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My 24 year journey with acne

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Oh Great!

Doing quite well on DKR until just one moment ago I rubbed my chin and lo! A freaking nodular pimple developed out of nowhere. I think its hormonal. Ugh. I kind of want to scream. I havent really had anything major since starting the regimen, just little tiny ones here and there. You probably think thats not so bad and you're right, but it gives you insight into my past history with acne.

I stated in my first journal that it started when I was 10 as forehead acne. I got teased for that. As I got older it spread away from my forehead and onto my cheeks and chin, where it has remained for the most part. I would get clusters of moderate cystic and nodular acne.

About 3 years ago, it started to improve and was generally mild to occasionally moderate. Doing really well on the DKR, but really irritated by the nodular pimple that just popped up! :/



I am 100% open to other peoples comments, thoughts, opinions and suggestions even if they are different from the DKR. (Dan Kern regimen) So far though, its working pretty good. That big-ass nodule thing on my chin has gone down a lot and formed whiteheads a long the way. When I squeezed the whitehead out it oozed out like hard string cheese, it was kind of gross. Hope it'll be totally gone in another 5 days or so. Its quite small and no longer hard. My chin tried to form two new bumps and succeeded in forming one small one. I also have a bump next to the corner of my mouth. I hate these ones the most, it makes me feel like I have some awful disease (I do its called acne) that is deadly and contagious. (I dont even know what.) It makes me feel unclean like its caused by drooling or food crusties or something. But its not. Its purely psycological.

So yeah there havent really been any serious breakouts. Just one on my chin and one on the corner of my mouth. I guess these will lessen over time.I'm sure youre thinking no big deal and you are fairly right but my acne when I was younger was actually moderate. I had both cystic and nodular acne. Its only since maybe the last 3 years its slowly improved to be more mild.



I'm thinking I'll have to dilute the BP. Its drying my skin quite a bit. And I have to be careful not to get it in the eye area! Super sensitive skin man! Not like I get bumps there. Any one using 5% BP got suggestions? Do you dilute it? I cant stand to grease my face up with any more moisturizer or jojoba oil! The skin mites on my face are starting to send letters of complaint about it.

I got a new pimple. Under my nostril in the war zone. That is where most of my break outs have been occurring as of late. Between my upper lip and nose. Frustrating as hell. Im not going to panic over one pimple though, my cheeks have not gotten any major bumps, which sometimes happens.

I do think one is starting to come up on my jaw line though and I can just feel the lump underneath forming. What the hell! Its already a small bump.

Le sigh. I guess it'll take some time and patience to see less and less zits coming up but to be honest I'm already liking what I see. :>



So the only new pimples I'm seeing is white heads in my nostril crevice (If its called that I dunno), You know, where the nostril meets the cheek. Those ones arent so bad because they can be quickly popped with minimal damage! Other than that NO NEW PIMPLES have formed since starting this regimen.

By the way folks you need to be careful when spelling regimen that you dont spell REGIME! LOL I've seen that.

Anyway the only problem I foresee is how bloody expensive BP is. I'm a bit reluctant to order Dan's BP simply because I live in Canada and shipping is 14$ (thats HALF the cost of the bottle I'd want!) and well there is the chance I could get charged import duty. Any Canadians out there had any issues ordering Dans BP?

The largest BP I can find so far in Canada is made by Benzagel and its 60g for 10$ TEN DOLLARS! And everything BP here is 5% I cannot find 2.5%. So what I end up doing is diluting the solution on my hand with water so its ...watery. Yeah. I dunno if this will do harm or good but so far my skin is responding well. I mean, if I'm using 5% and 2.5% is all that is needed, shouldnt it be okay to use less of the 5% than with the 2.5%? After all that stuff is supposed to make my skin red and dry, so why not use less? I'm being generous with the moisturizer and the jojoba oil. I really do just wish having acne wasnt so expensive. I can see all my spending money going to this stuff. Its so unfair. And you know whats even worse? Im NOT a high maintenance girl so I hate having to spend so much damn time on my face. I mean, I dont even WEAR make up most of the time.

I mean Im sure nobody likes having to do this, high maintenance or not. Sorry, not to imply that. But as a low maintenance girl I dont like to fuss a lot over my appearance and having acne forces me to. I'd just like to wash my face and go. I dont even use moisturizer on the rest of my body. Ever. I think its a massive waste of money. I'm only using this for the regimen and to tell you the truth I'm just not fond of using it at all. The most I do to my appearance is plucking my eyebrows and styling my hair with a flat iron- which I wouldnt need to do if I had straight hair!

Oh and I love doing nail art. Thats fun.

But yeah. I really hate that I have to spend money on this when it could go to something else. Im almost considering ordering a neutrogena brand of BP thats not available here in Canada. The product is 120ml and thats pretty decent size and! Its only 10 bucks and 5$ shipping! WHY WHY WHY is this stuff not available in Canada! Sometimes I absolutely LOATHE my country. Legitimately.



Has anyone on the regimen or any regimen or product had ANY success whatsoever with shrinking their massive pores? I have huge pores on my cheeks (fortunately not my whole cheek) and I think they look just...well I dont like them. Please, if you've had any success let me know.

