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Day One

So, I have finally decided to keep a journal of my seemingly endless struggle with acne. I have had ance for over eleven years now. It started in my first year of high school. And though I have had varying levels of acne (from mild to severe cystic acne) consistently for all these years, I do have single days when my skin is fairly clear.

I have tried almost everything there is to try through the years (except all the fancy treatments available from dermatologist). Unfortunately, I have never really kept a log of my experiences though. And while I have learned a few truths about myself and some products, I regret not having kept better track of my past acne exploits. That is why I am starting now. I am 27 and have had enough of this already!

First off, I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide. I have tried it several times over the years, and everytime (even when I use just a little bit) my skin gets very red, dry, swollen, and extremely itchy. (I find it extremely disheartening to watch all the happy people on the Proactiv commercials!) So, anything with benzoly peroxide is out for me. I must say though, that it is a little refreshing being able to eliminate it as a choice because the sheer quantity of products out there can be overwhelming!

I have tried the Murad system. I used it consistenly for about three months, then gave up on it. I thought it was too expensive and wasn't really yielding any results. I have basically been relying on salicylic acid for a few years now, and while it never eliminates my acne, I guess, on some level, I feel like it helps manage it. Though sometimes I wonder if I am just psychologically additcted to topical products. Many people have suggested that I just stop using everything, but that is just not feasable for me right now. Anyway, gotta go right now, will post more later...

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