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Yasmin Day #75

My skin has been so-so the past month. I have some days when I have no actives which is always nice, but I'm still having breakouts too.

My back is pretty much clear, I just have some red marks left over.

My chest has one medium red mark on it at the moment and some smaller ones.

My neck is still breaking out, but healing more quickly. I broke out with 4-5 painful spots under my chin this week which is more than usual.

My forehead, cheeks and nose area are clear 99% of the time, but that's pretty normal for my skin anyway.

My chin is still breaking out every couple of days, but they seem to be a little smaller and don't last as long as they used to. My chin has quite a bit of hyperpigmentation at the moment.

The areas around my lip still break out a little bit, but usually in tiny whiteheads that only last 24 hours or so.


Yasmin Day #31

My chest is almost clear.

My back is better with very few spots.

My neck is better but still breaking out a bit.

My cheeks are clear.

The breakouts on my chin were a tiny bit less than usual and less painful this week.

I've had a few spots pop up along my jawline which I usually never got so I'm guessing these are hormonal.

I've had a few small spots around my mouth.

My nose still has blackheads but is really smooth.

My chin and around my mouth are still my problem areas.


Yasmin Day #16

So since my last breakout I've pretty much been clear on my face, which was so nice! But then... I got extremely stressed about an exam and ate really badly for two days (ridiculous amounts of chocolate and some dairy, when I usually have none), which I think has brought on the breakout I'm having now. I've got about 3 active whiteheads and 5 pimples forming on my chin/jawline, and two forming on my forehead.

I've also noticed since starting Yasmin I've had these really small red pimples, almost like blackheads come up on my right cheek. They don't particularly bother me and you can't see them if I'm wearing makeup. My neck is still pretty much the same, maybe like one pimple has come up on my left side, but it's mainly just a few red marks left from when I broke out. My chest went through a noticeable breakout in these small red pimples (I have maybe eight or so) which are slowly healing. My back still has a few pimples here and there.

I also picked a few this week which has almost definitely made it worse.

I'm also feeling less tired and nauseous now I've been on Yasmin for a few weeks. I'm going to be on it long-term for birth control anyway, so I guess this is just a log to see if it affects my acne at all.


Yasmin Day #6

I'm having a break out. I have around nine whiteheads on my chin that seem to have appeared overnight, and they're sore and red sad.png Only three of them are medium/large though. And I have some still forming under my skin.

I'm thinking this is a hormonal breakout caused by the pill because I haven't broken out like this in months, I haven't changed anything else, and I have a whitehead on my jawline, which I hardly ever get.

I'm going to be putting photos up so I can track my progress. Breakouts are pretty much only ever on my chin.

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