Ive noticed since starting the regimen (day 3) my nose black heads are shrinking nicely. Okay so I'm going to say something about them that'll gross you out so here it goes I will warn you first:

TMI: When I would squeeze my nose every so often, the oil in my pores would literally ooze out like whipping cream from one of those pressurized cans. It was sooo freaking gross. It seems that the regimen is helping my pores not be all disgusting and oozy like that./END TMI

As for my skin, nothing new on my face, but the nodule is slow to shrink. I want so badly to slice and dice it but I know that wont really help. I was the one that put it there in the first place being overzealous digging out black heads. The tissues swelled up and formed a hard bump (filled with water).

IS THAT WHAT THOSE THINGS ARE?? Acne nodules???? Theyre hard bumps that IF you squeeze them basically theyre hard and impossible and WATER comes out? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!


Day Two

Day 2! I did the regimen and I think I'm getting better at being super gentle. No new red bumps but I did get a white head form on my nose but I took care of that bastard quickly. I dont know why, I went from getting ZERO pimples on my nose to suddenly getting them there a lot more often. Usually these nasty whiteheads. Or are they cysts? I dont know the difference. Theyre not super big but theyre not tiny either.

Anyway like I said, no new zits to report in the worst zone (other than that one which isn't so worrying).

It looks like Im not breaking out from the moisturizer. Im sure the jojoba oil wouldnt cause breakouts. Thats not what I worry about.



Day One!

My journey with acne has lasted 24 years. I started getting little pimples in my forehead region when I was 10. It was really bad when I'd get one in the middle of my forehead in the fifth grade and the kids would say I had a "Hindu dot" (Actually its a Bindi but thats a fairly rude thing to say either way). Thus began a 24 year long battle of moderate acne, pimples, nodules, cysts, white heads, black heads...

Suddenly I became aware that I had these ugly red bumps on my face and I felt super self conscious.

When I was a teenager I didnt really do much to tackle the problem. I didnt know I could! It wasnt that bad when I was a teenager but as I got older, in my late teens and through out my twenties, it was a moderate problem. I would get some pretty big nasty bumps and even hard nodules. Those were the worst. They were painful as hell and all I wanted to do was get rid of them IMMEDIATELY. I would get them on my chin and sometimes I'd even get a nodule in my eyebrow area. I hate to say it but I would use razor blades (yep) to slice them, I was angry that they were there marring my face. As if I didnt have enough things wrong with my appearance, I had to have acne too?

So I'd use razor blades to slice them open and watch the blood and water come out and they'd shrink and I'd put BP on them. Not really recommended at all. I'm fortunate that didnt cause permanent scarring.

I never got nodular acne very often, thank goodness, but when I did, it would end up a giant scab on my face that seemed to SCREAM out to people "LOOK HERE AND NOT INTO MY EYES".

I've had to endure comments from people like "I think makeup causes acne". YEEAH REALLY? I never wore the stuff until I was AT LEAST 19 and I started getting acne at age 10. So shove that theory up your ass!

I also had to endure my grandmother marching me to the bathroom and insisting I scrub my face because of my awful blackheads. Jeez I was just a kid, I didnt even know what the hell blackheads were!

I also had to endure a thoughtless friend saying "Agh! I got a pimple! Does it make me look ugly?" and my reply was "I dont know, do MINE make me look ugly?" She had ONE and I had dozens of them. Why don't people think before they speak?

Well now I'm 34 and I'm happy to say my acne is more mild now than moderate but as any acne sufferer knows any amount is really too much.

Cover up, concealer and foundation have been my constant companions and to tell you the truth I'd really just love to leave it all behind and feel comfortable and confident enough to go in public without that stuff on. :(

Very recently I took to purchasing a black head remover. Dont know how Dan feels about these but most of my problems are with black head and very small whiteheads. I felt these can be easily removed with minimal damage with the remover. Yep it did the trick but I Caused some heavy damage to my chin just scraping grease away. The tissues became inflamed, swollen, and oddly enough, like nodular acne, full of water. Oh well its on its way to healing and its about the size of a dime so whatever. I think the black head remover will be too irritating to continue using since I'm rather vicious with it.

I think...

I get some small acne on my cheeks, the occasional large zit, but the area around my mouth, and chin is the big problem. I get so many little problems around my mouth area it's ridiculous. Blackheads, white heads, and in that sensitive area you know how excruciating they are! Lately my "regimen" has just been daily washing and BP. I tend to scrub pretty hard but watching Dan's video its plain to me I've been abusing my face, lol.

So today was shopping day and I got some moisturizer and a new tube of BP. I already had facial cleanser at home and hey! It was safe to use according to Dan's rules. Here is what I am using!

Cleanser: PHisoderm (clear liquid) PH clinical for blemish prone

Moisturizer: Nutrogena oil free for sensitive skin (non-clogging)

Moisturizer: Jojoba oil mixed in with nutrogena!

BP: 5% BP by clean and clear. *

*Dan does not recommend using 5% because it will cause more redness and irritation. The reason I am is because I have been using 5% BP for a while and have had nooooo problem with redness and irritation. Yes, its drying, but not really a problem other than that. I cannot use as much as is shown in his video because I have a small tube, but I figured because its 5% I should probably need less????? You'd think... I also cannot find 2.5% here and not in large bottle. Honestly the stuff is really expensive. I wish acne wasn't so expensive! FFFF!

So folks, today was my first day, my practice run at doing Dan's regimen. Hope it works. I will post pictures of how my skin looks now, later.

I gotta admit I HATE using moisturizers though because I never do, as it makes my skin feel gross, wet and oily. Hopefully that jojoba oil I added will keep my own sebum from losing its sh!t all over my face.


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