than usual to the differin and dianette combination. He advised staying on dianette for another few months and hopefully after that the differin should keep things clear, I'm a bit scared tough, I just want to stay on Dianette forever, but I am going to look into other alternative birth control that can help or at least not aggravate acne...any advice girls??? I also asked him about my scarring, he said I have mild atrophic scars, very shallow, he said that I should get some re modelling and eventually only I will know that they are there, he used a wee torch with a magnifying glass and said he was looking at my skin in the most unflattering light you can get. To be honest I was hoping he would say they would go away completely...I guess in the back of my mind I always knew that I would be left with some marks. I have seen people on the gallery who have shallow marks and the seem to completely disappear or are virtually un noticeable...what are your experiences?? I asked about laser, he said if in a year or so I am still un happy then I could consider it, but he wouldn't recommend it and I should see how much they fill in in that time. He said if I do go ahead then mine are the easiest to treat. I asked about that cyst that hasn't budged and he said it will just take time, apparently I have a mild sinus tract..where cysts join together, it isn't active anymore and you can't see it just feel it, he said I may always feel it and it will probably get smaller but is now scar tissue under the skin, but will not be noticeable on the surface.

To be honestly I am still upset about the can only see then if I hold the mirror under my chin and shin light on them and I am hopeful that another few months of this regimen, now that things are clear, will help to improve them further. I need to learn that no one is perfect, and stop thinking why me? why did I get that big cyst? I literally have no other ones on my face so I think it was from a bad reaction from products I was using, so please be gentle to your skin!

Anyway onwards and upwards....and any advice on scarring or birth control would be great :)

Gill xx


Week 13 week 13 of Dianette and week 12...3 months of pretty much daily use of Differin. No actives..apart from that damned clogged pore/cyst I have, you can't even see it, just feel it, just need to wait it out I guess. But apart from that my skin is doing well. I have some body dismorphic issues wit my skin...I am convinced I have a couple of indents under my red marks...but the gradually seem to be evening out. And I trust differin. If it has reduced my active breakouts in three months then surely by six months things will be even better! ( I don't want to jynx things though). My red marks are starting to go away a bit quicker now everything is calmed down, and my oiliness had got much much better, I do a really good cleansing routine at night and when I woke up on Saturday my skin looks so nice and supple, not oily...I didn't even feel the need to wash my face till that night...something I never do! I am just about to go on my weeks break from Dianette so hopefully no nasty surprises. Overall..feeling positive today and when I look in the mirror I can kinda see the 'old' me coming back. Still same cleansing routine, I love this gentle aha lactic acid cleanser, does not strip my skin at all, feels great, just that, then differin and moisturise at night, then just my cleanser and moisturise in the morning :) only using powder now as my make up. Seeing my dermatologist on Wednesday for a follow up, so I will keep you all posted on what he has to say.

Hope you are all doing well :)


Week 12

So 3 months mark of dianette and 11 weeks of differin. Not much difference to report, I did get one spot/blocked pore in my breakout area on my cheek, I burst it (I can't help myself). It kina scabbed over a wee bit and is now away apart from the redness. Stil have that blocked pore/cyst but though in the last day or two that it was maybe going down a bit. Chin is still very clear as is the rest of my face. I keep getting frustrated thinking I might be left with a couple of scars. but as time goes on I can see them getting lighter and evening out a bit, my PIH is down again. I've been back excercising again and it feels great and my skin looks really good afterwards. Just now I only dot concealor on my marks, whcih is a bout two or three and then put on some powder on top, so I really don't wear much make up. My aim is to have my skin looking really nice for Christmas time, so I'm trying not to sweat about the marks just now and hopeful for even more improvement by then. I'm still so glad I used the differin, I have noticed a massive difference, and maybe not perfect yet but sooo much better than it was and something I can maintain with the added benefit of anti aging. I have cut down the applications to my forehead since it has cleared. Still using the lactic acid cleanser and Aveene moisturiser. So pretty much the same with marks slowly getting better. The texture in my breakout area is getting much better as well, pores as getting smaller and the area is looking smoother, more like my normal skin. I still blame BP a little bit as the rest of my face is so clear, apart from my left cheek where I applied the most BP, really would advise people to be cautious when using it. But I can't change the past so just need to focus on healing.

Gill xx


Week 11

Hey, you will all be sick of my weekly updates. I was going to wait and do one after three months of everything, but I'm just in the habbit of updating every week, plus I figure it will help me keep and eye on my progress.

