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Day 133

Wow I can't believe it has been so long since my last post!

Tomorrow is week 19.. I am supposed to be on a 20 week regimen and I am thinking I will have to extend it. While my skin is clear of active pimples and no more cysts or anything of that nature, I have scarring on my cheeks, major redness, and still uneven. All in all, I am not happy. I see all of these before and after and the afters are people with such smooth even PERFECT skin. Not sure if genetics has something to do with this but I am doing everything in my power to stay strong and think positively. I bought MSM cream for the scarring. I found some random girls blog about it so I purchased it for only $11 on amazon. I'd say it's helped. I've had it for about 2-3 weeks. Other days I think my skin is horrible. My friend was visiting for a few days so while she was in town I didn't take my pills for two consecutive days. With that came a HORRIBLE rash on my hands, like i've had before but this time it came full throttle. I also gained dry patches all over my body. It was pretty crazy to see how my body was without the medicine for just a couple days. As soon as I started taking it again the rash just turned into extremely dry skin and now has gone away after much exfoliating. My skin is extremely dry, mostly my arms and my legs. My face has never really been dry during this whole experience which I found interesting. My lips have though. My hair falls out in piles. No joke I will run my fingers through it and get a large amount of hair. I do it over and over and the same amount, if not more, continues to come out. Luckily I have a LOT of hair but still crazy what this drug does to you. Except make my skin as perfect as I imagine! My back is 100% perfectly clear which is really great. Never had huge issues but I'd get random annoying ones here and there. In the past 3-5 days I've been getting little tine pimples in random spots. I think it could be due to the lack of medication and then going back on it, a small initial breakout perhaps? The fact that I was wearing more makeup than normal? Or a combo of both. Or my period is also coming up so possibly all three. I'm totally fine with these little ones but I just really hope theres a light at the end of the tunnel.


Day 77

So it's been a while since Ive posted. As far as the condition of my skin right now there have been no active pimples. There have been a couple bumps on my chin where I've always broken out but that's about it. My skin is really smooth and hasn't been dry really. When I'm in the shower I circulate my fingers around my face and a bunch of dead skin falls off and my skin is then ridiculously smooth. My lips are unreal dry. Granted I haven't been drinking as much water as I did at the beginning but still. I usually just give up and deal knowing its almost over. My blood tests have always come back good. The only thing is idk if the Meds have weakened my immune system or what. I have gotten sick a lot while on this and I normally get sick about once a year if that. As I said my skin is smooth but the scars are showing that's for sure. Not crazy but enough to bother me. I apply Image bleaching serum every night hoping to get rid of the red spots. Otherwise when I wash my face it gets red but then fades. I still am not comfortable going out in public with 0 makeup but I def don't put on as much foundation. My hair is really dry but I have been using the new loreal shampoo and conditioner and mask that helps to moisturize and I do coconut oil treatments maybe once every week and a half to two weeks. No signs of depression or anything. I'm supposed to be completed in October which is only 2 months away!!!!!!


Day 26

About a week ago I wrote an entire post and my computer crashed so let me see if I can remember everything..

My stomach pains went away thankfully. Sometimes, when I have been laying down and I get up my upper ribs have a sore feeling but it's nothing crazy.

The past few days or maybe a week has been when I've DEFINITELY felt I was on accutane. It came to the point that my lips were so incredibly dry that there was nothing I could do but deal. They have been so dry that they are numbed to my skin. Like there is no point that it is my skin and then my lips, it is all one. then I will go to the bathroom and just use my finger to scrub and a whole bunch of skin comes off. That has helped a lot if I do that every night but one day I was drinking a ton of water, then I put vaseline And aquaphor and no joke about 5 minutes later they were shriveled up again.

