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About this blog

Natural treatments that I have used that have been effective in clearing my horrible acne. Good for people with any type of skin.

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Heal Your Face

I remember when my face was just.... so unhealthy! After all the products I used my skin was just so red and flaky and unhealthy looking. Along with using the Jojoba Oil and Tea Tree Oil treatment I would also occasionally make a mask to heal my skin.

  1. Beat up egg whites
  2. drop some Tea Tree Oil in it
  3. Slather it on to face
  4. Leave it on for quite some time (it may feel itchy/redden your face but that is normal and temporary) After about 20-40 min wash it off.

I would do this whenever I couldn't help it and squeezed some pimples. This really helps the healing process a lot faster.

I would also do this on a somewhat regualr basis to heal my horrible skin.

After your skin will be very smooth and moisturized - I recommend to everyone of ALL skin types.

Good luck everyone! Get get healthy :)


Heres something people with oily skin don't know. If your skin is very oily that means that it is compensating for something.

So what's the solution? OIL.

Yes you read that right OIL!

My skin WAS super oily. Usually oil just builds up on my skin throughout the day. Until I started using Jojoba Oil (moisturize).

Overtime my skin started to produce less oil. Now it hardly produces any!

People with oily skin can attest to the fact that just because your skin is oily does not mean it is smooth or moisturized (at all).

Jojoba oil makes it so my skin doesn't have to compensate and produce excess oil. It is also extremely moisturizing and unclogs pores.

Use Tea Tree Oil to cure pimples*

Expect to see a difference in a week. Expect for clear skin in a little bit over a month

Make sure to gently exfoliate a few times a week.

Use soap to wash your face (2x per day)

Apply Jojoba oil in the morning and night

Apply tea tree at night (morning for extra effect. It may burn a bit, and your face will temporarily be red)

GOOD LUCK! Let me know how this goes!


After using proactive for years I decided it was time to call it quits. My face never looked so horrible; I was never so insecure. Desperate to find a solution and not able to visit a dermatologist, I felt so hopeless. Obviously I still tried those over the counter stuff, and I would glob it on to no avail. I tried leaving it alone. I tried a new diet. I would like to say I tried everything short of putting urine on my face.

Some of you may look at that picture and get disgusted. Others may sympathize. Imagine walking around with that all day long. Imagine the comments you might get. The stares you would notice. The horror of looking in the mirror. That was my life for months. And even now after my skin is clear I avoid light, and I don't like to get close to people. Acne is so emotionally painful, its not vanity. Its pure pain that you wear on your skin that everybody sees.

So after ranting on the proactive review on I did some researching. I was on this website for hours and hours. Searching for ANYTHING that could end my nightmare, could end the 'advice' people try to give that just make me feel worse. I read about natural products. I read that it takes a while to kick in but it could help. I also read where the creators of this website wrote that its not that reliable. But me, despising having red and dried out skin (from salicylic acid, benzonyl peroxide), decided to go for something more gentle.

Now I really feel my self esteem coming back. I am only left with subtle scars. As long as you keep strict to the treatment your pimples should go away and stay away!

This is my blog of my journey through all the products. A warning, it will probably not work for everyone. But it worked for me! My face was covered in big red pimples, whiteheads, and scars. Now I just have to wait for the scars to heal! I would advise to try it!

Below are before and after. I only started this treatment a month and a half ago! Now I do not get ANYMORE pimples (except when I get lazy with the regimen). My skin feels soft and healthy. I now do not have oil pouring out of my skin every second. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have left all of those drugstore products away! And even better is that the products are actually good for your skin!

I will post my regimen soon :) Share your story with me, ask any question, or just say hello. I know how painful it is. I'm here for you and you will get great skin.

Just a friendly reminder, don't be discouraged if you don't see results right away. It takes patience. Because it is natural it takes longer to work HOWEVER it keeps the pimples away permanently.

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