So week 11 of dianette and week 10 of differin. Things are continuing to improve, that's the only way I can describe it, my skin just feels more manageable and now it just seems to be improving every day. I haven't had a new spot in over a week, the only one I have is that blocked pore/cyst on my upper left cheek, still not really going anywhere, although it's not raised, angry or sore, so I'm just going to keep doing what I am doing and since only really I can notice it, I'm going to forget about it and wait for it to sort itself out. By no spots I mean not even a blocked pore, my chin feels and I think looks great, especially this last week, ten weeks ago I had sooo many of those closed comedones under the skin, like when I stretched the skin out they were literally all you could see! I now honestly maybe have two or three? If I look really close, but I think even they are just drying out, and the redness is next to nothing now. Ahh the red marks :(...going down though, quite a bit, the other day in mums she said you can hardly see them they now with your make up on and I didn't even have any make up on at all! Texture seems to be getting better too. On Saturday night I was at party and with my makeup I couldn't see a mark on my face and it felt great, I'm still self concious though but I'm hoping with time that too will pass.

I am a bit nervous about stopping dianette, I have heard horror stories about acne returning. I will be switching to another pill if my doctor decides to take me off it, I took dianette before about ten years ago for 12 months and then switched to Marvelon then Cilest and didn't have any major flare ups, maybe a few more whiteheads, but I am hoping that the differin will sort all that out. To be honest this major flare up happened after being off the pill for about 9/10 months, so maybe I need something to keep my hormones in check.

Anyway that's pretty much all I have to report back on. Still loving my lactic acid cleanser, skin feels sooo soft and nourished afterwards and I think it works well with my differin too. Also bought new powder Chanel Lumiere matt, and so far no break out...although it had only been a few days so going to keep and eye on my skin, but it looks and feels lovely on and give a different range of coverage depending on how you apply it.

For anyone starting differin, give it a chance, I am really seeing the benefits of it, and I actually like applying it now as I know thinks will keep getting better. Still get upset that things aren't perfect but now I feel like if I give it another three months who knows how much better it could look?

Again if anyone has any questions, happy to help.



Week 10

Hey week ten of dianette and week 9 of differin. When I say week ten of dianette it is ten weeks since I started. I've had my weeks break every month, so just about to finish one of those the now and start back on dianette tomorrow for what will be my fourth pack, so although it is fourth monthly pack, there are only three weeks per pack (and I ran on and didn't take my weeks break) so that is why I count it in weeks and not months. (Confused...I am! lol)

Anyway, last week was a difficult week. Although I can see progress sometimes I feel that nothing is happening as quickly as I would like it to. I was getting upset about my red marks and texture where I had my bad break out and I got two new spots. So I was a bit upset on Friday. I really should learn to keep my cool, because fast forward to today and those two spots (block pores/whiteheads) have dried out and after really thinking about my progress I can tell my red marks are slowly going away (slowly!!). Right now I have one active on my face and it's a bit of a weird one, started as what I thought was a blocker pore, but is now like a cyst, although it is quite deep I think as although I can feel it, I can barely see it on my face, it just looks a bit red. It is on my cheekbone, so a bit of blusher sort of cover it a's been there for about two weeks. I am just leaving well alone as it's not sore and I think it is slowly going away on it's own. No active at all on my chin only some teeny tiny little milia like spots which I can only see with a mirror about a millimetre close to my face, so my chin is looking better than it has in ages and the redness is going right down. Forehead still pretty clear with the occasional blocked pores/little tiny spots...but I've always had that on and off and you can hardly see them at all.

So I continue on in my journey. Again I'm just happy things aren't getting worse (touch wood!) and still hopeful that now the acne has subsided, by texture and red marks will quickly follow once that area isn't so irritated. I need to look at where I have come from and it is only improvement. I would recommend differin to anyone as although my skin isn't where I want to be (yet) it is much much better...I think I maybe did experience a bit of and initial breakout but to be honest my skin was getting worse and worse so it's hard to tell. And it wasn't anything unexpected. The areas that were clear stayed clear and just got better, it was only my break out areas that purged a bit but nothing terrible, mostly whiteheads, although some where more inflamed than others, but they seemed to go away quicker, and I truly think my skin would have a looked a lot worse had I not used the differin. Last night when I took my make up off I actually thought my skin looked pretty good apart from the bit that is still healing and even that just looked like a couple of spots (although mostly red marks).

I have started using a new cleanser it's by Priori and it is Gentle Daily Cleanser with lactic acid. I was a bit nervous about using this along with my differin, but my skin really tolerates the differin now. It's a lovely cleanser and I think might be helping the red marks as well, it is very gentle and my skin feels quite hydrated afterwards. I have had a few nights where I skipped the differin as I felt like this was gently exfoliating as well so I would lay off the differin if I felt I needed a break. I have read lactic acid is the most gentle form of aha and can actually retain moisture, I certainly find it a really nice cleanser to use and makes my skin very soft.