Also, the past week I have had some major cysts on my face. It's weird because they have been symmetrical. Like I got one on either side of my mouth (so attractive) then ones on either side of my cheek bones. It's good though because they go away fast. However, I have a massive cyst on my chin that is so unreal but I am not touching it. Because my face has been so flaky I always peel the skin or take off the drying scabs and I KNOW that's soooo bad but it's become a habit but now I have controlled myself and I try not to look in the mirror when I have makeup off. When I do have makeup on my skin does not look dry. I have 0 oil. My sister in law even said my skin looks really smooth and nice. That felt really good.

Another thing, my upper body has been ridiculously itchy. One night I couldn't help but itch my arms all over. Then I had dry skin on them. Also, my chest had become sooo dry. I went in the shower and basically got allll the dry skin off and now my skin is so smooth. Like my chest feels so incredibly smooth and I have never felt it like this before.

One bad thing, my hair is already coarse and dry. Well, now it is even more dry, even my scalp seems like it has a constant skin burn with how peely it is. I have purchased a bunch of moisturizing hair masks, shampoos and conditioners to help this. I am also going to buy some ingredients for a hot oil treatment. A good thing though, my hair has been growing very fast. My body hair has as well but it's not a big deal.

My skin has also been very sensitive to the sun. I wear SPF on my face so thats okay but my shoulders got red and I stay away from the sun as much as possible. But, I'm in Las Vegas and at 8 AM it is 90 degrees and the sun is HOT so I am wearing SPF on my body now too.

My left hand also developed a rash. It was a inch thick going across the outer palm of my hand. I used vaseline and lotion to moisturize it but that didn't work so I bought Curel lotion from target and it is AMAZING. cleared up the rash in about 2-3 days. I highly recommend it. I bought a small one to try it out but I will buy a large one too for my body lotion because I can tell my small one will run out fast.

I got my blood work done yesterday and I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow. First one since I have been on accutane. I am excited and curious to find out if there has been any change in my blood work. I feel that everything will be fine though.

As far as my skin right now.. It is not as red as it has been. The clear parts are very clear and smooth. My nose has been very peely and when I peel it it starts to bleed and it hurts because its basically raw skin underneath so I'm myself stop doing that. Basically from under my chin down it is broken out and doesn't look great. It's so weird because my neck had been breaking out. Not under my jaw but my actual neck and that has never happened in my life.

I am so happy I am on this and I feel good about my progress after 1 month. Even through all these BS side effects and being out in public with shriveled up lips I don't even care. I mostly just laugh because I'm sure I look ridiculous but I know in a few months I will have beautiful glowing amazing skin!!!!!!!!!!!! smile.png xoxoxo


Day 12

So today is day 12.

Things have been going well. Again, I drink a TON of water and haven't seen much dryness besides on my lips which i apply the aquaphor and/or vaseline.

The only thing that makes me kind of nervous is that two days ago I was feeling some uncomfortableness/minor pain in my life side after working out, kind of right where my ribs are. I wouldn't even go as far as to say pain but it was something I have never felt before. I googled it and it said that it could possibly be pancreatitis. I figured maybe it was from how hard I worked out so I didn't do anything the next day and then it was there for a second, then later I felt it in my right side, and then later I felt it in the right side of my back!!! I'm not sure if I'm scaring myself or what. My mom, who is a medical assistant, suggested calling the doctor, but honestly I know they'll just tell me to stop it so I'm just going to wait and see if I feel worse, then I will stop. Like I said, it's not pain and it's definitely not unbearable, just something I've never felt before. I get my blood work done in 2 weeks so I guess we'll get answers then.

Also a couple days ago there was a minor rash on my hand. I put lotion on it and it has gone away.

My skin is just really red. I had two pimples on each side of my mouth (so attractive) but luckily it just took a couple days to go away. I think my pores are a lot smaller but I still have blackheads on my nose.

I am going to maybe for a light run or walk. Still trying to fight the fatigue.

Oh! Also, my scalp is SO dry. Not sure if I got a sunburn or what but it's super itchy too. I already have dry, coarse hair so I haven't got to benefit the side effect of dry scalp like others have!

Until next time... :)


It's so crazy to me that I'm finally doing this and that soon enough my acne will be gone. I think this every single time I take a pill. I could cry I'm so excited!!

