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my life at 24 on absorica

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I'm laying on the couch, hung over, drinking orange juice and watching I thought it would be a great time to update. shifty.gif

I was so excited a few weeks ago when my doctor upped my dosage to 60mg because I felt like I wasn't making much progress with 40. Unfortunately, with the 60mg came dryer lips and my face had a total break out. As for my lips, it's not so much my actual lips that are dry, it's the corners of my mouth (which is a little are to see in the picture I posted). The right side is so dry that it's actually cracked and nothing I seem to put on it helps at all...oh well, I can deal with that. As for the break out, while my pimples are going away faster than they used to, and they aren't cysts (thank you jesus!), just red pimples, when one goes away I wake up with another!!

These medications are like the mean girl at school...pretending their your friend, making your self esteem go up as your skin gets better and then ripping your soul out with a nasty break out....this is bullshit. box.gif

I'm trying to dry it out during the day and then I've been putting moisturizer on at night so that my face doesn't get too dry. I'm hoping my body is still adjusting to the increased dosage...anyone else go through this when thblogentry-209501-0-83158400-1375543540_teir dosage is increased?


Dry Skin?

Many people have dry skin while on medication for their acne. I used to use the St. Ives face scrub but I was nervous to use it because I thought it would irritate my skin and cause even more redness while on Absorica. So while I stopped using the face scrub, I began to get really annoyed by the small dry patches on the top of my arms and on my face. I was looking for a natural remedy and came up with my new 'go-to' for dry skin. The best part? It's completely all-natural, and safe to use anywhere on your body, including your face. Since it is made with all natural ingredients, you don't need to worry if it is ingested accidentally (it will just taste horrible).

Here are the can use as little or as much of each as you want.

-Coconut Oil

-Lemon Juice



I recommend mixing it while you add everything so that you have a good consistency. I made mine a little watery because the coconut oil will thicken after a while.I also used an old gelato container made of plastic and keep it in my shower for easy access.

My skin has been insanely soft, it keeps moisture locked in, and the best part is that you can use coconut oil for so many different things (cooking, beauty remedies etc.--> check out Pinterest or just Google it for some creative ideas). I ordered my coconut oil on and got a huge jar for only $6, you can also find it in Whole Foods, Trader Joes or any other store that sells natural goods.

Let me know your thoughts!!


Acne Scar Remedy

After all is said and done with accutane, absorica or whatever other medication your on, many people go through their next battle in trying to get rid of their acne scars. I'm currently trying to limit the amount of damage that I will have while on Absorica and I have been looking online for simple tricks to help my face heal.

Rather than use over the counter topical solutions, creams or go back to my dermatologist for a prescription, I was looking for a natural home remedy (I am also trying to limit the amount of chemicals and medications going through my body). I came across a video on Youtube, where the girl SWORE that this little trick really minimized her scars (other people in the comments agreed that it worked for them as well!). I personally have only done it twice so far, but I will definitely update on whether or not I see a difference in my it is:

1. Cut a lemon in half (or use lemon juice) and rub it on your face around the areas of scarring. (I used a whole lemon but just cut one of the ends off in order to prolong its usage)

2. Let the lemon residue sit on your face for 30 minutes, it might sting for the first few minutes so its helpful to have a fan or sit near the air conditioning until it settles.

3. Next, take an ice cube and rub it over your face for 5 minutes (I've only done it for 2-3 minutes because my face was getting too cold and it was bright red)

4. Take a cloth and pat it on your face to dry up any wetness

*I recommend doing this at night before you go to bed, especially because my face was bright red after I did it. Also, when you are using the ice cube, keep a paper towel or a rag nearby. The ice melts really quickly so it can get a little messy.

Has anyone used or heard of this remedy before? I'm really curious to know your thoughts!


Back Pain!

Last time I wrote about the obnoxious pimples that were surfacing out of nowhere, and luckily they went away quite quickly except for the monster on my forehead that I kept picking fault, I know.

So during my Absorica journey, I've been following other peoples blogs, Instagrams etc. and I kept reading about how people have had horrible back pain but never understood what they meant because I never had it. I chalked it up to me only being on it for 2 months and figured the worst had yet to come...

Well HELLO BACK PAIN. I had a horrible stomach virus the past two days, which I'm sure attributed to the symptoms, but for the past two days I have had the worst back pain. I imagine that this is what it's like to be pregnant. I constantly feel the need to crack my back, which doesn't help and have been sleeping and lounging with a heating pad on my back with the hopes of loosening it up. I also had a fever and the chills with my virus which confined me to my bed for two days, which is why I thought my body hurt in the first place. However, I've been up and walking around all day and I still can't shake this horrible feeling, even Aleve hasn't helped.

Anyone have any issues like this? Does it go away?