So that is where I am at, still chasing perfection but when I sit back and look at the whole process I am happier than I was and my skin is looking better. Still a few weeks with differin to the three month mark. So I think I might wait and do a post then unless I see any major changes.

Hope you are all doing well, and if anyone every has any questions, very happy to help. I know starting something new can be scary.



Week 9

Hey, so week nine of Dianette and week 8 of Differin. Still having ups and downs with my skin but now It's much more about the red marks and worrying about scaring. I'm trying to stay hopeful that once the red marks fade and my skin isn't fighting the acne then It will heal, I can already notice a big difference in the texture, much smoother and with my make up you can't see the marks unless you were up close, but there is always room for improvement and since I'm only really at the month 2 mark, I'm please with where I am. I think I maybe did expect miracles, but when I look at how far I have come, there really has been a difference. On Sunday I went out and for the first time in ages looked at my face and thought that I looked nice, it was a great feeling. I just need to stay positive through the hard moments where I think my skin will never be 'perfect'. I think when you have had acne you always see flaw that others don't.

Have started using a gentle lactic acid milk cleanser. I was worried about irritation, but it feels really gentle on my skin and it doesn't lather like soap, it's from Priori and it seems really well formulated. I'll see how I get on with it, but it leaves my skin feeling clean and not dry and I read that Lactic acid is much more gentle that glycolic and can help the skin retain moisture.

Differin is still not causing any irritation, and the better my texture gets the nicer it feels to apply to my skin. I think it will always be part of my routine, I have heard great reports once people pass the three month mark of things just getting better, and with the hormone balance from the dianette I am hopeful. I am still taking two spoonful's of cod liver oil and a multi vitamin, so quite high daily dose of vitamin A, although nothing near dangerous limits....maybe this is also making a difference?

Anyway that is where I am now. I am honestly my own worst critic. A month ago I could barely put makeup on my skin and now I can feel how smooth it is and make up is helping me cover up during the day. I need to believe in the power of positive thinking and be grateful for what I have.

I hope you are all doing well on your journey and hopeful soon I can report back good news on the red marks :)...oh and on the active spot front, I have that clogged pore that turned into a bit of a cyst although under the skin so you couldn't really see it and now it is going down, and a few small whiteheads on my chin, which are from those closed comedones, so if they are coming to the surface and leaving then I am happy. Chin is clearing up well.



Week 8 this is into week eight of Dianette and week 7 of Differin. I'm still having moments where I hate my skin, but now it is mostly about red marks and texture, which I'm hoping now my acne is under control (touch wood!) a bit better that these things will improve with time and a little bit of tlc. So that is kinda what I have been working on this week, being a bit more gentle. The first change I made in this respect was to stop spot treating with DUAC, which has BP in it, I don't like BP but sometimes find it ok to spot treat. I've substituted this with Turmeric, I have turmeric capsules from the health store and I open one and mix with a little water to make a paste and apply to the spot, best to do it over night, and you will be left with a slighly yellow tinge, but usually after washing in the morning it's gone or easy to conceal and my the next time you wash you face it is gone completely. Sometime I mix the turmeric with yogurt as it is quite soothing and I read somewhere that the lactic acid in the yogurt is really gentle for light exfoliation, which helps with the redness of the spot. I used this on a cyst I thought I was getting on my chin on Thursday, it was red and really sore and felt deep under my skin...well now it's Monday and that cyst I thought I was getting is now a tiny little painless bump which is pretty much gone, I was quite shocked how quickly and gently this actually worked, usually these cysts hang about for at least a week or more and look really red, hard to cover and sore, so I am pleased with that! I also kept using the turmeric on a cyst I have had on my left cheek for months that kept coming up but I could always feel under the seemed to calm the redness and swelling down and on Saturday night it came to a head and I was able to burst it without digging at my skin, after I did that I applied the turmeric again and by the morning the area was completely flat and a lot less red by the morning, I am really hopeful that that cyst has gone now! I have also started using a cream cleanser in the evening with a wash cloth to remove make up instead of my clean and clear (although it was still soap free but still needed water to foam up and I use this in the morning). I was using trilogy and now using one with all natural ingredients especially design for acne rosacea by a local company.

Back to my skin in general. Now that cyst on my cheek is on its way out and the one I thought was coming up on my chin is pretty much gone, I have next to no active, nasty spots, I have one on my left cheek, on my cheek bone but it feels like one of those deep clogged pores you get, they usually take ages to come to a head so just using the turmeric at night to tone down redness and just leaving well alone. The under the skin comedones on my chin seem to have gone down again, I'm still getting the odd one that turns into a red spot then a whitehead, but it seems to be one at a time so it is easy enough to deal with. During the week I still thought my skin looked quite red and irritated, next to my nose and on my forehead which is why I am doing the more gentle approach along with my usual regimen. Today things look a lot calmer, I didn't need to use concealor for the redness next to my nose this morning and my forehead looked a lot better in terms on tone.

