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This is what I do each day... and it seems to be working for me at the moment which is a nice change...

Before I set my face to the sun and place my feet in the grass...

-Wash face with warm then cold water

-Clindatech antibiotic topical thingy

-Bellaboo moisturiser

Afternoon dirt and pollution if need be...

-Witch hazel wipe

-Bellaboo moisturiser

The last glimpse of day...

-Wash face with warm then cold water

-Epiduo topical cream

-Bellaboo moisturiser

Throughout the day after food...

-Spiro 100mg

-Dr Shulze's Ech+ Immune booster and I was taking Superfood 100 tablets too but ran out which is sucky...

ANYWAY! that's my day pretty much for meds and stuff... as you can see I cut out on the face washes cos they were just drying out my skin and irritating it because I have super dry skin anyway and just washing with water has helped that to settle down a wee bit and feels nicer anyway..... though before this I was using Obagi cleanser then changed onto the Bellaboo range cleanser/exfoliator (which I use super occasionally like once a week to deep clean the pores).


Ok I have strived to survive and have ultimately reached the one month mark of spiro. which is good. Considering last year I'd use something for two weeks, freak out and bail on it.... makes for unhappy skin and an unhappy me.

The thing that I find interesting after reading various reviews on spiro is that like 99% of people commenting on this med claimed that it caused major upsets in the initial stages due to an explosion of acne which then eventually calmed down. Bloody hell man! if i had heard that before i probably wouldn't have even set off to the pharmacy in the first place to buy it.

I got told that spiro was a better option than roaccutane (aside from the less than 7 page list of side effects), because it didn't cause any initial flare up, it just generally healed the skin, allowing for the fact that the pimples are hormonal based... and i thought oh boy oh boy what a miracle that is cos everything else blows your self esteem to shreds and causes a mountain range on your face before it even starts to do the clearing up bit.

And with my skin there was no initial break out at all.. ok yes, i did write a post complaining a bit about a few new ones but honestly, that was like whatever and not much different to how i normally broke out even though i complained a lot but yeah, nothing even remotely close to the complaints of going through hell for the first month... which i am extremely grateful for obviously and my skin is smooth now smile.png though red scarred so yeah that will fade come the summer sun and the skins natural healing process. But honestly this has been the best medical option for me since i first got the bloody stubborn acne.

So i don't know whether my spiro is different (being Aussie spiro??? smile.png ) or if i'm taking the right amount for my body but that was the main thing the derm said so for those wishing to embark on this form of saviour... good luck.. it could really go either way!

... unless you come to Oz and get the stuff here... then you're fine biggrin.png


Bloody hell man... like honestly, the same story of getting the old hopes up what with the skin clearing and all then BAM! new breakouts! so shattering... at least one side of my face has managed to stay clear and smooth, now on the waiting side for the acne marks to fade away. The other side of my face however is defying the meds I'm taking and going into remission of breaking out.... rage at life man....

At least it's not as bad and not as many though the more it breaks out, the more red the marks left behind are and the longer it takes to heal.. I'm pretty sure I'm on week 2? with the Aldactone (spiro) and no idea what week, maybe 3? for the epiduo topical treatment so maybe its just the time that it takes for it to actually cause a reaction and then get better like most meds do, though I was told the aldactone should just stop breakouts with none of the nasty breakout period that a lot of other meds have... so who knows... i will keep on with all this jazz and fingers and toes all crossed for a speedy healing and recovery.

Went to the hair dressers today.. which is good cos a hair cut makes you feel better and lighter and stuff but damn man those mirrors are intense and don't do much for the self confidence that I had gained in starting the aldactone.... so yeah.. not doing that again any time soon. i had actually promised myself that i wouldnt get a hair cut until my skin had healed but i couldn't see so yeah i was in desperate need and desperate times mean desperate measures and having to face those mirrors...

But I survived and now i look forward to the happy and fast recovery of my skin... which will happen now...

:) cheers y'all


So, good news, my skin is clearing up! which is pretty much i'm sure what everyone on this site wants to experience and share... yay yay yay. Bloody hell man, and what a slog it was! Still got a bit to go what with clearing/healing up the red marks left behind from the acne but my face is so soft and smooth now! i'm hardly getting any new ones and they seem to be clearing up pretty quickly too so thank you aldactone/spiro meds for helping me get my confidence back and not being Roaccutane... fingers and toes crossed that I won't even have to cross that bridge now... it's amazing how much i just accept that my skin is better... like i don't even think about it that much really anymore, it just kinda is... like obviously I'm super duper hugely massively grateful but when it's bad all i did was dwell on it and constantly check on it.. now i just accept that it's healing and smoothing out so i let it alone a lot more.. could be also because I've been super busy and rushing all around the place which has kept my mind preoccupied, but whatever it is... it just seems normal now which is good but I think it's also hugely important to actually realise how far my skin has come and take time to appreciate what I've been through and thank goodness for the healing process....

