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Caveman Regimen

Hi so I just started the caveman regimen, ( water only, 0 water for the more intense people out there ) because after years of topicals, like retin-a, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, scrubs and other harsh products I've pretty much realized I stripped the natural hydro-lipid barrier of my skin and need to let it balance out to a normal pH. I started using these not because I became prone to breakouts, but because I was just interested in skincare. I had perfectly normal skin before and had no issue with oilyness, breakouts, dryness, irritation... anything. Because I started experimenting on my face, it because really sensitive and had no barrier, causing my skin to produce excess oil and then started the erruption of real breakouts, and the cycle started. I used products to control my acne, which was only caused by excessive use of harsh chemicals stripping my skin causing oilyness. It took me a while to really figure out this was the problem... So I decided to quit using all products completely.

Its only been a week and I'm seeing tons and tons of clogged pores and small bumps. I realize that this is my skin releasing all the bad toxins I've held in through topicals, so I'm trying not to be too anxious about it. My skin is oily most of the time now, because I'm not constantly washing away the oil.

What I was wondering, is how long do you think this excess oily, breakout stage will last? Is it possible my skin has just become oily and won't revert back to its normal state?

Has anyone with this problem had success with the caveman regimen? I'm looking for reviews that will get my hopes up! Thanks

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