Still not where I want to be, but happy to say I am moving in the right direction and really feel that I am getting close to being happy with my skin again. I feel now that I am able to relax a bit more and treat my red marks and redness. Make up looks a lot better on as well, and my confidence is coming back slowly bit by bit. I really think that with continued use of differin my skin will only continue to improve as I really seem to have adjusted to it, still a bit of redness but I really think that is more to do with my previous breakouts. I was also tempted to reduce the differin to every other night, now that it has started to kick in, but I think I will save this for my more delicate parts of my face and keep up the nightly applications on my cheeks and chin. Also hoping that the dianette is playing its role in oil reduction and calming everything down from the inside.

So that's where I am at in week 8, and still telling myself that even people on accutane don't see amazing results this quick, so I am happy with my progress and things aren't getting worse so still committed to another month of this regimen, to take me to three months, and if things are still improving then I will continue until six, and hopefully by then things will be looking great. Oh also back to the healthy eating..kind of lol, lots more water, fruit and veg at least. And still taking my cod liver oil and multi vitamin.

Hope you are all doing well, and really anyone who spots treat should really try the turmeric...such a nice change from BP, actually works to stop redness not cause it.

Hope you are all doing well and happy, that's the thing I struggle with is keeping my spirits up but I think I am learning to let time pass a bit more with all this. Time is a healer.


Week 7

Anohter week...another update. So I'm into week seven of Dianette and week 6 of Differin. Had a good week (well as good as things can be until my skin is back to normal) The only active that I really had was the residual cyst. It wasn't too bad, but still bothering me. I actually thought it looked like it was coming to a head so tried to pop it...bit of a mistake. Ok I thought keep calm. I'm sick of benzoyl peroxide to spot treat, just makes things take longer to heal. I remembered someone mentioning Turmeric. I used to take it internally so I had some capsules left over. I cracked one open, mixed with some water and applied to the cyst....Honestly I am surprised how well this worked. There was still a wee bit of a scab over where I had tried to burst, but after two days of applying the turmeric for half an hour, it came off in the shower and underneath was a slightly red mark (still a bit of a bump, but I always get a bump for a while after a cysts has gone down) and it looks almost flat against my skin so much less noticeable and easy to cover. I've been using the turmeric almost nightly now for half and hour before after washing my face, honestly I think it has made a difference, I don't think I would put it over my whole face but as a spot treatment for cysts it seems to really take the inflammation down. I also tried it on a cyst/bump on my jaw line which didn't really bother me, you couldn't really see it, more feel it, I can hardly feel it now. Right now that cyst still feels like it is on its way out and I have one small active, looks a bit like a small white head or clogged pore (in fact I probably wouldn’t normally even bother about it, but because of my PIH, it draws my attention to it more).

PIH is fading, slowly, but fading. I have got the most amount of comments about the change in my skin this week, my boyfriend said when he came in to see me at work the other day he was thinking 'where have your spots on your cheek gone?'. I feel sorry for him, he wouldn’t even think to look at my spots but I point them out to him so much he has no choice, he must be sick of hearing about them by now. My mum also commented last Sunday that it looked a lot better and a friend said I looked great. Maybe a lot of that is to do with getting my confidence back and that glow you get when you feel comfortable in your skin. I'm still not where I want to be, I still feel like there may be a break out lurking, and I am worried that once the redness dies down I might be left with some small scar, but I am hopeful that these may also fill in a bit with time and I'm sure once I stop focusing then they will seem even less significant (I hope). But I want to concentrate on getting my acne totally under control before I think about anything else skin wise. Texture is starting to improve too and again I think this will help the overall look of the area where I had my worse outbreak. Oh my chin still has some annoying little blocked pore/closed comedones, much less than before and a lot less red, so hopefully they are just being a little bit stubborn and will all disappear eventually, still feels much smoother than before.

In terms of my regimen, pretty much the same as before, except instead of using the Kleenex face wipes to remove make up at night, I have started using Trilogy cream cleanser (and old favourite when my skin was nice) it is packed full off good things for your skin, bit worried it might break me out, but keeping and eye on it. Skin feels nourished afterwards (I remove with a hot face cloth), I still do a quick wash with my soap free cleanser just to remove residue. Oh and the turmeric, for half and hour after I was, and I just remove with a damp cotton bud (as I only use it over a small area).