At least now I'm like 90% sure that it was hormonal acne which takes away the stress of worrying what the hell is causing all the inflammation and breakouts!

So keep on healing skin! boy is it good to touch my face and just feel smooth healing skin underneath! no more washing my face and having my hands slide over lumpy bumps... ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO EXCITED! and HAPPY!

and this will happen to YOU! who knows when... it is amazing how life seems monotonous or routine then like one day something happens that changes your life, it could be a person or a medicine or a thought or spoken word but every moment is different and holds infinite possibilities!

So Bro's, Keep it strong!



So, what it's been like 4 days? 5 days? Man i'm dodgy at keeping track and doing daily updates but whatevs bru :)

So I actually think something's happening... well at least I think it is... it doesn't seem any worse at least thank goodness and I have actually been told that it's looking better so here's hoping for continued recovery!

I've actually been a bit naughty lately too and ate some bread! :o shock horror! which I'm not meant to do due to gluten not meshing with the old bods and all... actually same goes for dairy... i've been dosing up on yoghurt which i've heard is a bit two faced in the way that it's dairy, so doesn't really sit well with the skin but it's fermented to a degree and has probiotics in it and is good for the gut so who bloody well knows. Everyone says something different. Guess I'll just have to see the results for myself.. I've also been a lot more chilled, probably because my life is a bit more settled and routine now finally! yay :)

So what's news bro's. ?

I actually read a blog which brought back a few memories of my own about most embarrassing moments to do with skin and all... gah! i can remember mine. I was so shattered and embarrased and all ... so who wants to share!?



I have embarked on something new. I have the topical and now get to try the internal stuff.. which is a little bit of concern for me as my body never responded well to any of the oral antibiotics or such stuff, just didn't deal with it at all so that was always a flunk and i was stuck relying on the topical creams to get me by.. which they didn't really, they kind of just made it worse then maybe a bit better and then pretty much static with small fluctuations but since it's either this aldactone stuff or roaccutane I'll count my blessings and give this a shot. The fact that there's meant to be no getting worse before getting better makes me a little bit more on the aldactone team but still.... we'll see how it goes, parently i'll be peeing more and have less facial hair.. which was never a problem but hey! yay for not having to worry about randomly growing a moustache or anything! :)

So I will attempt to keep this blog updated which I fail at a bit but yeah, fingers crossed that it's the thing that kicks acne's very very persistent ass!

wish me luck!


The Hard Slog

So for each time I try something new I have realised that I fall hard when it comes to the two week period. It's so hard to stay strong and positive when it seems that your pores are just inflaming and your skin getting redder with each glance in the mirror! Hence my aversion to mirrors/photos and that sort of thing. Like at the moment I'm on these herbs that are meant to help you from the inside. Problem is that they clean you out by pushing all the gunk out, which for me means that it makes its exit route through my skin. So I've not be very happy chappy looking in the mirror these last few days though for me it's such a roller coaster that I don't know why I still get panicky and disappointed but I do. Anyway. I also find that the later it gets in the day, the more icky and break out -y my skin feels, makes it hard when going on a night out as I just want to get home and wash my face off. Maybe it's to do with having makeup on for the entirety of the day and my skin just needs to breathe and that's why it feels worse. Though I do get Nude by Nature so at least it's not thick and gluggy, doesn't cover it up all that well but at least it's hopefully fingers crossed not causing more damage. Wonder if this is the way for other people too?

So in conclusion, though I panic generally at the two week point, I'm stronger than my last year self and so though my brain freaks out and tries to work out what other topical path I can take instead that must have a positive effect on my skin, I know that this is the hardest time and I just need to get over this hump and through to the other hopefully downhill slide into clear skin. SO HARD THOUGH!!!!!

How do other people survive the two week issue and late night skin rebelling...? if that even happens to other people...

On a positive note. At least we're all in the same boat and here for each other :)


Acne Meetup

I think it would be really really cool to have a meetup group solely for people with acne. I don't know about everyone else but when I go out and about everyone around me seems to have clear skin and I'm like, there must be someone else out there going through the same thing as me! You see all the blogs and forums and stuff for people with acne, but where are they! Is everyone hiding away though I don't blame anyone if they are because I feel like that too sometimes.

Wonder what people's thoughts are on this? It'd be good for getting ideas and feedback on what others have done to treat their own acne and you wouldn't have to feel embarrassed because we're all in the same boat. Problem is people are so spread out! I'm in Melbourne, so if there's anyone else in Melbourne who likes the sound of this it'd be amazing if it could actually happen!