Well no major changes. My lips were really tingly today. Not sure why. My skin is also red but no dryness. I have been good at carrying a veinte Starbucks cup around with me full of water and staying conscious of whether I seem at all dehydrated.

Lastly, one side effect I've noticed it the major fatigue. I'm pretty sure I've said that I am just a tired person but this weekend and even today I feel I can blame on the 'tane.

Well 1 week down and 19 to go!!!!!!



Day 6

Today was the first day I spotted dryness. Specifically on my forehead. Also I noticed that of I peel off the top layer of a white head (bad habit) the inside is really liquidy. I took a shower and rubbed all the dead skin off my forehead and as I was rubbing I got some off my nose as well. My skin has been a little more raw but nothing crazy. I finished my shower with Cetaphil lotion and image vital c serum - after washing with clarisonic and Cetaphil cleanser. I almost went to bed without putting on aquaphor and Vaseline! Noticed that I needed it when my lips started feeling quenched. It's different than just normal dry lips. They literally feel like they're thirsty haha. Tomorrow is one week on what is hoping to be my miracle!


Day 1-5

So after over a decade of acne I finally made the big leap to get accutane! I am 23 and have dealt with acne ever since elementary school. Even though it was more of just pimples here and there from as early as 10-15 it progressively got worse and worse. I literally tried any and everything you can think of multiple. I had thought about accutane but I was so put off by the side effects and I thought I could cute it myself. Within the last few years I really was trying to find a breakthrough. I have two older brothers and an older sister. My brothers both has success with accutane but my sister never had acne so bad to get to that point so I tried to follow what she did. She is an esthetician so I would get facials, peels, microdermabrasion, etc. but it never seemed to be the miracle I hoped for. I tried cutting dairy out of my appetite, I tried all natural skin care, I tried the oil cleansing method, I honestly did anything that half seemed persuasive. Finally, I moved away from home in January and to a drier climate and things only got worse. I figured since I wasn't near anyone I really knew that this was the time to do accutane. I went to the doctor in mid April, explained basically everything as explained above and he agreed it was time for the 'tane. I took a pregnancy test and before I could actually start my prescription I had to have another test 30 days after plus blood work. I was kind of annoyed cause I'm the type of person that when I want something I want it this second but I figured I've waited this long so what's another months. Finally in mid May I got my bloodwork then a few days later I went to the doctor. We finalized the prescription and he said he would be putting me on Zenatane. I was nervous because I had been reading all the blogs and YouTube videos religiously and I had never heard of this kind but he said it was new and he had seen good results. It came in the mail so that was convenient. I started day one on Tuesday, May 22.

Day 1:

The pills were a little confusing to open at first. I was so excited I took a pen to try and open the first one through the plastic and ended up piercing the pill and all the insides poured out so I had to throw it away. Otherwise, I've been prepping myself for the dryness by drinking a bunch of water (which is very good for you anyways). No reactions or anything.

Day 2:

Still no dryness. My eyes were a little dry, as well as my lips but nothing that you can physically see. I just put on aquaphor throughout the day. At night I put on aquaphor and Vaseline.

Day 3:

I'm not sure if its the pills or me just blaming the pills but I feel very tired all the time. I normally go to the gym atleast 5 times a week and I haven't gone once. I just work then go to sleep. My skin looks maybe a little different. The pimples I have just seem different than they used to be. My skin seems softer but I'm not sure if maybe it's because I've been using so much moisturizer.

Day 4&5:

Same deals. Been drinking water and sleeping mostly haha. My current skin care regimine has been using my clarisonic with Cetaphil cleanser then Cetaphil moisturizer plus Image skin care vital C serum. That stuff is a God send and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone with any kind of dry skin. I've been gettin random whiteheads but I'm just hoping its my skin purging the oils. I know it's not even been a week but I'm kind of surprised I'm not sucked dry. But if I can keep it like this whole it clears then ill be more than happy.