Again patience is key..week 7, so just coming up for two months, that's nothing really right? And I am seeing progress. I really hope going into month three will be where I get more consistent results. Back to the healthy eating too. I've been eating sooo much crap, and to be honest my skin isn't any different than it would normally be, but I feel so lazy with no energy. I don't want to do any crazy diets cutting things out, just going to try and reduce the sugary foods and stodgy carbs, lots more veggies and fruit.

I hope you are all doing ok, and thank you again for the support, even without saying anything, just being able to come here and share with people who understand has helped a lot!



Week 6 Ish


So that is me half way through week 6 since I started Dianette and 5 1/2 weeks since I started Differin use every night. In the last week I have still had my up and down moments. However since last Saturday I noticed that the texture and feel of my skin on my left cheek (which is my worst) is a lot smoother, even putting moisturiser on it feels a lot better now. The old marks are fading quite quickly and right now the only active I have on that cheek is from this residual cyst that I have had for months, I can feel it under my skin and it goes down (but I can still feel it) and sometimes gets inflamed again. It doesn't look too bad the now, I'm hoping once the rest of skin calms down that it will eventually budge in time, it doesn't bother me when it isn't inflamed, but would just rather it was gone. Because the rest of my skin is calming down and my marks are fading, even with the cysts it still looks better than it did and seem easier to cover with makeup. Last week my chin was still bothering me a bit, the under the skin bumps were less, but some were still getting inflamed, I had one inflamed white head at the end of last week and now that it is drying up and going away I can say my chin is the smoothest and looks the best it has for months, even the redness seems to be dying down. My forehead continues to be clear and with a bit of tlc is looking a lot better, less red and aggravated.

I had a dermatologist appointment booked for tomorrow night, as a couple of weeks ago I felt things weren't working out, but I have cancelled it now (gone private so can get one quite short notice if I need it) and have committed to the three months on this regimen, so I have a wee while to go, but I see progress, it is like two steps forwards, one step back but in the end I am still moving forward. On my one week break from Dianette and was worried about a break out, fingers crossed it has been ok so far. Start again on Thursday, again not sure if it is the differin or dianette, but I really hope my progress continues. I've also noticed I am less oily, and have tried to reduce my blotting to a few times a day. Still doing the aztec clay mask two times a week. I bought some new makeup, Revlon Colour stay concealer in Light and Jane Iredale pressed base mineral powder in warm silk...both seem to be working out well and make me look less chalk white that the other makeup I was using. I also changed my blotting sheets to Jane Iredale, the are expensive but are natural flaxseed so no junk in them like the superdrug ones I was using. Overall with my makeup on I now feel more comfortable and confident than I have in a while. I have also been working on my overall mental health as acne really does make you feel rubbish about yourself, so maybe that is helping too. I'm not ashamed to say that I also take and antidepressant once a day, I was in a really low place a few months ago, and I now feel much more positive about things, there is no shame in getting some help in that department. Oh still taking two spoonfuls of cod liver oil as well probably been about for about the same length of time as this regimen. Just thought I'd mention it as it could be making a difference.

I've not included this yet but my regimen is


Wash with Clean and Clear soap free cleanser

Moisturise with Olay day fluid SPF 15 or Avene Light Day Moisturiser SPF 20 ( I like this as it is a bit more matte for my oily skin)

Make up, Revlon Colour stay concealer and then Jane Iredale pressed base mineral powder, some bronzer and a bit of blush


Cleanser make up with kleenex sensitive face wipe (only on areas where I have most make up on)

Wash with Clean and Clear soap free cleanser

Wait 30 min apply Differin (Just over a pea size) all over face

Sometimes if I have a big sore spot, I apply a tiny bit if DUAC to it...but try to limit this as much as I can only if it is a really angry spot

Every few nights I do clay mask after I was my face and then apply my differin (slightly less) skin can be a bit red an dry the next day but in the days following it really evens out and I think it is helping.

Hope thinks keep looking up but if they don't I need to try and stay positive, atleast until my 3 months are up. I told myself as long as things don't get worse than when I started I will commit to the 3 months.

Hope you are all doing well.



5 Weeks Ish

Hey there

I may have been a bit off with my timings in my last entry so it has been five and a half weeks on Dianette birth control and about 4 and a half of nightly Differin use.

In my last entry I was seeing progress and this did continue there were days I was like wow this is really going down but then there where others where I felt it looks the same or worse? I wasn't getting any major new spots, I had some cysts under the skin that came up again maybe two or three on my cheek and abut two or three smaller ones on my jawline, but within a week these seem to be going down. My family's main comment is that the redness has reduced so although new spots may pop up every couple of days the redness of the previous ones and hyperpigmentation seems to be fading.

