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Clear skin in 136 days

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Day 4

Hello People of the World!,

I’m back, sorry about the delay. So today is day 4 for the Epiduo, and I am starting to notice some changes. My T-Zone started breaking out and my right cheek is breaking out with large zits. Also where my glasses rub on the bridge of my nose, I had one or two zits that were still under the skin, now I have three HUGE!!! Ones (I think they may be cysts, oh how I hate them!) my skin is also a little flaky, as if the dead skin the Epiduo is ridding of is piling on top of each other instead of falling off.

I’m not really concerned right now, because I had read about this happening, the Epiduo as a tendency to cause skin to be bad before it gets better, so as long as it starts getting better in the next 3 weeks and 3 days, I’m okay with that. And with the flakiness, also expected, since the Epiduo is very drying and probably causing skin to regenerate faster than it is falling off, I’m just going to have to exfoliate more often than normal. (Does anyone else think that exfoliate is spelled weird? It just bothers me because I don’t hear the ‘f’ in it!!! >.<)

Many people also talked about how their skin got really, really, dry the first month, but mine has yet to get noticeably dry at the point they were talking about. But that could be because I’m starting out with every other day for the first week or two.

So that’s really all I can say about the Epiduo, and right now can only hope for the best :/ . Sorry, still don’t know where the camera is to show how my skin is changing… will find it soon! Promise People of the world!

-Byebye for now,

Summer Star

P.S. Would anyone get really annoyed if I went on a guy rant ever? Because right now I am holding back so~ much. So this is your warning about it right now, and if people start commenting about them not liking the boy freak mood, I won’t do it again.

‘I got a hug today!!!! So~~~~~~~~~ happy! All I had to do was put my arms out and he gave me a hug! WAY different than how it was before, right before winter break when I had asked him and he just stared at the ground until I said goodbye. AMAZINGNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.< ^.^ he’s just such a cutey face!’

Okay I got that out of my system for now. Thank you all for reading that if you did, I just needed to express myself for a second. Officially byebye for today.


Day 1 The Story

Hello People of the World,

I am Summerstar, and I am on a mission, a race, for perfect skin by high school. Stereotypical, right? Well, you would be trying your hardest too after years of premature acne.

This race is 136 days long (until August 28th, 2013) and I hope to post frequently…. around the busy life of a Most Do It All person, schedule. And I know that most people post beginning pictures of the first post and give visual updates after that, but… I don’t know where the camera is hiding, so this will be an introductory page, a prelude and meet-and-greet. ^.^.

So let’s start with the story of my skin… where to begin…

My skin is oily, and I’m a dancer (dancing about 5-8 hours in-studio practice a week) so that really doesn’t help. Most of my acne is hormonal based, I believe, and genetic if you believe in that link (some do, some don’t, I really don’t know what to believe myself >.<) I drink lots of water and am addicted to tea, mainly white tea, and I find it to help with my skin A LOT. My main problem with acne is I get lots of acne of all different sizes around my cheeks (chin and forehead if I’m not drinking tea) also a lot of scaring on my cheeks too. Will get one or two large bumps that never break the skin where my glasses rub my nose, but can’t really do anything about it since without glasses I am blind as a bat without them. Acne also on shoulders, back, and chest.

Started getting acne about 2nd grade (age 7), but no one really told me how to deal with it, so I didn’t ever wash my face, and with oily skin, that’s about the worst thing you can do to yourself. About 4th grade (age 9) I when to the dermatologist for the first time, but he couldn’t really proscribe much to me, do to my age, so the stuff he did give me didn’t work every well, and it was very drying, but it did get me to somewhat start washing my face. The stuff may would have worked better if I used it properly, like not overdosing and using it on a regular bases and not infrequently (like one every 3 weeks). Once again, I was not taught how to wash my face.

Visited the dermatologist again near the end of 5th grade (age 10) after being bullied for my skin by classmates, and he proscribed me some stronger stuff and a pill. Still wasn’t really washing my face, but the pill worked amazing for what all I did for my skin. Nearly cleared it up completely and I didn’t have parents coming up to me anymore to tell me to try these products on my skin, because I really needed to. The wash and cream the dermatologist recommended I really started using in 6th grade (age 11) by extremely overdosing for 3 days straight and then not use it for a week. And that was the only washing I did for my skin, and the stuff burned like a thousand fires, it was so bad. But all good things must come to an end, because somewhere in this time period I had stopped taking the pill for a while, and then decided to take it again. It had upset my stomach a little (plus being a math whiz in the middle of a math class, causing lots of boredom, and just wishing to go home, I may have exaggerated the pain a little… lot) I got sent home for a stomachache. Mom told me never to take that pill again, and told everyone it was because it was constantly giving me stomach problems.

So between somewhere and 6th and 7th grade, I never washed my face, I had nothing to even clean it (since I had used up all the prescription) so my acne got terrible. It wasn’t until the middle-end of 7th grade that I really started doing a skincare routine, using natural, homemade products. And my skin got somewhat clear, since it’s hard to overdose with natural. But once again, a problem kicked in, and my skin started scaring and hyper pigmenting. I continued to do natural stuff, and even combined some drug store cleansers in the equation, washing face twice a day, never skipping, not overdosing, a towel on pillow, falling in love with tea, and (trying) not to touch face.. but… so… hard… not… to… when… almost…falling… asleep…in…algebra.

My big nurse (AKA, mom’s boss) got worried about my acne scars and recommended for me to go get them checked by a dermatologist, so we did, and he said that mother nature may fix it, but he must really hate my skin (don’t blame him) because he started proscribing stuff for my acne, telling me that I am now old enough for the normal treatment.

So the treatment: Epiduo at night (starting out with every other night for the first week or two) and another pill, doxtcycline, every day. We will see the results hopefully.

The reasoning behind the goal of high school (I guess I should explain) is that all doing elementary school, I got made fun of for my skin (when to the richest grade school in the city, so they were raised being told anything different from you is bad and they must be making a mistake) but I went to a different middle school than most of the student body that went to the elementary school, but we are all meeting up again in high school (now 135 days away since it hit midnight while I was writing this sentence) and I just want to reverse that cycle then, where they had acne and I don’t (since it was mainly guys that made fun of me, and guys have a tendency to have more acne than girls because of testosterone) I don’t want to made fun of them or anything, just make it where they can’t make fun of me anyone. Plus simply having clear skin is a dream come true period (don’t we all want to look perfect? tongue.png )

So that’s the story. Simple as that. I failed last time (elementary school to middle school) and I ‘hopefully’ won’t this time.

Please, people of the world, post your experiences with premature acne, bullying with acne, and experiences with doxtcycline and epiduo in the comment box, and I hope to have some ‘positive’ results soon, as in a few hours.

Peace out!

-Summer Star

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