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Accutane Journey!

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Hey guys, sorry i havent posted anything lately, just been very busy with college and family

so far my skin is extremely clear, it hasnt been this good since...ever. haha

ive shaved with a razor twice in the past 2 weeks, and my skins great after that also,

i went and swam in our saltwater pool, and id say that helped my chest and bacne, it just dried out my face veryyyy bad

my bloodtests came back fine after month 1, and my doctor also gave me samples of "AYR Nasal Gel" it is veryy good, if your nose dries out bad, and if you get nosebleeds, its an over the counter drug, so yall can get it anywhere.

My skins also been very very verrryy red, i had to stay outside for like 5 hours in the sun and help my dad paint, i even wore a hat, and my mom said my faced looked like it was bleeding. haha

me being indian....that is the very first time i have ever been sunburnt in my life. i see how white people feel now. haha

but lemme know if anyone has any questions please!


Day 19 Accutane!

Hey guys, yesterday i had big huge pimples on my face, like underneath my eyes and beside my noes, and huge ones on my nose as well, and a lot on my cheeks, and this morning, all of those huge pimples went down tremendously!! it looks pretty good, i think its working, but then again i heard it gets better then worse then better, blah blah blah.

but i take 80 milligrams daily, 40 in the morning, and 40 at night, my doctor said im gonna be on it for 3-4 months, im 19 years old and male, has anyone taken the same dosage??

and if so

when did you start seeing good results??

and do you think i will be clear before the end of month 3 or 4? because i wont be able to get anymore accutane after that, too expensive :(

please let me know anything guys!

seriously...ANYTHING would be veryyyyy helpful!


Accutane Days 6-14

Hey guys, im one day 17 of accutane today, just took my last dose an hour ago, and so far so good.

id say the first week and half i broke out a whole lot, and now im kind of starting to clear up, but then i get a few new pimples, not bad, id say its better.

and so far, ive been getting really dry skin, really dry lips, and really dry nose.

on day day 14, and 15, i had 6 nosebleeds, it was veryyy bad!! it just wouldnt stop!

i went and bought a mini-vaseline thing and i applied that to my nose in the morning, and at night before bed, and that helped a LOT!!

i changed from lubriderm lotion to cetaphil moisturizing lotion! the cetaphil rubs in a lot better than the lubriderm, the lubriderm is very thick, and its hard to rub on, and cetaphil glides across the skin, and doesnt irritate it as much! its great!

and again...if yall have any tips/advice please comment and let me know! or how your accutane journey is going! and goodluck to y'all!


Accutane Day's 1-5

im 19 years old, i weigh 170, im 6'1, and i go to university of alabama! (Roll Tide) haha

Hey guys, i started accutane this monday, 2 - 20mg pills a day = 40mg daily

my doctor told me to do that for a week then take 4 pills a day = 80mg daily

So far so good, i guess, my acne was alright before i started, and my face has been getting worse and worse, it sucks, but i read that it gets worse before it gets better,

im kind of getting dry skin and dry lips on day 5 which is today, but its not bad, im sure it will get worse, hopefully not, who knows

the sucky thing is i only have 4 months of accutane supply, my insurance deductible is to high, so it would cost me around $1100 a month in USA, so i bought a 1 month supply from india = (isotretinoin), and the other 3 months i got when i went to south america for spring break 2 weeks ago, (roaccutane, the actual brand name drug) and it was cheap as hell man, but i only have 4 months of it, and when it runs out, it runs out, i wont be able to get more, so im really hoping my acne heals by then, but i dont know if my skin will change, when i go from the 3 month brand name to the 1 month generic isotretinoin, if you get what im saying, :/ this sucks. oh well. but yea im trying to stay positive, final exams are coming up

and i use benzoil peroxide facewash, lubriderm lotion, and blistex chapstick,

im taking 3 daily pics, 1 facing the camera, 1 left cheek, and 1 right cheek,

im going to do this everyday, i would upload pictures on here...but im to shy right now, i cant do it

ill do it when i finish accutane and if my skin clears up, hopefully it does!

but guys and girls if you need any tips or anything, or if you have any tips for me, please let me know

heres my email if yall want to reach me,

goodluck to everyone on their acne journey

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