As of Saturday/Sunday I felt a further change in my skin, it feels a lot smoother and yesterday I would say is the best my worst bit, my cheek has look in ages, there were only about two active pimples, those cysts that seems to be on their way down so were easy to cover and my boyfriend said it is definitely fading. It feels easier to moisturise and put make up on. I felt a new spot last night, but it doesn't seem cystic and I am keeping my cool, I realise Differin is maybe a few steps forward and one back until things settle down so I'm trying not to let it get me down too much. One other thing I have added back into my regimen is my Aztec warrior clay mask I used to use it and loved it but this was when my skin was clear, so far so good, seems to refine my pores and I'm gonna try do it a couple of times a week. Forehead is still looking good, a couple of blocked pores but nothing my powder can't cover. My chin is still giving me bother, it seems to be the most irritated by the differin, although I have noticed that the bigger spots that were coming from the loads of little clogged pores seem to have settled down Although still have some clogged pores and redness if I look close there seem to be less so I will just need to be patient.

Going to get another prescription of Dianette as my two months are done, I did run two packs on that I maybe shouldn't have done as it seems to have messed up my period a bit (sorry for any guys reading!) but hopefully this will settle down in my third month. It's hard to tell if it is the Differin or Dianette that is working, my main problem with my skin the now is that it is still quite oily, especially the area where I still have acne but I am hoping once things clear up and calm down that this might change and maybe Dianette is still to reach it's full potential. Oh ditched the Clinique toner, was too drying. Using a drop of skinceuticals phyto plus in my moisturiser maybe it is helping with redness too not sure with keep and eye on it.

Well till the next time, hope things keep going in the right direction...hope you are all doing well. I keep telling myself, it can take Accutane a few months to kick in so I need to be patient with Differin and Dianette and not expect instant result.



Nearly One Month

Hi there

Well it's about one month since I started using Dianette and Differin. I'd say about three weeks of nightly use with Differin as at first I just did every couple of nights to see how my skin would react. I think I see progress. Well I do but I don't want to speak to soon, I know it's still early in the process. From about Monday last week I noticed that the left side of my face, where most of inflamed spots are, was looking a lot less angry, there was still spots there and some new ones coming up, but to be honest I knew they were under my skin so was kinda glad that they were on their way out. But it really dried up some smaller ones there and over all the redness really died down and things started to look a lot smoother. I got a about three or four new spots over last week, although they were big they weren't massive and although they are still lingering a bit they are going down, I'd say if I could get rid of those four then things would look even better, but because all the old red marks are calming down it really helps make actives I do have look a lot less severe. This was my main problem area and I'm not looking for miracle after one month so I will keep going in the hope that things keep getting better, I'm in this for the long haul!

My chin is clearing a lot as well, it had sooo many under the skin closed comedones, that you could only see in certain light but it made my chin look really red. Well a few of these have come to the surface I'd say about eight whiteheads, not all at the one time, but they came up and went in a day or two and now it's just marks that are fading and the rest seem to be going down without coming to a head, when I was my face my chin feels a lot smoother before it was sooo rough t was horrible, even with the red marks they now, it looks clearer.

I have seen the most improvement on my forehead, again, a lot of closed comedones and blocked pores, that seemed to be blocked with dry/rough skin, again when I washed my forehead it felt really rough (something I've never really delt with before, yeah I had spots there but it was never that rough texture) and it looked red, my pores looked huge and It was getting me down more than the inflamed ones on my cheek. What a turn around, I'd say after about two weeks of nightly use I could see things were happening. Now when I touch it it is so smooth and feels really supple, not dry. When I wash my face it feels great, and I honestly didn't believe this myself, but my pores look sooo improved, when I looked in the mirror I could see then straight away, now everything looks smooth on my forehead. I can only think that a lot of the open pores and texture was due to them being blocked and since the differin is clearing things out that they aren't being pushed open anymore. It's a relief to see things improving here.

I seem to be talking mainly about the Differin so I'll finish up on that and move on to the Dianette. Overall I've had minimal irritation from the Differin. A couple of times I thought my skin was looking a bit red especially on my chin, but it ws red anyway and a lot of blocked pores, so I figured it was working, and usually with a bit of moisturiser and a little less Differin the next night, it went down. I've had minimal peeling too, every couple of days there will be a couple of hardly noticeable little flakes you can hardly see them they are tiny. I do wonder if maybe it's not strong enough for me, but while I continue to see improvement I will carry on, I see a lot of reviews were people find it gentle but still effective. I did start to put it on during the day for a few days, only on the inflamed parts as I find it helps to calm things down, this increased the dryness and flakiness a bit, again nothing major and I've stopped now, only nightly use. I'm still not moisturising after using at night, and have not problem with this, things feel a bit tight at first but after an hour my skin feels soft and I don't feel like I need to moisturise. In the morning I use olay day fluid spf 15. Still searching for one a bit higher, but the weather has been great here and although I have been careful not to sit directly in the sun, I haven't let it stop me getting out and I honestly haven't burnt or anything, my make up has spf 15 in it as well so if I felt I'd been out to long II just put on a wee touch more of my powder. I don't know if maybe the sun has helped too, I've always found it clears me up, I hope not though. I'd rather think it was my products as I don't want to rely on sunny days, but like I said I've been really careful and only in the sun for an hour or two at most so I'm sure that' not the case, maybe just the fresh air! I was worried when people said Differin can make you oilier, but I've noticed a reduction in my oily production.....but this may be due to the Dianette.