Week 8

Yesterday I went to see my dermatologist and just as I thought, he upped my prescription to 60mg. Yay for one step closer and being at the 8 week mark, but nayyy for the recent breakout I got! This week I've literally woken up with a new pimple or cyst every day!! Luckily they're just look red and my cover up from MaybellIne is the bombbbb so they can be easily hidden. cheer.gif

Also on Monday, I woke up with this bizarre patch of dry skin under my lips. It was on the left side, wasn't red or anything just scaly feeling. I used some facial scrub to exfoliate it, which helped it go away and I've been making sure to moisturize that area more often. I also noticed some dry skin on the top of my right arm. It's so bizarre to me that I've been on 40 mg for almost an entire month (5 days left of 40mg) and now at the end of the month I'm starting to notice some side effects. It's actually making me a bit anxious to start the 60mg because I feel right now my side effects are easily hidden and I'm the only one who notices them. However, I'm nervous that when I start the 60mg, side effects are going to be easily seen by other people. Did anyone else have a similar issue?

I feel like I've been extremely lucky so far to not have had any issues or strong side effects, which I am thankful for, but I would still like to prolong any possible ones that may continue to progress.

PS: Thank GOD for Aquaphor, EOS lip balm and Vaseline. While I had experience some dry lips depending on the day/weather, I am so glad that these products have helped my lips from cracking, bleeding, or being excessively dry and painful like I've seen in some other patients. blogentry-209501-0-94887400-1374114624_tblogentry-209501-0-25528200-1374114633_tblogentry-209501-0-04045500-1374114637_t


Waiting For 60Mg

Woke up with a massive pimple on my cheek --> hoping it goes away soon. Aside from that, I'm really hoping that my doctor bumps my perscription up to 60mp. This blog is turning into a major fail because I literally have nothing to report. No crazy side effects, no drastic changes just some red areas on my face with scars that will eventually fade, pimples here and there that are usually gone within 2-3 days, and some dry lips. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that I'm not having any issues, but I would at least like some sign that Absorica is doing its job.


My Face Is On Fire

Soo I haven't seen any drastic improvement from the last pictures I put up. A little bit more drying of the lips, but that comes and goes with each day. One side effect I have noticed since beginning 40mg/day is the delightful feeling that my face is literally on fire every.single.time. I wash my face with cleanser or apply any toners/creams/masks. Clearly the wise decision would be to stop using toners/creams/masks, but has anyone who has also had this issue have any recommendations for a new face wash? I'm currently using Cetaphil.


End Of Month 1

Went to see my doctor yesterday for the first time since I started Absorica. He was pretty pleased with the results so far (as am I)! He bumped me up to 40mg a daily (two pills) so we'll have to see whether the side effects continue to be minimal, or if they increase.

On a side note, one week left of teaching before the summer!!! I hope it goes fast. eusa_pray.gif

Also, I added some pictures of my current results in the gallery section. Please feel free ask any questions you might have! I've been finding that it's hard for anyone who's not going through this process to truly understand how it feels, which can often be extremely frustrating. For example, when we're running out to the store and I need that extra 5-10 minutes to do my makeup and my boyfriend nags me about how "no one is going to see me" yet I still feel the need to put makeup on for my own well being. Any else get that at home? saywhat.gif


Week 3

Not sure if I've been extremely lucky, or if it's just the calm before the storm but I have hardly experienced any side effects. *Knock on wood* Lips are still dryer than usual, but thankfully not chapped. I have noticed some improvement on the acne in my cheeks, but have sparked a breakout on the top of my back, which I never had before. I will try to post pictures of my face tomorrow so look for it the gallery section.

I just started working out at Planet Fitness, and am hoping that I will be able to keep any join or muscle pain to a minimum. I heard that within the first month or two people start to notice that. Fingers crossed!! I have also been drinking almost 1/2 a pitcher of home made smoothies again, eating veggie burgers and trying to decrease my fried/junk food intake. I've been told that it's really important to watch what you eat on this medication and to make sure that you're not filling your body with crap, which I've been doing for the past 2 weeks (oops!). Time to get back on track!!

Also, I should note that I am taking 20mg of Absorica once a day, I don't think I ever mentioned which medication or the dosage before and that does make a huge difference in the experience each individual has. I will be seeing my doctor this upcoming Thursday, so we'll see whether he decides to up the dosage or keep it the same.

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments section!



Day 9

So I am officially forcing myself on a detox. Horrible excuse, but I blame it on Memorial Day Weekend. I ate terribly and drank Fri/Sat and Sun bueno for someone who said they were going to cut down on alcohol during this treatment! While I did lose three pounds last week, I don't think that will last after this weekends fried food binge angry.png however I'm hoping with some exercise and increasing my fruit/veggie intake I'll continue to shed the weight.

As for side effects, although my lips aren't cracking, or visibly dry, I have noticed them getting significantly dryer throughout the past 2 days, which is beginning to become uncomfortable. Also, I had have 3-4 pimples form on various spots on my face over the weekend. Luckily they aren't painful or that noticeable with makeup on, but there is one in between my eyebrows that is drying me nuts!! Finally, my nose was insanely dry Sunday night, which was cured by using some Vaseline and using a Q-tip to apply it to the inside of my nose. I noticed this again Monday night, and did the same thing. When I woke up to blow my nose this morning, I noticed that I was blowing out dried blood glare.gif yuck! We'll see how the next week goes.