I just want to say that yes, I am still on the trial and error course of finding something to help with clearing my skin. At the moment I'm using clindatech plus a face wash and moisturizer as well as sea water, so we'll see how that goes. I got told to take photos each week so I can see the difference, good grief it's a hard thing to deal with, it can be like a slap in the face if you think you're doing really well and on the right track and all.. anyway, I wrote this for youth central and hope that it helps though it can be hella hard sometimes... a lot of the time... enjoy :)


For many people, teenage years are hard. The body is changing and the hormones are raging, the skin tends to suffer and breakouts occur.

Generally this is a passing stage that, though annoying and embarrassing, clears up as you reach the end of your teenage years. For some though, it is not just a passing stage. It is a debilitating, life-changing thing that might not just strike in teenage years but drag on into your 20s or actually start in your 20s and cause untold amounts of grief or depression.

My Story

Throughout my high school life I was blessed with clear, smooth skin. I lived life in blissful ignorance of skin problems and the untold effects they can have on a person’s self-confidence and how much they can affect your life.

My time came when I hit 18. Just when everyone else seemed to be getting over their skin problems, mine hit me full-force. How utterly embarrassing. It really was. I was in TAFE studying Eco Tourism and no one, not one single person in that course, had blemished skin. Mine, though, seemed totally out of control.

I didn't know what had caused this sudden, aggressive outbreak. My diet was healthy and balanced, I was out in the sunshine and getting exercise and I was not overly stressed. My troubled skin ranged from the corners of my mouth to the sides of my face and would sometimes spread up towards my cheeks as well as my forehead.

I was not completely covered, but I absolutely felt that way. The overall effect was this: I was oh-so-embarrassed to go out in public, I felt judged by everyone who saw me, I felt dirty and uncomfortable and I could not wait to go home, wash my face and hide away, out of sight of the public and their opinions of me.

It took a huge chunk and a half out of my self-confidence and I struggled to face people and meet their eye when talking to them. I would hide behind my hand, hair or downturned face.

I believed people thought less of me. There was always that part of my brain that worried that my skin was not clear. Also, since part of my course required me to go on hikes, I was unable to hide at least some of the splotchy, lumpy redness with makeup. It meant I was totally exposing my skin for what it was, and I struggled.

Treatments and Courses of Action

What I want to get across as the most important thing is to work out what road you want to go down. Whether you choose medical treatment or go holistic and natural, do the research into the different regimes available in your category and stick to it. Some medical examples include:

  • The pill
  • Antibiotics
  • Proactiv
  • Obagi

    For natural alternatives there are:

    • Acupuncture
    • Witch hazel
    • Aloe vera
    • The Bellaboo regime

    Each of these treatments has their own positives and negatives - it's worth researching all of them before you decide on a treatment for yourself. You might even find out about another treatment altogether.

    The easiest thing to do once your skin starts breaking out is to panic and jump from one regime to another without giving any of them proper time to start working. Not only does this mean that your skin never has time to adjust to the thing you are using, but it causes unnecessary stress, which can lead to more breakouts.

    Also, be wary of anyone who recommends a product that is meant to "work for everyone". No-one’s skin is the same and there is no one product that will suit everyone. I learnt this the hard way and spent a lot of money on something that was meant to work on everyone. It burnt my skin and spread the acne like wildfire, causing a lot more damage and scarring than I started off with.

    Most products do have a period during treatment where the skin looks angry or inflamed, which then tends to settle down in time. This is especially the case, I find, with medical regimes. I tend to prefer the natural products as my skin is super-sensitive and not oily at all, so the medical stuff is really quite harsh and aggravating to me.

    A good skin doctor can help you choose what products best suit you, though be wary of those who just prescribe Roaccutane. I would classify this treatment as a last resort, or only appropriate if your acne is severe and causing deep scarring, because it can sometimes cause more harm than good and has a long list of side-effects.

    Take the time to find a doctor who understands your skin and who will help you work out a regime that suits your lifestyle and skin type.

    Other Things You Can Do

    I also encourage you to get into the habit of eating a balanced diet - obviously fresh and homemade food is better than takeaway. Though some say that food doesn’t have an effect on skin, it did for me. Exercising, getting sunshine, drinking water and getting some downtime also help battle the occurrence of stress and acne.

    Use natural makeup and cover up as much or as little of your acne as you want in the morning and then that’s it. Don’t look at your skin in the mirror any more. Let it go. The more you focus on it, the more stressed you’ll get and the worse it will seem. Makeup also tends to help keep fingers off, which is important for keeping your skin clean.

    It’s easy to forget that many people are caught up with their own issues and are not focusing constantly on your skin. Your friends and family still love you as they know the beauty that lies within. It is not something that will last forever.

    Patience and surrounding yourself with loving and supporting people are the best things you can do to help reduce the stress of freaking out about your skin. Avoid looking in the mirror every five minutes; it tends to just stress you out more.

    Remember you are beautiful. There are ALWAYS people who know this and who will tell you so. Trust them. They are right.

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