Dianette is meant to reduce the amount of sebum that your oil glands produce and in the last week I've noticed a difference, although maybe now my pores are clearing up the oil isn't building up as much so it's probably a combination of both. I've just started my second pack, I'm running them together to try and make it as effective as I can for the first few months until my skin calms down. It has increased my appetite but I'm not complaining just yet. I'll just need to make sure I'm eating the right things. Apart from that (and sore boobs, although it's meant to make them bigger, again I'm not complaining) I've had no other side effects.

Oh I also added my Clinique toner back in, just a tiny drop, but sometimes after I washed my face I just didn't feel like I had all my make up off (although I only wear a little power and blush), so I just lightly sweep this over, I was cautious of over doing it, but I really think it has helped to remove any lingering dirt and hasn't over dried, just being careful to use a tiny amount. It makes a difference during the day as it tightens things up without drying and since I'm not using Differin during the day I feel it helps clear out my pore and tighten them before I use moisturiser.

Still taking two spoonful's of cod liver oil a day and a multi vitamin, not sure if they are having an effect, but over all after a month I feel things are moving in the right direction, yes I still have bad days where I think it looks worse but then they next I see improvement, I guess it will be like this for a while until things calm down, I just need to keep calm and give things time.


I'm finding this blogging very therapeutic, so apologies for the overload of blogs in the last two days. I find it's great for keeping positive and sticking with something and seeing it out, at least for a few months, something I'm not great at.

Well I thought I should probably make more notes on how my skin is actually doing to help me track my progress. I wish it was just one area of my face (it usually is) but my whole face is in meltdown right now. Mostly clogged pores and oily skin, but my left cheek is where the larger spots/cysts are and my chin has loads of under the skin clogged pores so it looks pretty red and skin has never looked like this before, it was always inflamed spots never these closed comedones. I blame BP right now, I used it for two cysts on my cheek and would put a little bit on the rest of my chin/cheeks, I think it was just to harsh and my skin has went into oil over drive, I know a lot of people here swear by it, and I don't want to write it off completely, it clearly works for some people. Other factors could have contributed too, I was using oil as a serum for a while, switching products and under s bit of sorry BP maybe it isn't all your fault after all, but I do notice that the area I used it on most, has a lot of open pores and a sort of wrinkled texture?? I'm hoping this subsides when my acne calms's been two months though, but I am hopeful once my skin calms down on the whole, things will repair themselves, so be careful with the BP people, less is more and lots of moisturiser.

Ok so back to getting better........

Differin.....certainly hasn't made things much worse (yet...I've heard the stories) it will be two weeks tomorrow, and about a week of nightly use. My left cheek has been much the same, inflamed spots that never really come to a head, I get one every few days and they take ages to heal (before I used BP there I could burst a huge cysts and it would clear up in days with no this area just doesn't seem to heal...but again I digress, I don't want to keep blaming BP for my problems so it'll be the last I say on the matter). The one thing I've noticed since starting the differin is that the red marks have gone down a bit and the area looks slightly less inflamed even when there are still active spots there. Its definitely evening my skin tone out there. I have about five active spots there, one of which is a cyst that came up yesterday, but it has been under my skin for if this makes it go away then I'll put up with it for now, it already looks a bit less inflamed. The under the surface clogged pores on my chin are becoming more prominent, although not too inflamed, I think I can see a slight reduction but I think this area will take a while to clear completely. My forehead was also really clogged and had a lot of dead skin which was clogging my pores and giving it a really rough feel, it still doesn't look great, but starting to feel a bit better, although still lots of tiny little clogged pores giving it a bit of a red and uneven look. My oiliness on the whole is still the same, awful! I could blot every half hour and still have some left over! It was like that before the differin, hopefully dianette and getting my hormones in check will help and once the inflamed and clogged pores go down as well I'm hoping that the oil wont sit on my skin as much, I can't even really wear foundation anymore it just sits on my skin and make my texture and pores look worse, again I'm hoping when things calm down and the oil goes down a bit, my pores and texture will look better.