If anyone has questions, feel free to leave comments!


DAY 5:

After Wednesdays incident, I stressed out about alcohol for the next two days, its Memorial Weekend, and I was going to be really ticked if I had to spend it without any drinks.

I decided to test the waters on tonight, but change the way I conducted taking my medication. I purposely ate dinner early and took my medication, and waited about 3 hours before I went out with friends to celebrate our friends birthday at a brewery (talk about temptation!). I had 1/2 a beer at the brewery and patiently waited to feel any negative effects, but I was fine!! I drove my friends to the next bar, took a shot, drank 3 twisted teas (with a glass of water in between each drink) and had no issues!!! I didn't get a headache, no nausea, and I feel great (just got home 30 min ago). I'm beginning to think that I ate dinner, took my pill and drank too close together on Wednesday. While I am ecstatic that there were no issues tonight, I am still going to proceed with extreme caution tomorrow at my friends Annual BBQ and drink plenty of water throughout the day before it begins since I'm aware that my body will still be adjusting to the Absorica. catdance.gif

On a side note, I have begun noticing that my lips are a little dryer that normal, so I am going to boost up on the Aquaphor and Vaseline. I also noticed about 3 pimples today that randomly appeared.

I will muster up the courage to add a picture or two of my face with/without makeup this weekend.


First Week

A little background info for those who are interested: I am a 24 year old who never had acne in high school, never had it in college, however once I returned home, I began to breakout uncontrollably. I went to my dermatologist, who I had used prior for Botox, and explained to him my dilemma. He prescribed me every kind of pill under the sun, topical solutions, creams etc. but NOTHING worked, all it did was make my skin dry and flaky and kept my acne alive. After two years of dealing with embarrassing acne in my friends wedding photos, and in pictures of important lifetime events, I had enough, I switched dermatologists and the first time I saw my current doctor he told me I was the perfect candidate for Absorica (aka accutane). While I was furious that my previous doctor had never mentioned this solution to me, I was ecstatic that my new doctor had a solution!

I began to do my own research on Absorica and immediately freaked out at the side effects: chapped lips, nose bleeds, dry skin, and NO ALCOHOL!?? get out of here. I read every blog/web md type site I could get my hands on and returned to my doctor for a visit with at least 20 questions. While my doctor explained that yes, I will get chapped lips, probably get dry skin, maybe a few nose bleeds, he said that those could be easily controlled by the right moisturizers and lotions. "Alright", I thought, "I can handle that," but my main concern was the "no alcohol" policy that I had read on previous blogs. It might sound a little ridiculous to come, but hey, I'm turning 25 in one month, celebrating my 10 anniversary with my boyfriend, and along with Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July and my social life, I was not okay with staying sober for the next 6 months.

Contrary to what I read, my doctor stated that he never had a patient with any issues with alcohol, as long as I didn't go out every night binge drinking, which I didn't plan on doing. My other concern was that many of the blogs I had read stated I couldn't be out in the sun. Um okay, how was I supposed to survive a summer in NY, in 90-something degree weather and stay out of the sun? My doctor simply answered my question: "Listen, I've prescribed Absorica to people who work as lifeguards in the summer, without any complaints." I was officially sold.

In order to "prep" within the next 30 days while I eagerly awaited the "okay" to fill my prescription I stocked up on the essentials: Cetaphil facial cleanser, Cetaphil moisturizing cream and Aquaphor lip repair. I immediately began putting baby oil on my skin after getting out of the shower to lock in moisture at night, and began to regularly use the Cetaphil moisturizing cream on my face at night, I also lathered Vaseline on my lips at night. I'm hoping that this will keep my skin moisturized as much as possible and limit the dryness I will soon be dealing with.

I took my first pill on Monday, May 20th. I was told that my body wouldn't start noticing any side effects until at least a week later, so I thought I would still be able to take advantage of my boyfriends birthday two days later on Wednesday the 22th. Since it's imperative to take the medication with food, I popped it in my mouth after a delicious Mexican meal, where I passed on margaritas, knowing that I would be taking my pill. About 30 minutes after taking my medication, we headed to our local bar for a few drinks to celebrated, and things began to go downhill. I had 3 twisted teas (which I normally handle without any problems) and began to get a killer migraine on the left side of my head, the migraine followed with extreme exhaustion and I explained to my boyfriend that we needed to leave because my stomach wasn't feeling right. Sure enough, when we got home I immediately threw up. I wasn't even showing signs of being intoxicated. It was pure pain and nausea. I went to bed and woke up feeling find the next day.

I began to think of anything else it could have possibly been, the food, taking the medication too soon before drinking etc. and couldn't come up with anything. I literally stressed out for the next two days about what it could have been....I prayed it was anything but the alcohol!

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