Anyway that is where I am at right now. Skin hasn't improved much but isn't much worse either. Patience is my friend just now and I know I need to give things time. I'll update in a week and see how things have went from there. Wish me luck.




I totally forgot I had started a blog. Something's have changed since then. I finally went to the dermatologist, he didn't ask too many questions and I didn't think he was very thorough, but hey he's the expert. He prescribed be differin 1% and to go back on the birth control, I thought this over a few days and I thought well If I never try, I'll never know.

I've read a lot of horror stories with differin (so please don't tell me anymore lol). But it's been just over a week, I know it's too early to discount the IB, so I wont but so far I've not had too much irritation at least, and have been using a pea sized amount every night. I actually find it quite soothing and seems to calm down my redness when I first apply it, I have had some flakes and redness the next day but nothing too major so I'll proceed with caution. Right now mu routine is: Wash with Clean and Clear very gentle soap free wash, wait 30 min, apply pea sized differ (at night only) and moisturise with Olay fluid spf 15 for oily/combo skin. I tend to not moisturise after differin at night unless I feel I need it, I know I need a stronger spf for the day time, but I work in doors most days and I am careful about being in the sun, plus I live in Scotland so it's not been too sunny, I am on the look out for a good moisturising spf 30 or higher if anyone has one??

I'm hoping this pretty simple regime can point me in the right direction and I am determined to stay on it for at least a couple of months or more to give it a chance. In other new, my mood has been pretty low. These boards help, so thanks all :)



Blog Day One


Well the first one is always going to be the hardest to write. I guess I should start with my history. I turned 27 at the end of last year and I have suffered from acne in some form or another for about 11-12 years. When I was in high school it was my forehead that was my main problem, inflamed red spots, occasional cysts. I can't remember exactly when but I went to my GP and eventually a dermatologist and seemed to get endless creams, that, looking back, I think were far too harsh and probably just made things worse. I didn't have a spot below my forehead during my teen years, but where I did have them, it looked pretty yucky and aggressive and I hated them. I used BP all those years ago and it helped somewhat but I think in the end it just mask the problem and exasperates my skin. I finally cleared up when I went on Dianette when I was about 17. Since then my acne I changed. I would say after the Dianette I my skin was 'fine' for about five years. I wasn't on Dianette the whole time, but was on birth control of some sort to help. I guess at the time I just thought that things had calmed down on their own. Don't get me wrong, I had flare ups, but I can't remember anything too traumatic during that time. When I was about 23/24 I came of a BCP had been taking for a while and suffered a major flare up of my chin/jawline/left cheek, this lasted for about six months. Inflamed, painful and red. I went back on birth control and it seemed to get a handle on things. I came off it again and had no real flare up, but when back on it and for some reason it did not agree with me this time, and I had to stop, this was December 2011. I was worried about the impending break out, but it didn't seem to come. I was taking flax and evening primrose to balance hormones, and also using DUAC, sparingly to counteract the break out I had on the pill. For most of last year my skin was clear, it stopped using DUAC every day and for six months things seemed great, no BCP, no topical and nice cream cleansers, nothing too astringent. I added bha and aha to my routine last summer and since then things have flared up again, first my chin, then my cheeks, now my forehead. I started...out of desperations using 10%bp on my cheek for some stubborn cysts...I know I has totally ravage my skin, and subsequently my forehead broke out, which it hasn't done for years. Right now my skin feels dry but left hand side is still breaking out, and although the forehead outbreak has calmed down, it looks very congested, oily but dry. That is where I am at right now.

I feel like my face is crumbling, it's not the face I once had, even make up won't sit great. I'm depressed and feel dreadful. I need some hope, to believe that this will get better, I feel at 27, maybe this is it! My skincare routine has been all over the place, trying to sort this out, which probably hasn't helped. Right now I remove make up with micellar water, cleanse with Nivea refreshing face wash (no sls which is something, but every ingredient seems bad when you have acne). During the day I used Clinque gel moisturiser or Aevene light hydrating moisturiser. At night I mix a wee drop of rosehip/chia and evening primrose oil into my moisturiser and tone my skin with spring water. I have ordered some elemis products that helped before and sometimes the face wash can be quite drying. I also ordered some Sebamed clear face care gel, as I feel I need some sort of topical, but don't want anything too harsh. I also internally take turmeric, hyaluronic acid and a multi vitamin, along with St Johns Wort to combat my depression.

I am trying to stay strong, but it's hard. I just had to get it all out there, hopefully my future blogs will be more organised!

Thanks to anyone who read, and I am so glad this website lets you know that you are not alone, even though it really feels like that sometimes.


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